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Pad Around London with Paddington

Paddington Filming Locations in London

If you’re a fan of Paddington Bear, there’s a few places in London you simply must visit. We, of course, picked a few filming locations used in Paddington’s very own movie! Check out our sceneframing photos from London, along with some handy links and a location map!

Paddington Station

A good place to start your tour of London is obviously the Paddington train station – after all, that’s where our hero got his name from! Paddington Station is a beautiful old thing too, dating back all they way to the year 1838. There’s a lot of history to learn about the station, but it’s also a great spot to visit just for all the bear-y stuff: they have a whole shop dedicated to our furry friend, plus a beautiful bronze statue for taking cute selfies with!

Paddington Filming Location London


St. John’s Wood Underground Station

Now, basically it’s just an underground station and we really went there for these photos thinking there’s really nothing that significant around to see, but we were wrong! The station is just around the corner from the legendary Abbey Road Studios, so we warmly recommend taking the tube down there and going for one of those dorky touristy poses at that zebra crossing! (If you’re curious how we managed to bring all the Beatles back to Abbey Road, check out this article!)

Here’s a couple of photos from the tube station. Oh, and you would think photographing these things in heavy wind or deathly heat of the desert, or for example, standing in sinking mud in a dark cave were the most difficult places to take photos at… but no. A moving, busy London tube escalator is the most challenging place for sceneframers such as us! We had good giggles while taking these, though… and quite a few side-eyes from the folks passing by.




Portobello Road

Portobello Road is not only a beautiful street as it is and a lovely place for a little stroll, but it’s also a pretty amazing place to go shopping. You’ll find lovely little restaurants along the way and small shops where you can buy all sorts of handmade items and little random treasures. Portobello Road is, however, best known for their antique market. As they say on their website; “the world’s largest antiques market with over 1,000 dealers selling every kind of antique and collectible.”

We went on a fairly quiet day, so we managed to snap this photo without bothering too many shoppers!

Paddington Filming Location London

Natural History Museum

One of our favourite spots in London, the Natural History Museum, has an important role in Paddington’s own movie! We had to sit on the floor in the middle of hundreds of people to get these shots, but as they were such beautiful images, we decided to go with it… and again, look a bit silly while doing it.

Anyway! We recommend visiting the museum even if you’re not a big fan of Paddington (do such people even exist?!), since it has a lot to offer for everyone and admittance is free. If you have only one day to spare for this place, do prioritise before going in as it’s impossible to see everything in one day! A beautiful, beautiful building full of wonders for kids and adults.


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