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Twr y Felin Hotel, St Davids: An Epic Hotel Room With A Private Tower

Twr y Felin luxury hotel in St Davids

See the tower on top? That was our room!

The name is hard to pronounce, but if you’re on your way to see the beautiful coasts and villages of West Wales and are looking for a bit of luxury, you might want to give it a go: Twr y Felin Hotel in St Davids, Pembrokeshire, Wales is a very unique and charming place to stay… and we had a room with a private tower!

During our #FindYourEpic themed roadtrip through Wales we stayed in many different places: hotel rooms above lively pubs as well as guesthouses in little villages, but in St Davids (the smallest city in Britain!) we got a taste of something really unique.

Twr y Felin Hotel in St Davids, Pembrokeshire, Wales

See the tower on top? That was our room!

We were invited to a visit & stay with Twr y Felin Hotel during our adventure and to be honest, we would’ve loved to stay for a couple of more nights… after all, it’s not often you have a little tower above your bedroom that you can climb into and admire the sunsets and sunrises and starry skies.

As we arrived, we were greeted by a friendly dude at the reception, who took us upstairs to see our rooms. The tower suite totally surprised us, as we didn’t expect such an upgrade from our usual shared-room-with-two-beds setting.

Twr y Felin luxury hotel in St Davids

I am in love with this bed and will never leave, said the tired blogger.

Here, I filmed this little video of the room, running around all excited just to show you all of it. Apologies for being slightly out of breath at the end, haha! It was quite a long day and I was already exhausted after lots of navigating, climbing up hills and enduring the lovely, windy spring weather.

A few photos from the two floors above the actual room:

Unfortunately, we had still more stuff planned for that same evening, so we didn’t have much time for hanging out in our private tower. We did have a minute for a quick glass of cider up there (during which we pretended to be rich & royal!), but then had to run out to do some touristy stuff in St Davids.

The blogger could not resist a selfie in the beautiful tower light.

The blogger could not resist a selfie in the beautiful tower light.

St Davids Cathedral: talking stones and Merlin’s prophecies

We stopped for a quick visit at St Davids Cathedral just before closing time. It’s a huge, beautiful building with the most colorful history with vikings, marauders and kings, ruin and rebuilding. Wikipedia also mentions two really intriguing local legends from hundreds of years ago: the first one is a story about a footbridge that “spoke” when a corpse was carried over it to the cemetery for interment and no-one dared carry another one over it after that; the second is a legend about Merlin’s prophecy regarding a death of an English king on that very same bridge.

You can read both of these stories on the cathedral’s Wikipedia page.

Another interesting fact about the city itself is that it’s the final resting place of Saint David (Welsh: Dewi Sant), Wales’s patron sain.

Approaching St Davids Cathedral from the parking lot.

Approaching St Davids Cathedral from the parking lot.

We spent about half an hour exploring the quiet cathedral with not many other people around. It’s amazing how spaces and places like this make you go all quiet, no matter how atheist your world view is.

As we were walking around, snapping photos of all the beautiful details and art in many forms, Satu spotted this on one of the walls and asked: “Look, doesn’t this guy look a lot like our Marko?” and indeed. The resemblance to our favorite band’s singer (Marko Saaresto / Poets of the Fall) was uncanny. We ended up sending the photo to him too and he recognized himself as well. Great giggles ensued.

Poets of the Fall's new album cover?

Poets of the Fall’s new album cover?


Lovely dinner at Blas Restaurant

We had a dinner reservation for later that night, so after a short drive around St Davids and a visit to one of the local shops, we headed back to the hotel. The hotel’s own restaurant Blas (“taste” in Welsh) welcomes both resident and non-resident guests to enjoy a meal, and they’re open daily for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and drinks.

We got a nice table for two in a quiet part of the restaurant and admired all the art that we were completely surrounded with. We felt so good just sitting down and relaxing after a busy day exploring the area.

And it wasn’t just the hotel walls covered with art. Just look at these beautiful, carefully done portions! It almost feels wrong to mess it up by eating… but I promise, we did, eventually.

That’s another impressive thing about Twr y Felin Hotel: their walls everywhere are covered with over 100 pieces of specially commissioned art, inspired by the St Davids peninsula and Pembrokeshire. Lovely colors, beautiful landscapes and modern pieces decorating the spaces everywhere.

Here’s a few photos from the conference space and the front of the house. Such vivid colours and lovely atmosphere.

And you know, since we run a travel blog inspired by movies, we’re always on the lookout for something film related during our travels. This time, it wasn’t very hard: outside our room doors, we had this bright red portrait of Sir Anthony Hopkins watching over us.


Twr y Felin luxury hotel in St Davids

We had Hannibal Lecter guarding our doors in the hallway!

It kind of sucked leaving the hotel and our beautiful rooms in the morning, but then we had another day of epic Wales adventures ahead of us. So we packed our bags, snapped a few more photos from the tower windows and got back on the road.

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