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Helijet, Vancouver: First Time In A Helicopter!

Helijet: Excited much? Yes, we were.

Excited much? Yes, we were.

How excited can one be about flying?! Very excited, we can tell you. Ever since we confirmed our return trip from Vancouver to Victoria with Helijet, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I LOVE FLYING. I have dreams about flying, I never seem to get bored of take-offs and landings and I even did a tandem parachute jump a couple of years back… not to mention our several zipline experiences during our travels.

Helijet: Caution: excited bloggers on their way.

Caution: excited bloggers on their way.

The helicopter ride from Vancouver to Victoria takes about 30-35 minutes and during it, you can enjoy the bird’s eye view of both beautiful cities… and then some. British Columbia is known for its stunning ocean shorelines, lush northern rainforests, islands and beaches, so it makes quite a perfect place for anyone’s first ever helicopter ride.

Helijet: Our beautiful Vancouver seen from the air.

Our beautiful Vancouver seen from the air.

Plus, this way you can combine the flying experience itself with actual traveling: you get a quick ride from one stunning travel destination to another! And that is exactly what we girls did.

Flying Helijet from Vancouver to Victoria

Our flight from Vancouver to Victoria departed on a sunny Saturday and included a complimentary parking for all of our two days we were going to spend on Vancouver Island. So, we headed over, locked our car doors and walked inside the Helijet terminal, a small building near Canada Place downtown.

After our (surprisingly quick) check-in we snapped a few photos of our surroundings and then met our pilot for preboarding.

Helijet: Excited much? Yes, we were.

Excited much? Yes, we were.

Best seats? Right behind the pilots.

As the helicopter only seats 12 passengers, it didn’t take long for everyone to get seated and ready for take-off, which is a refreshing change to all those endless minutes and half-of-an-hours spent in planes waiting for your fellow passengers to finally take their seats.

Bonus feature for excited bloggers: handsome pilots!

Bonus feature for excited bloggers: handsome pilots!

And then… it was time to get in the air. The rotors picked up speed, the pilots pushed some buttons, I took in a deep breath and tadah, we were off!!! A smooth takeoff, a quick and steady ascent to high up in the air and that was it: I was finally flying again.

During our take-off and flight we both recorded some video, snapped a few photos of the gorgeous views and when we headed towards Victoria, kept our eyes peeled for any signs of whales below in the waters. We might’ve been too high up to actually see them, but we did it anyway.

Flying: the best thing you can do with your pants on.

Flying: the best thing you can do with your pants on.

Upon our steady landing to Victoria we learned that our luggage didn’t actually arrive with us on this flight (“a very rare hicup” according to all the staff), but the problem was quickly solved by the extremely friendly staff: with some help from Helijet’s own shuttle and a complimentary taxi ride we had our missing stuff with us quite soon and could continue on our way to some lovely Vancouver Island adventures.

But more about those later.

Here’s a few more photos to give you a glimpse to our fantastic ride with Helijet. Aw man, we wish we get to do this again some day!


Tiia / Fangirl Quest
Tiia / Fangirl Quest
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