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Sense8 Season 2: A Short, Feelsy, Spoiler-free Review

Sense8 has - surprise! - 8 main characters. All EXCELLENT.

Sense8 has - surprise! - 8 main characters. All EXCELLENT.

It’s 1:20am in Finland on a chilly Sunday night. I’ve just finished the wild ride that was Sense8 season 2 even though I swore I wouldn’t rush through it all. But I did. I just couldn’t stop. I kept going and at times, I forgot to blink and to breathe. I can’t remember when I had a bite to eat. (I think I need to pee, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to leave this cocoon of Sense8 feels quite just yet.)

Sense8 season 2 is a beautiful, gripping thing to watch.

Sense8 season 2 is a beautiful, gripping thing to watch.

This show is some of the most compelling, intense, mind-blowing, visually stunning and emotional TV ever. During the past couple of nights, I’ve been moved to tears by the sad, by the happy, by the love and simply by the beauty of humanity; I’ve laughed out loud at many scenes; I’ve fell in love with every single (good) character all over again;

I’ve wanted to fight evil and injustice with my bare fists; I’ve thought about the human connection and the differences and similarities between all of us as humans; I’ve wanted to save the world and do it with a bunch of really cool friends.

Sceneframing Sense8 at Riley's church in Iceland.

Visiting a Sense8 season 1 filming location in Iceland in August 2016.

I’ve been moved to tears by the LGBT+ stories, the happy stuff and the sad stuff. During that Lito scene I cried so much I had to pause Netflix for a few minutes. I wasn’t sure if I was crying because I was happy or because I was sad, I just knew my heart was aching and it really needed a break.

(Also because Lito is my absolute favorite dude and I would protect him like a mama bear from the evils of the world if I could.)

But most of all, I’ve wanted my own cluster of amazing, diverse, 100% loyal people who will always be there for me, no matter what, no matter where I go, with their different sets of skills, ideas and moral values.

And I mean, sure… if I wanted, I could list a few things “wrong” with Sense8 — anyone can find faults in every show and movie if they really look for it — but why would I do that? When a show genuinely moves me and makes me think outside the everyday box like Sense8 does, I can’t go all critic on their very likable, charismatic butts.

I just want to be their BFF forever.

Sense8 Reykjavik Dock

Sensates in the Reykjavik sunset.

After this wild ride that has been season 2, I only have one question left:

Is it time for season 3 yet?

Pssst! Since we are first and foremost a travel blog… why not read about our roadtrip to a few stunning filming locations of Sense8 here?

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Tiia / Fangirl Quest
Tiia / Fangirl Quest
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  1. Sarah Short says:

    Love this write up. One of those shows that showcases the real spirit of humanity in the midst of chaos. It’s not very often I see characters reactions to their experiences take precedence over the action on screen, it’s refreshing to see and very emotional. I also want to protect Lito like a momma bear. Haha! He’s the most dramatic sweetheart, and he and Hernando are now my all time favourite onscreen romance. They’re so beautiful together. So looking forward to season 3! Yay!

    • I agree! Very emotional and because of the unusual setting, very interesting to see how they’re all dealing with it. Lito + Hernando forever! Funny thing my friend pointed out, by the way: Lito hasn’t told his little family about “the voices in his head”, right? I didn’t even notice before my friend said that!

      • Sarah Short says:

        Yeah, I noticed that. There was a part toward the end of this series when I thought for sure he was going to tell them, but then it cut to another scene. I’m looking forward to seeing Daniela’s reaction if he tells them. Her mind just about explodes every five minutes anyway!

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