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Where In The World Is Fangirl Quest?

Disneyworld theme park in Orlando, Florida

Orlando will be all about the theme parks!

Hi guys! We know we’ve been quiet for a while but we promise, we haven’t forgotten about you. There’s a lot going on right now behind the scenes, both blog stuff and personal things. Some of it we can’t really talk about yet (we like being mysterious like that) but here’s a little update on all the things we CAN tell you.

Nostalgia at the Matka travel fair

There’s been a lot of talk recently about whether travel fairs are kind of outdated in the time of the internet. We love going to these events because for us, it’s a great way to meet both other bloggers and industry professionals. Networking is an important part of what we do and it’s always easier to strike up a conversation face to face than via email. We just attended the Nordic Travel Fair Matka in Helsinki and had a blast during the four-day event. You might have seen the video of the incredible cheese bowl.  Judging by the hoards of people in the event center every day, it’s not just us bloggers who still appreciate travel fairs.

The travel fair also made us very nostalgic since two years ago it played a big part in making our Great Movie Roadtrip 2016 a reality. Back then we had this seemingly impossible dream of another long US roadtrip and it was in this very same fair center that that dream suddenly became a reality – or at least got a major nudge forward. It all started at the Visit USA stand, where talked to a representative from the Mall of America. Before we knew what was happening he’d introduced us to the country manager of Icelandair and we were talking about a possible collaboration! The rest as they say is history. It was in large part thanks to the travel fair that later the same year we ended up spending 8 weeks on the road and a week of that in the beautiful state of Minnesota.

Minnesota: Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox statue in Bemidji

We got all nostalgic for our time in Minnesota, including this fun pit stop in Bemidji.

Coming up: something sunny!

We’re always planning our next trip, even if it’s just in dreams. Right now it’s a little bit more than that though! We started our collaboration with KLM and Hertz already last fall with trips to Alaska, Vancouver, UK, Nashville and Atlanta  but we still have one trip left. Next we’re heading to sunny Florida and the Caribbean! We’re working hard to sort out all the details of the trip and we can’t wait to tell you more about it, but for now we’ll just leave you with a taste of what’s coming…

Life outside of the blog – a necessary evil

We’ve also been keeping busy outside of the blog. Tiia did a massive rehaul of her own website and is working hard on new projects. We both worked on the new music video for our all time favorite band (and the reason we met some thirteen years ago), Poets of the Fall. The video was just released TODAY, see if you can spot some familiar faces… (though we did a pretty good job at hiding so you most likely won’t :D)

I on the other hand have been dealing with some health issues. A different kind of keeping busy of sorts… After what feels like about 6 months of perpetual colds and just being exhausted all the damn time, I finally got my act together and actually went to see a doctor. I thought it would be something related to my good old pal hypothyroidism but I was wrong. Turns out, I have anemia. What the heck?! That’s almost like hearing you have scurvy. In 2018. The good news is that there’s a simple treatment so I’m hoping to be back to full fighting power soon. I’ll definitely need it for everything that’s coming!

Satu / Fangirl Quest
Satu / Fangirl Quest
Travel manager extraordinaire. Driver and holder of the tablet. To travel is to live.