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April 4, 2019
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June 1, 2019
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Boo! Our Beautiful #GishTrip Is Over…

Our beautiful & fun winning team in Hobbiton.

Our beautiful & fun winning team in Hobbiton.

After weeks on the road, on planes & on ferries, we’re back from Los Angeles, New Zealand and Hawaii. We can’t believe we got there in the first place, and it’s even harder to accept that it’s all over and done with now.

A part of this trip was our prize trip for winning Gish with our magnificent team of 15 international gishers last year, and the rest was some improvised adventure with some of our team mates and finally, just the two of us in the car, on the road…

Our beautiful & fun winning team in Hobbiton.
Our beautiful & fun winning team in Hobbiton.

We’re still in awe by the way we all got along perfectly and how amazing this trip turned out to be. From New Zealand’s majestic scenery to Hawaii’s paradise activities and ever-changing weather, from the busy streets of Los Angeles and legendary movie sites to a Maori dinner in an atmospheric forest, we all came together like family.

Like friends who’ve known each other for decades. Like friends who are going to stay friends until the end of the line.

Here’s a little something we wrote earlier on social media…

Dearest GISH. After 9 days of incredible, mindblowing adventures in #NewZealand (and still a couple of days to go!) we wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything.

During our 6 and 7 years of gishing we’ve discovered completely new skills, courage and creativity within ourselves.

We’ve made a big bunch of new friends, bonded in a completely unique way and can say with absolute certainty that many of these people are now family. A family we’ll love and treasure for the rest of our lives.

Gish has inspired us to be kind, to help others and maybe even make the world a little better for many people around the world, people we’ve never even met.

Gish is magic. It’s family, it’s community, it’s a journey… and to be honest, really hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t done it yet. But we’ll never stop trying.

Our biggest thank yous & love to Misha, Charlie, CJ & Lauren, Chris & Tracy for everything you do, for the winners’ #GishTrip and for becoming a part of our Scrum family. You guys are total rockstars. Long live Gish & our nutty lives now forever entwined ♥️

A thousand memories & three thousand photos

We’re currently recovering from two days of air travel and jetlag, but already preparing some blog posts from the trip to share with you dear readers. There are so many things we want to write about!

Stay tuned for the best travel & filming location tips from New Zealand, Hawaii and Los Angeles 😊

Tiia / Fangirl Quest
Tiia / Fangirl Quest
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