What is “Sceneframing”?

Sceneframing is the heart and soul of Fangirl Quest. We visit filming locations of our favourite shows and movies, and try to align a screenshot from that film with the original background on the actual filming location where that scene was filmed. It’s hard to put into words, so let’s let the photos speak for themselves!

This collection is not complete, but we’ll be updating it every now and then with some new ones! For the latest, we recommend following our instagram @FangirlQuest.

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Arrow! Oliver Queen! A very cool dude with his very own show. All the locations you see on the show are located in Vancouver, Canada or the nearby areas.

The Avengers

Ah, the Avengers! The Marvel films are some of our favorite movies of all times, so we were pretty happy to get to sceneframe the first movie in New York and finally, in Cleveland. Read more about the filming locations of The Avengers here.

Fun fact 1: The word sceneframing was invented by Timo Vuorensola, a brilliant movie director from Finland. He’s a good friend of ours and deserves the credit. You should definitely check out his movie saga Iron Sky!

Breaking Bad

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are the BEST. Breaking Bad was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico and we went for a visit during our big roadtrip in 2014.

Marvel’s Daredevil

He might be a dangerous fighter on Daredevil, but our nickname for Charlie Cox is actually Cinnamon Bun. He’s just too cute to be real. Big fans of the show! Read the article and NYC filming location details here.

Da Vinci’s Demons

The brilliant show about the young, adventurous artist Da Vinci’s Demons was filmed in Wales and stars the lovely trio of Tom Riley, Greg Chillin and Eros Vlahos. A few beautiful locations we know of and have visited: Swansea, Margam Castle and Castell Coch.

Fun fact 2: People sometimes suspect that we photoshop these images instead of actually taking them at the locations. (Which is just silly, if you think about it.) Tiia does photoshop some of them to make them look better, obviously: sometimes the sunny days cause really horrible reflections on the tablet screen, so we replace the original image with a brand new one to make it work better.

Doctor Who

Oh, Doctor! We became big fans of BBC’s scifi cult classic Doctor Who during our time in Cardiff. We’ve not only witnessed two different Doctors (Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi) in action filming the show, but have also visited their filming locations on two continents! Such happy, lucky fangirls are wel. Find out more about the filming locations and the photos in our Doctor Who tag!

Downton Abbey

Oh, what a show. Such a beautiful, perfect show. The main house scenes were filmed at Highclere Castle, but we haven’t yet managed to book tickets to visit. However, we did go to their nearby village, which in real life is called the Bampton Village… and you can totally visit it too! Find out more about the filming locations and the sceneframing photos in our Downton Abbey tag.

Fun fact 3: This is not just about film tourism. These shows and movies are all very dear to our heart, so this page also acts as our list of TV and movie recommendations.

Forrest Gump

One of the best movies of all time, hands down, starring one of the best actors of our time, Tom Hanks. Since Forrest Gump features locations from all over the USA, it’s pretty tricky to track down and visit all of them. However, we managed to drop by at two important ones (so far!). These photos were taken at Monument Valley and Washington, D.C.

Game of Thrones

It’s no wonder that Game of Thrones is the biggest, most popular show in the world. We did a massive (albeit pretty quick) roadtrip around Northern Ireland, visiting several locations and working on our sceneframes. Our massive Game of Thrones roadtrip post will give you all the information needed to visit these stunning locations.

NBC’s Hannibal

Oh Hannibal Lecter! Who knew this quirky, dark show about a serial killer and a merciless cannibal could hit our loving TV feels so bad? The show ended after just three seasons, but we’ll never give up hope for some new material. For Hannibal, we flew over to Florence, Italy and spent magnificent four days scouting some of the famous locations featured on the show… and some little less known ones too. Our Hannibal Florence locations post will have extensive information on how to do the film tourism thing on your own.

Harry Potter

Well, who doesn’t love Harry Potter? (Some people, we suspect, but they’re muggles and just don’t know better.) The wizarding world expands to many locations in the UK, but so far, we’ve only managed to visit a few. Maybe it’s time for a Potter themed roadtrip around the island, aye? These ones were taken at Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester, UK.

Movies filmed in Helsinki, Finland

We’re both spent most of our lives in Helsinki, so the following sceneframing is both a tribute to our dear city, but also to the Finnish movie industry.

The Hollow Crown

Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester, UK

Hot Fuzz

A village called Wells, England.


The first season of this wacky, colourful show was filmed in and around Vancouver… like so many other scifi shows! Here’s our guide to some of the Legion filming locations in British Columbia!

Les Misérables

Old Royal Naval College, London

BBC’s Merlin

Our Merlin sceneframes come from Puzzlewood, nestled near the border of England and Wales in the Forest of Dean. The main scenes set in Camelot were actually filmed in France, at the Château de Pierrefonds, but when we lived in Cardiff, this magical forest was much easier to visit. Other things filmed in Puzzlewood include Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Doctor Who, Da Vinci’s Demons and a few others.

Peaky Blinders

One of Tiia’s all time favorite shows. The story takes place in Birmingham, UK, but the show is actually filmed in Liverpool and some countryside locations with suitable, historical buildings and surroundings.

Pride and Prejudice

These photos were taken in Lacock Village in Wiltshire, UK.


A lovely, lovely show by Netflix. We visited a few locations in both Iceland and Chicago during our 2016 roadtrip.


The Sherlock filming locations spread to many places in the UK. We’ve visited locations in London, Cardiff, St. Hilary, Newport and Bristol, plus at a few locations outside the cities. We’ve listed some of the locations in this post. If you’re looking for more information or specific addresses, feel free to contact us!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

When we lived in Cardiff, we heard rumours of a filming crew taking over Puzzlewood. There was even gossip of something Star Wars related. Little did we know: they were actually filming a pretty impressive scene there from The Force Awakens with Rey, BB-8 and Kylo Ren all present. During our next visit, when we went back for these sceneframes after seeing the movie, we even bumped into a family carrying lightsabers. Film tourism joy!


Our favorite show of all times. Supernatural isn’t just a TV show… it’s family, it’s religion, it’s lifestyle. The show itself might not be the greatest, most legendary or industry-changing television, but the cast, creatives and the fandom have turned it into something so much bigger during the years of its existence. SPNFamily forever! Supernatural films in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

For more Supernatural photos and event reports, visit our Supernatural tag!


We moved to Wales in the autumn of 2013. That’s also the year when we started our blog and did a lot of little film tourism roadtrips around the UK. But for Torchwood, we didn’t have to go far. In fact, you could literally see our house almost everytime they showed an aerial shot of the headquarters in Cardiff Bay. We would often go on little evening walks and visit Ianto Jones’ shrine in the Bay, an amazing testament to how passionate a fandom can be, and how their love doesn’t die with a character or a show. It just keeps on going on.

The 100

The X-Files

Oh, dearest, loveliest Mulder & Scully! Not surprisingly, another sci-fi favorite that is entirely filmed in British Columbia, Canada. There are dozens of filming locations to explore and we’ve managed to hit quite a few already! Check out the X-Files filming location guide we’ve written of all these spots.

Misc Shows & Movies

We have a huge collection of miscellanous sceneframes from different movies and TV shows. Most often than not they’re filmes we really love and adore, but sometimes, we just stick a few old classics here and there just out of sheer respect. Here’s a collection of something old and something new. If you’re into film tourism yourself and want to visit the exact locations, never hesitate to contact us for coordinates! We’ll gladly help.

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