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December 1, 2017
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December 13, 2017
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Fangirl Quest Advent Calendar, Part One

Fangirl Quest Advent Calendar: Deadpool on day 1

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We’re counting down the days ’til Christmas with a new sceneframe every day on social media. We’re already a quarter-way through our advent calendar and wanted to gather all the photos we’ve posted so far into a handy collection here on the blog as well.

Advent Calendar, day 1: Deadpool

Fangirl Quest Advent Calendar: Deadpool in Vancouver, Canada

Day 1: Deadpool filmig location in Vancouver, British Columbia

Location: Vancouver, Canada

We kicked things off with something that kicks ass: a jolly guy in a red suit. No, we’re not talking about Santa, we’re talking about DeadpoolIn classy Deadpool style there’s a port-a-potty in our shot but you can blame iZombie for that. They were filming nearby and their base was set up right in our Deadpool location! Lucky for us, they gave us special permission to do our thing in the middle of all their equipment.

Advent Calendar, day 2: Arrow

Advent Calendar: Arrow in Vancouver, Canada

Day 2: Arrow filming location in Whytecliff Park, British Columbia

Location: Whytecliff Park, BC, Canada

In Arrow, Lian Yu may be an island where Oliver gets stranded after the shipwreck, but in real life the beach where many of the island scenes are filmed is firmly on the mainland. Much like the production crew of Arrow, we keep going back to Whytecliff Park. The beautiful oceanside park in West Vancouver is not only a popular filming location but also a lovely spot for a day out.

Advent Calendar, day 3: Supergirl

Advent Calendar: Supergirl in Vancouver

Day 3: Supergirl filming location in Vancouver, British Columbia

Location: Cathedral Square, Vancouver, Canada

For day three, we’re keeping with the superhero team and staying in our favorite city in the world: Vancouver. This is a shot from Cathedral Square, just outside of the Holy Rosary Cathedral, a beautiful old church nestled amongst the downtown high-rises. Supergirl is one of the four superhero shows by the CW that films in Vancouver. After the amazing crossover episodes Crisis on Earth-X that they just did, we can’t wait to finish our full Vancouver filming location guide containing all four shows!

Advent Calendar, day 4: The Walking Dead

Advent calendar: The Walking Dead in Senoia, GA, USA

Day 4: The Walking Dead filming location in Senoia, Georgia

Location: Senoia, Georgia, USA

In season 4 after the fall of the prison, our favorite group of survivors on The Walking Dead was split up as they all made their way towards Terminus, the promised sanctuary… In the show it looked like the separate groups were miles away from each other, but most of the scenes were actually filmed on a short stretch of abandoned railroad in the town of Senoia, just south of Atlanta. What’s really fun about Senoia is that the town’s main street played the role of Woodbury, Georgia in season 3 and now the set for Alexandria, Virginia is built literally a stone’s throw away!

Advent Calendar, day 5: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Advent Calendar: DC's Legends of Tomorrow at Riverview Hospital

Day 5: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow filming location Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam, British Columbia

Location: Riverview Hospital, BC, Canada

Oh British Columbia, you know we just can’t stay away… Just outside of Vancouver in Coquitlam is the abandoned Riverview Hospital, one of the coolest and spookiest locations we’ve ever visited. Pretty much every production in Vancouver has used it several times and there’s more material than we could hope to cover, no matter how many times we keep going back there.

In DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is has served many roles, including this NYC street from 1942. Fun fact: when we were there for this and some other sceneframes, another production was actually preparing for filming. They were nice enough to move one of their trucks so it didn’t block our shot and also tell us that Deadpool 2 was actually filming further up in the hospital area!

Advent Calendar, day 6: Suomi Finland 100

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Happy birthday Finland! All year long Finland has been celebrating its 100th birthday and it all culminates today, on Finnish Independence Day. We celebrate by watching on national TV as the president greets guests arriving for the Presidential Independence Day Reception. Yes, watching other people shake hands on TV is the Finns’ idea of a party :D

Here at Fangirl Quest we’re honoring our 100-year-old homeland the best way we know how: with some sceneframes! Over the years we’ve taken some shots from Finnish movies as a tribute to our home town of Helsinki, including a brand new one from the 2017 remake of The Unknown Soldier. Watching the original, 1955 version of the movie is another Independence Day tradition for many, but this year the remake has been taking movie theaters by storm. Happy Finnish Independence Day!

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