Sceneframing Orphan Black on location in Toronto: Tatiana Maslany at the train station
Day 19: Orphan Black Train Station, Toronto
December 19, 2016
The Crown Location In London: Southwark Cathedral
Day 21: The Crown Filming Locations In London: Southwark Cathedral
December 21, 2016
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Day 20: The Avengers: Loki Germany Scene (Actually Cleveland, OH)

Sceneframing The Avengers in Cleveland, OH

Tom Hiddleston filming a Loki scene in The Avengers in Cleveland, OH

One of the coolest sceneframing adventures EVER and it features no other than Tom Hiddleston! We were looking for the Loki Germany scene location from The Avengers, the one where he makes his speech in Stuttgart (in fact filmed in Cleveland, Ohio). At first, we entered the wrong building (false information online, boo!) and stopped to ask for directions from a sheriff working security in the building. He looked at our screenshots from the movie and recognized the building as the Probate Courthouse, but since it was already late in the evening, it was already closed.

Well, as it happened, we got in anyway for a very private photo session…


After hearing we came all the way from Finland to visit these filming locations, the sheriff took a minute to think about it, then asked us if we could wait around for a few minutes.

I might get you in. Hold on, let me make some calls.

So we waited for him to make a few calls. And what do you know? Turns out, he managed to find out who was working the night shift at the court house that night, then contact that person and ask him to let us in. He even escorted us through the city square as it was getting really dark at this point and told us to meet the security guy at the door. And we did.

We even have this bit of video evidence. It might be dark and we were very giggly, but we’re very happy to have this clip to remember this night by. 

What followed was the funnest half an hour in an eerily empty, beautiful courthouse. We even had two lovely members of our Gishwhes team with us, girls we’ve known online for ages but only now met in real life, just an hour before this experience.

We took some sceneframes, we took some silly photos, and it was all very surreal.

Four members of Gishwhes Team Scrumtrulescent at a filming location from The Avengers

Tiia, Evie, Kaela and Satu dancing for Loki in Cleveland


Loki Germany scene filming location address in Cleveland

Our advent calendar will feature movie & TV sceneframes and short stories from filming locations we’ve visited during our Fangirl Quest years. You can follow the calendar by checking back in the Advent Calendar tag and check out all the movie locations in this handy map, updated as we go!

Tiia / Fangirl Quest
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