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Day 12: The Walking Dead, Atlanta
December 12, 2016
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December 13, 2016
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Day 13: Game Of Thrones, Northern Ireland

The Stark family stands on a bridge in the Tollymore Forest Park

The Starks in the forest on a Game of Thrones location in Northern Ireland.

A fun and tricky one! Finding this Game of Thrones bridge wasn’t easy. We had to use all our location research skills to find the exact location of this one, but finally managed to do so thanks to some amazing photographer who had left the gps coordinates from the camera to a photo they snapped of the bridge – without even knowing it was the Stark family one! What an adventure. We were super happy to discover this spot and take our photos.

The Game of Thrones bridge in Tollymore Forest Park, Northern Ireland

The Stark family on a forest bridge at a Game of Thrones location in Northern Ireland.

It was a lovely day at the Tollymore Forest Park: not too hot, not too sunny, but just perfect for a little hiking adventure. We checked out some beautiful old trees, well-kept gardens and rivers running wild through it. Discovering the Game of Thrones bridge was a happy moment and we took a lot of photos from every possible angle… like proper GoT geeks!

We wrote this fancy Game of Thrones location guide to Northern Ireland and recommend having a little scroll. If you’re a fan of the show, you will want to travel to these locations! Stunning, amazing and very memorable.


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