Vancouver Filming Locations

Welcome to our complete guide to some of Vancouver’s best filming locations! We’re constantly working on more guides to one of our favorite cities in the world, so here’s to hoping we get to back again soon!

One of our favorite cities to visit is not only a beautiful place to explore on its own, but it’s also the home to dozens and dozens of movies and TV shows. 

This guide concentrates on the superhero shows and a couple of other productions, so it’s only a scratch on the surface of the long list of movies and shows filmed in Vancouver.  

Please note: we’re currently working on this guide so some of the posts & location pages are still missing. The map is fully functional, though. Have fun exploring our favorite locations!

Vancouver filming locations on a map

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  2. Each color represents a different show/film.
  3. Below the map, you’ll also find a list of locations with photos and more information. 
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Featured locations in photos & additional info

Some of the blog posts and location guides we’ve created so far. Check out the detailed stories from some of the best filming locations in Vancouver below. Just pick your favorite show or a movie and go!

Arrow filming locations: Burrard Dry Dock Pier in North Vancouver


Follow in the footsteps of Oliver Queen & co to Vancouver and beyond!

Legends of Tomorrow

(Guide coming soon!)

Sceneframing: Legion filming location in Vancouver: Whytecliff Park


Join the wacky world of David Haller in this guide to Legion’s Vancouver locations.


(Coming soon!) Even though the cast & crew of Lucifer have now moved on to Los Angeles, there are plenty of Lucy spots in Vancouver you can visit!


Some of the Supergirl locations are simply stunning. Check out our location guide here to learn more!

The 100

The thick forests of British Columbia pose as The 100‘s post-apocalyptic world.

The Flash

(Coming soon!) Lightning speed, odd creatures and amazing heroes – The Flash is one of the many superhero shows filmed in Vancouver.

The X-Files

Yay! We visited some of The X-Files filming locations in Vancouver, BC and looooooved walking in the footsteps of Mulder & Scully.

X-Men & Deadpool

(Coming soon!) A quick look at a couple of locations from X-Men and our snarky favorite in red spandex, Deadpool.


A full location guide coming soon! In the meanwhile, check out all the posts we’ve written about it so far here

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