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Take-Off In Just Four Days: We’re Going To Alaska!

written by Tiia / Fangirl Quest September 14, 2017

There’s something happening in four days that we haven’t really been shouting from the rooftops. But now that everything’s in order, now that we have our suitcases out, our hiking shoes ready, the screenshots from multiple shows and movies stored on our tablets, it is time to shout it out loud:


It’s only going to be three nights in Anchorage plus a little roadtrip south from the city, but we’re super excited still. ALASKA! A completely new destination for the both of us. Wildlife, coastal sceneries, glaciers and all that. ALASKA!

Oh, and after Alaska we’ll be flying back to our dearest, dearest Vancouver for some filming locations and other incredible experiences. After about ten days in this gem of a city, it’s time to go back home. But not our home Finland! The other one: United Kingdom. As usual, we won’t just settle for a few days in London. We’ll be driving to Liverpool and Birmingham and then making a grand ol’ comeback to our recent city of residence, Cardiff.

It’s been a hectic few weeks organizing all this; we’re working with some incredible companies to make it all happen and producing content we wouldn’t have dreamed of four years ago when we started all this. But here we are… living the dream, although the dream is about 200% more work than we ever imagined.

But no complaints here! We’re doing what we love and hopefully doing it just right.

Anyhoo, we still have to confirm a thing or two here and there, so no time for a long chit-blog-a-chat. Let’s just keep it short at this time. We’ll be sharing our travel feels all over our social media, so do keep an eye on those and please, leave any Alaska related travel tips below – we’d love to hear your recommendations for things we should not miss :)


Can you imagine that?

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Brenda Theyers September 15, 2017 at 11:20 am

In Anchorage, eat lunch or dinner at Simon and Seaforts (downtown). If you are in Girdwood, eat dinner at the Double Musky. (Leave room for dessert!) You probably don’t have time to do the National Park Tour with Kenai Fjords Tours or Major Marine Tours out of Seward, but you should put it on your list for next time. It’s a great way to see wildlife, though there are no puffins this late in the season. You’d have to be satisfied with sea otters, seals, sea lions, bald eagles, etc. and possibly whales. August and September tend to be our rainiest months, so good luck with the weather. I hope you have sunshine. If you have a clear day, drive up to Glen Alps overlooking the City of Anchorage. Come back sometime in June and stay for longer.

Tiia / Fangirl Quest September 15, 2017 at 4:19 pm

Hey Brenda! Thank you so much for these amazing tips! We’ll check them out and see if we have time to try the food at least :)

And yeah, this is just the first quick visit to Alaska, we’re really hoping we’ll get a chance to come back later for more <3


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