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September 28, 2014
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Bringing The Beatles Back To Abbey Road

The Beatles at Abbey Road

The Beatles at Abbey Road

We brought The Beatles back to Abbey Road!

Well, yeah. Obviously we didn’t really bring anyone back (no matter how much we’d love to hop into a TARDIS and bring these young fellas back with us to pose for some photos), but we did our best by sceneframing them at the legendary location.

Here’s that photo.

The Beatles at Abbey Road

What do you mean we had to stand in the middle of the road to get this one?

And here’s another one. No biggie. Just The Greatest Band ever chilling on the stairs of the Abbey Road Studios on a warm summer day.

The Beatles at Abbey Road

They’re cool. Ringo is the coolest, though.

The fences surrounding the studios are covered in messages scribbled by fans from all over the world. You could spend hours just trying to read it all.

Abbey Road Studios

(Oops, this might not be completely safe for work.)

Abbey Road studios

Even their signage is beautifully themed.

Abbey Road Studios

The front door of Abbey Road Studios

In case you simply can’t travel all the way to London to visit the crossing and the studio gates, we recommend this amazing Abbey Road Crossing camera. Why not take a moment to watch some of the silly, neverending tourist & Beatle Fan action live from Abbey Road? (It’s an entertaining thing to watch, especially during rush hour.)

There’s also a website with a massive photo archive for touristy shots. At first glance, the site looks like something straight from the 90’s, abandoned long ago, but then you realise it’s still being updated. See:

For those too lazy to google the location of the world’s most famous crossing, here’s a handy little map:

Big love and thanks to Diana O!

Tiia / Fangirl Quest
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