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Hello From Vancouver: Spotting Celebrities, Great Views And Wildlife

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Helloooo dear reader! It’s our last day in Vancouver (*TEARS!*) but we thought we’d say a quick hello from the road. It’s been such an amazing couple of weeks so far — as many of our social media followers can probably tell. We’ve spotted some super great views, wildlife and even a few celebrities during our visit…

Since the wifi roaming charges for two Finns are absolutely ridiculous here in North America, we haven’t really been able to work on the road. The short moments around hotel wifis that we have are usually spent researching for the next day or posting quick stuff on Instagram… so, the actual blog posts with our two thousand photos have got to wait until we get back home.

But we can’t wait to tell you all about the best filming locations in Vancouver and British Columbia!

Here’s a few glimpses on some of the fun things we’ve witnessed so far, though…

The Canada 150 sign in Victoria

One of the most beautiful cities we’ve ever seen! This by-the-sea paradise is apparently quite popular among those who are looking for a beautiful place for their retirement days, but we are basically ready to go right now…

Canada 150 celebration sign

Supernatural filming in Vancouver

We simply can not visit Vancouver and look up these guys. We managed to catch them in action on Tuesday night, and without sharing any spoilers, we just have to say what we always end up saying: Supernatural’s cast and crew are the friendliest, most hard-working people of all times. 12 seasons in and they’re still going… and feeding us pizza on set whenever we fans look hungry enough.

Here’s beautiful Jared Padalecki with one of their Impala ’67s. Sorry for the paparazzi type shot!! But they honestly didn’t seem to mind our cameras, so we’re assuming it’s ok to share this.

Sometimes... "great views" can also mean the view of Supernatural set!

Rahul Kohli in the wild!

We met Rahul!! We met Rahul!! The funniest thing is, we don’t even watch his show iZombie (yet!!), but now we have a good reason to: Tiia knows her from Twitter (he’s amazing), so we asked for a selfie and promised to watch the show as soon as we get back home.

Meeting Rahul Kohli on the set of iZombie!

Seals in the wild!

This was so much funnn!! We took a sea safari type of boat trip with Sewell’s Marina up in Horseshoe Bay and the two-hour tour included some close-up quality time with harbor seals and many birds. Loved it!Wildlife spotting in Vancouver

British Columbia sunsets

They are the best. The greatest. The most beautiful you’ll ever see. We’ve now witnessed sunsets in the city, outside of it, on the beaches… and they just keep getting better and better. Last night’s sunset we didn’t actually manage to photograph (as we were driving), but some of these just-after-sunset shots will always remind us of why exactly do we love Vancouver and British Columbia so much.Great views can be spotted from the pathway that goes around Vancouver!

The wedding meet-up

We were taking photos at an Arrow location and on that very same peer, a group of beautifully dressed up wedding guests were taking photos of the happy couple. We told them our warmest congratulations and continued on our location spotting adventures feeling all warm and fuzzy.A wedding couple in North VancouverPerfecting the work-as-you-go routine

Due to the very small amount of wifi time, we’ve getting very close to perfecting the work on the road routine… here you can see us posting stuff on Instagram during our very brief pause at the Hotel Blu lobby.

Staying at Hotel Blu Vancouver

Return to Whytecliff Park

It seems this is the one spot we’ll always return to: we’ve been on this stunning beach for two times before for some Arrow and Once Upon A Time shots, but this time, went back for some new Legion shots. One of our happy places!Visiting flming locations for Arrow and Legion in Whytecliff Park

Sceneframing skills: amazing

Our sceneframing skills are getting better and better every day. It doesn’t even matter if we have to stand in a fountain: if we need a particular shot, we’ll get it done! Here’s Tiia showcasing a sceneframing squat.Sceneframing - how to do it properly...

So there. Now you’ve had a very quick glimpse into our past 9 days or so. We’ll be back with more photos and adventures very soon… just stay tuned :)

And of course, you’ll find more and more and more photos on our Instagram and Facebook, so do head over and click on that follow button.

Tiia / Fangirl Quest
Tiia / Fangirl Quest
Photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, copywriter, marketing assistant. I once traveled across North America in flipflops. I love dogs, ketchup and many inspiring people. Visit my photo portfolio here.