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We Miss You, Vancouver!

Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC
Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC

It’s kind of weird how we react to the destinations we travel to.

Some cities we like: we come back telling our friends about all the nice cafes, interesting things to see, the museums we visited and the lovely parks we ate takeaway lunch at.

Some cities sort of creep us out: too many people and huge crowds everywhere, too much traffic, too much this and that. Noise, pollution, overcrowded buses and subways.

Some destinations we kind of forget after a while. We remember going, but didn’t really experience anything that really stayed with us. It was nice, we saw places, but that’s it.

With Vancouver that is definitely not the case. We always remember Vancouver.

We’ve visited British Columbia three times now, and every time it’s been harder and harder to leave. We talk about living there one day. Maybe for a few months, for a year even. We talk about things we saw, people we met, the endless list of cool filming locations we visited or want to visit some day.

A lot can be explained with our film fangirling and the fact that a dozens of big productions take place in Vancouver every year. But not all of it. There’s just something special about the place.

Vancouver is like the ideal city you would build on SimCity. It has everything: it’s surrounded by stunningly greenish blue sea water and majestic mountains on the other side. There are parks and forests, beaches and sea shores, endless miles of beautiful, scenic, winding roads.

The city itself is a mixture of busy, modern downtown area, pretty neighborhoods of many styles, four-lane speedways and straight-as-an-arrow suburb roads that are easy to navigate.

And the people. They’re friendly, they’re laid-back, and some of them have already become people we can call our friends.

Oh, and did you know that Vancouver is also famous for the spring-time cherry blossoms? Because of course it is.

Here’s a(nother) list of things we love about Vancouver with many, many more photos.

Our guide to Vancouver Filming Locations

This blog post is a part of our new short story collection called Memorable Moments.

Tiia / Fangirl Quest
Tiia / Fangirl Quest
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