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September 2, 2016
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September 20, 2016
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First Time Ever In Yellowstone: Mindblowing

Yellowstone: blue water thermal springs

Beautiful sceneries from Iceland

Heeeelloooo from Yellowstone! We can’t believe we’re really here! 

We’ve been meaning to write more blog posts already from the road (instead of having about 10,000 photos and stories to sort through afterwards), but it’s been impossible. Why? Because we’ve been on the road, out and about, seeing things from super early mornings until late, late in the evenings. We’re exhausted but oh so happy. We don’t like to use the hashtag #blessed, but several times during this trip we haven’t been able to come up with a better word.

That’s exactly how we feel tonight after only half a day in this magical place.

We’re now roughly half way through our 8 week trip so we thought we’d share a few photos from the Yellowstone National Park which we’ve both wanted to see for years and years… and have finally made it here now.


You know how sometimes you’re really looking forward to something and your expectations are super high, and then when it finally happens, you’re sort of like “oh… meh“?

Well, that didn’t happen here today. We were quite literally vibrating with excitement when we entered the Yellowstone area and ooh boy. It was not what we expected at all – it was about 20 times more that. So much more than that.


Mountains after mountains, roads in between, forests and fields and beaches and rocks. Little critters, big beasts, so many birds you can’t even count. Lakes, rivers, white waters and hot springs. Dear heavens, this is not what we imagine when we hear the word “park”.

This is a completely new world full of wonders and so much sky.


And ravens, just casually greeting you at the first scenic stop with a spring in their step and glint in their beady little eyes.


And oh, look, here’s an elk bull messing about in a pile of twigs, pushing them around and wiggling his massive antlers around… and completely ignoring the chaos he’s just caused on the side of the road where two dozen tourists have haphazardly parked their cars just to snap photos of him.


After driving around quite aimlessly, flabbergasted by the snow covered mountains and deep canyons, the majestic Yellowstone Lake views and bigger skies you’ve ever seen in your life before, there are still the hot springs and geysirs that we only had a glimpse of today.

And we get to go back tomorrow! And the day after! We’re the happiest, happiest people on Earth right now.

Tonight, we’re staying at a random motel with cowboy themed lobby and bar and rooms, but last night we got super lucky with Airbnb. We found this lovely host in Cody, east from Yellowstone, within quite a reasonable distance from the park.

The room was lovely, the house was beautiful and the drive up to Yellowstone utterly stunning.


So yeah. Tired or not, we’ve been quite lucky on our trip so far. Let’s hope it stays that way and we’ll survive Yellowstone without having to use any of the bear attack sprays they keep telling people to carry around in there…

Talk soon, folks. It’s time for a little shut eye and more wild adventures tomorrow!

Collaboration post: Some parts of our movie roadtrip 2016 was done in collaboration with Icelandair, hotels, businesses and tourism offices. All opinions, experiences and views, however, are 100% our own. One simply can not buy our love ❤

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