Our Great Movie Roadtrip 2016 is done and it was possibly the best trip ever. You can read about it under its own tag here. More adventures and travel tips coming up soon!

It’s happening: our biggest trip this year! We’ll be heading to Iceland, USA, Canada & the UK in search of the greatest movie locations these countries and areas have to offer. This means we’ll be spending 8 weeks on the road, visiting 4 countries and driving up to 10 000 kilometers. We’ve decided to simply call it… The Great Movie Roadtrip of 2016!

Since we’re quite experienced in traveling by car, we’ll be sharing our tips & tricks to a successful roadtrip right here. We’ll also talk about our sceneframing hobby and what it means for us to prepare for such a long trip with dozens and dozens of movie locations.

A Big Thank You To Our Partners

We’ve been super lucky to have found such amazing partners to work with during this trip. Thank you IcelandairMall of America and Explore Minnesota for being lovely and helping out with everything. We can’t wait to tell everyone about all our adventures with you guys!

Thank you Sixt Iceland for making our roadtrip on the island such a safe and effortless one! We hope to come back soon with some more time to explore…

Thank you beautiful Hótel Húsafell for the warm welcome. We miss the scenery and your lovely beds & breakfast already!

Hey David & Svenny at Húnaver! Your guesthouse is the BEST. We’ve been singing high praise about you guys and your breakfast to many, many people already. Much love!

Kex Hostel, thank you kindly for having us, even if it was just a quick night’s sleep. What a photographer’s dream your place is!

Oh, fun times with Elding Adventures At Sea! Our first ever wild dolphin spotting experience, yay! Thank you so much for taking us out there.

Grand Hotel Toronto… wow, you guys! A loft apartment and a rooftop hot tub? Can we come back and just live with you guys forever?