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Supernatural Filming Location: Riverview Hospital
December 28, 2014
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January 22, 2015
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Movies We Adored: Whiplash

JK Simmons and Andrew Teller

I’ve never understood jazz. I can appreciate the skill of the players, the precision and the dedication, but I never really got anything out of the music itself. It doesn’t move me here or there, it’s just… kind of there. (The same way I can appreciate sushi: I’m jealous of people who enjoy it, but have sort of given up on giving it any more chances.)

This didn’t stop me from appreciating Whiplash. An intense, brilliantly acted story of the “immovable object meets an unstoppable force” kind. A tale of two charismatic, talented, determined fellas who manage to pull each other apart, even though their end goal is pretty much the same.

I’ve adored JK Simmons ever since the far-behind days of HBO’s Oz. I’m pleased whenever I see him in a role in some movie I like, and I’m immensely happy he’s now got a role he made is own. And by “own”, I really do mean OWN. I mean, this guy. His brilliant screen face and cold stare are made for this role.

I can’t remember Andrew Teller from far-behind days, but I’m really hoping I can get back to you on that in about 10 years. Pretty sure this is not the last time we’ll hear of him.

(Just checked IMDb after writing that paragraph and feel dumb now. Dude’s gonna be in Fantastic Four. Yeah. Not the last time then. Good, ok. Moving on.)

So, all in all, a very intense, entertaining and inspiring film.

(Still don’t understand jazz, though.)

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