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August 15, 2016
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August 18, 2016
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From Rainy Iceland To Sunny Hot Boston

A herd of Icelandic horses

Our magical encounter with a huge herd of Icelandic horses.

Today we’ve left Iceland for USA and are currently sitting on a friend’s couch somewhere in Rhode Island. We’ve had bad luck with both the weather and wifi so far, so it’s been quite impossible to make as many updates as we would’ve loved to. But we’re hoping that will change – especially if we can find a good mobile data deal here in the States!

We’ve been up for 20 hours now so we’re super tired, but I thought I’d post a few pretty photos so you can have some sense of what we loved about the country.

Iceland in photos

Iceland: rugged countryside and mountains

Beautiful mountain scenery in Iceland.

Sure, it rained most of the time we were there and most of the filming location we wanted to visit were practically not where they were supposed to be, but that certainly doesn’t mean we weren’t impressed by it all. When trying to describe Iceland to anyone who hasn’t been there yet, I keep using the word “majestic” since I can’t really come up with a better one. Majestic. But that’s what Iceland is.

The mountains, the skies high above and far away, the low hanging clouds, the black rocks, the black sand, the ash, the lava, the beaches, the everything…

We’d like to send our warmest thankyous and virtual hugs to our dear travel companions Icelandair, Sixt, Kex Hostel, Hotel Husafell and Hunaver Guesthouse. Without you guys our Iceland Stopover wouldn’t have been as nice as it was!

Onwards to the visual treats. They’re in a very random order, as we’re hoping to write a bit more comprehensive roadtrip guide to Iceland some day soon, with accommodation tips and other fine things.

Iceland in photos: on the road with Sixt

Satu dorkying it up in Iceland. Guest starring: our loyal Sixt rental car.

Icelandic horses at Godafoss waterfalls

Godafoss waterfalls and a herd of horses.

Iceland in photos: a herd of horses

Iceland: horses, so many horses!

What’s the deal with all these horses? Well, there’s a bit of good luck and pure magic involved in this one…

From Tiia’s Facebook page:

Today I experienced one of the most magical travel photography moments of my life. We were at the Goðafoss waterfalls in north Iceland, when all of a sudden, some 50-60 horses appeared on top of the waterfall rapidly making their way across the scenery. A few of them had riders on their backs in the front and back, but most of them were just running as a herd.

I started running as well – I needed to get closer. I stumbled uphill, trying not to fall or drop my camera, and managed to get higher. All of a sudden, the whole group turned towards me and started getting closer.

I ended up watching the whole show up close, snapping photos like crazy, wondering if what I was seeing was real at all. But it must have been: I have photos as evidence.

Here’s one of them.

What a stunning country. What an incredible moment. Thank you, Iceland.

Iceland in photos: A herd of Icelandic horses

Our magical encounter with a huge herd of Icelandic horses.

Iceland: Godafoss waterfalls

Godafoss waterfalls, a super beautiful roadtrip destination.

Iceland in photos: Sense8 church

This church might ring some bells (pun intended) to any fan of Netflix’s brilliant Sense8.

Iceland: Cave women

Cave women in a super warm and sulphur smelling cave, Grjotagja.

Iceland: volcanoes and hot springs

The view from Grjótagjá lava caves.

Iceland: moonlight over the mountains

Driving back to our hotel in the moonlight…

Tiia / Fangirl Quest
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