Trainspotting filming location, the pub scene: Kelbourne Saint, Glasgow.
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Fangirl Quest’s Lovely New Companion: ASUS ZenPad 3S 10!

Quality time with the new ZenPad in a fancy hotel!

Quality time with the new ZenPad in a fancy hotel!

Like most blog readers know, us travel bloggers sometimes collaborate with different businesses: an outdoorsy blog might review tents and other adventure equipment, while a beach holiday blog could feature different travel agencies who offer holidays in sunny destinations. Family travel blogs may write about kid friendly places and hotels, while foodies review restaurants, fashion bloggers talk about different clothing brands and so on. There are dozens of great examples of collaborations that work really nicely.

So far, we’ve worked with a couple of airlines, car rentals and film festivals and it’s all been really smooth and nice.

This time, however, we’ve found a really cool, surprising companion to join our travels! Because we can’t really travel or work on our Sceneframing photos without a high-performance tablet, we’ve teamed up with ASUS Finland.

Quality time with the new ZenPad in a fancy hotel!

Quality time with the new ZenPad in a fancy hotel!

ASUS ZenPad as a travel companion

For a good while now, we’ve been struggling with Satu’s old iPad. It wasn’t quite enough for everything we use the tablet for during our travels anymore, so we started looking for a new one. We decided we’d like to go Android, since we’re both loyal to our Windows laptops, and needed the tablet to work smoothly with them.

We ended up taking an ASUS tablet with us to our 8-week roadtrip and instantly became best buddies! Transferring screenshots from our laptops onto the tablet was super easy, Netflix worked flawlessly and using Google Maps on the road was a huge help.

Einari the Dog getting along with ASUS ZenPad!

Einari the Dog getting along with ASUS ZenPad!

Just before heading out to MATKA Travel Fair & our Blog Pavilion weekend we unboxed a brand new ZenPad 3S 10. It came in a really stylish, sleek box with all the necessary accessories, charged and instantly ready to go. The instructions for setting it up were super easy and in no time at all I was putting it into real use.

I spent that weekend in Hilton Helsinki Strand, working on blog posts, attending the travel fair and the Women’s March in Helsinki, so even though it wasn’t a “real” traveling weekend, I still consider a tablet a really good companion for someone living out of a suitcase.

I had some time for nice relaxation as well…

Netflix and chill? How about Netflix and bath!

Netflix and chill? How about Netflix and bath!

Yes, I admit it. Watching great TV while soaking in a hot bath is one of my favorite pastimes. I definitely recommend trying it, although please, please make sure you’re not bringing any electrical equipment that’s plugged in next to your bath. (Needs to be said!)

Sceneframing with ZenPad

Since we’ve just unboxed our brand new ZenPad, we haven’t yet tried it in sceneframing photography. But we will soon! We already have another movie roadtrip confirmed, and even though we can’t yet reveal the details, it’ll be a lovely one.

But… I did want to see how well the slightly narrower edges on the tablet would work in that situation. I’m still waiting for Satu (the primary tablet-holder) to judge it for herself, but for me, it seems quite easy to hold on to it as it is light, thin and yet, surprisingly steady in one’s fingers – even when held in this quite unusual way.

Here’s a Trainspotting sceneframe taken with the older ASUS tablet in a pub in Glasgow – the tablet’s edges are slightly wider, but also take up more space from the actual photo and alignment.

Trainspotting filming location, the pub scene: Kelbourne Saint, Glasgow.

The Trainspotting gang at the pub just before the fight scene.

Fun fact: our visit to this pub was recenty mentioned in this cool article by The Guardian! Super honored!!! :)

It’s times like these that I’m super happy about having so many nice things to make traveling (and working while traveling) smooth and easy.

Anything that makes photography, writing, navigating and content production easier on the road is definitely in my Very Good Books.

ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 technical details (in Finnish) on ASUS Finland’s website and (in English) on

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