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YAY! Brand New Game Of Thrones Sceneframes!

Filming Locations: Sceneframing Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland

Sceneframing Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland

Here’s something we’re mighty, mighty excited about: these brand new Game of Thrones sceneframes that we get to share with you guys from our recent (fantastic, beautiful) trip to Northern Ireland, one of the most important filming locations to the world’s biggest TV show.  It’s no wonder that this lovely country gets to officially call themselves #GOTterritory!

We’ve published four of these photos so far and will be posting several every week on our Instagram, so you better head on over and follow us for some fun Thrones location stories and of course, these new shots themselves ?

Game of Thrones sceneframing in Northern Ireland


Tiia / Fangirl Quest
Tiia / Fangirl Quest
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