Sceneframing Only Lovers Left Alive: Michigan Theatre, Detroit
Day 14: Only Lovers Left Alive, Michigan Theatre
December 14, 2016
Sceneframing The 100 on location near Vancouver, British Columbia
Day 16: The 100, British Columbia
December 16, 2016
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Day 15: JFK in Duluth, 1963

Duluth: John F. Kennedy at Greysolon Plaza in 1963

John F. Kennedy at Hotel Duluth (Greysolon Plaza) in 1963.

Duluth, Minnesota was one of the fun surprises along our movie roadtrip this year. We met up with our new best friend Bob from the local tourism office, who took us around for two days. We hadn’t planned to do much sceneframing in Duluth, but ended up framing something quite legendary: John F. Kennedy. This was literally a last minute thing: just before we left the city, we dropped by at the Greysolon Plaza and found out that he’d been around in 1963 just two months before his assassination, and that there’s actual photo evidence of it!

So, we ended up doing a quite historic sceneframe using Bob’s tablet (yay for some legit impromptu sceneframing!) and it turned out quite good.

Celebrities who stayed here included Henry Fonda, Harry Jones, Charles Boyer, and Crown Prince Olav of Norway (1939), who was in Duluth to dedicate Enger Tower. In 1963 John F. Kennedy and his entourage took over the entire 14th floor, 2 months before his assassination.

John F. Kennedy at Hotel Duluth (Greysolon Plaza) in 1963.

John F. Kennedy at Hotel Duluth (Greysolon Plaza) in 1963.

During our two days in Duluth we also visited Bob Dylan‘s old house, went to witness a movie called Virginia Minnesota being filmed in a beautiful old house called the Cotton Mansion, had delicious things to eat and drink in some lovely local restaurants (Grandma’s Saloon & Grill, Vikre Distillery and Bellisio’s Italian restaurant all deserve a loving shoutout!) and stayed in a super friendly and lovely local hotel called the Canal Park Lodge.

We even got caught in a thunderstorm just because we were too silly to start running for safety in good time, but it all just added to the good memories.

Oh Duluth. Thank you for the memories!

More tips for Duluth travelers + photos coming up soon. For those curious of what JFK got up to while visiting Duluth should visit Duluth News Tribune’s article here.

JFK at the Greysolon Plaza / Hotel Duluth location

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