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Hola Barcelona! AKA A Quick Hello From The Winners’ Trip

Hola! It’s Tiia here! A few weeks ago I participated in a contest by ebookers. The grand prize was a trip to Barcelona and guess what? I won, and I’m here now! For the next four days me and six other winners will be exploring the city’s hidden and not-so-hidden treasures. I’m traveling with my mom, who’s been talking about a trip to somewhere warm for months now. So glad I could finally shut her up by bringing her here, haha!

The six other travelers come from very different backgrounds and a few other countries aside from Finland, and I’m really looking forward to all the photos and adventures we all get up to this week.

The view from our hotel, Hotel Barcelona Princess: stunning!

The view from our hotel, Hotel Barcelona Princess: stunning!

We had to leave at 3am on Sunday morning to make it to our very early Finnair flight, but that was our own choice: we wanted to reach Spain in the morning to get the most out of the first day. But since we were so tired, we mainly concentrated on relaxing, napping and good food, just to pay back for the sleepless night.

What better way to start the day than a strawberry mojito?

What better way to start the day than a strawberry mojito?

We haven’t seen much of the city yet, so our Sunday experiences were limited to pretty much anything that was nearby the hotel: the views, lovely food, lounging in a super beautifully decorated Desigual room on the 23rd floor and of course, napping a little… just to get our strength back for the following days.

There's a Desigual room in our hotel! I'm taking it with me...

There’s a Desigual room in our hotel! I’m taking it with me…

(I already burnt my shoulders because that’s the way I roll as a very pale Nordic traveler. Meanwhile, my mom is lying in the sun, roasting like a little coffee bean and not getting burnt at all, just beautifully tanned. How are we even related?)

Today we’re heading to see some sights. I can’t wait! There’s incredible art and architecture in Barcelona plus some stunning views and adventures up on the hills and mountains.

An afternoon stroll along Avinguda Diagonal.

An afternoon stroll along Avinguda Diagonal.

By the afternoon we’re probably so very busy that we’ll just have to come back to the hotel and spend an hour or two at the rooftop pool… there’s just no other choice, is there?!

I spent an hour in that pool without getting up. Yup!

I spent an hour in that pool without getting up. Yup!

So yeah! Pretty excited to be here. I’ll be sharing some photos and stories on Instagram (both on my personal account and Fangirl Quest‘s) so be sure to follow! I can’t wait to show you all the beautiful colors of the city and the views from the hilltops.

Barcelona at night.

Barcelona at night.


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Tiia / Fangirl Quest
Tiia / Fangirl Quest
Photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, copywriter, marketing assistant. I once traveled across North America in flipflops. I love dogs, ketchup and many inspiring people. Visit my photo portfolio here.


  1. Ansku BCN says:

    Hei tervetuloa! Oletko tulossa tällä viikolla juuri tämän hotellin terassikauden avajaisiin? Ehkä nähdään siellä :)

    • Heiiii vastaan täälläkin! Niin, en vieläkään ole mistään selvittänyt et koska ne avajaiset on! Tosin, jos ne ei ole huomenna niin sitten missataan koska torstaina päivällä lento takaisin.

  2. Cesro says:

    Worry not- 3 days in Rome, outside, and I am scorched like a butterfly under a magnifier in Sahara. :))) Now I wanna leave again, you and you wonderful picshures!

  3. Anichka says:

    Wow! I can’t believe a hotel would have such views :O that’s incredible! I wanna try their pool now……..

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