What we’ve learned during our travels over the years is that choosing the right travel companion is huuuugely important. But what if you got to choose from Marvel’s superheroes known as The Avengers? Would you enjoy a week away with Mighty Thor, a holiday full of Loki’s shenanigans or the perfect sunset with Steve Rogers? Take our test to find out who would be the perfect Avenger to swoop you away from your everyday life and duties!

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Which Avenger Is The Best Travel Companion For You?

Your travel companion is... THOR! This mighty warrior from Asgard will not only introduce to you completely new and exciting worlds, he's also going to keep you safe and entertain you with his endless dad-jokey remarks. And who knows... if you get lucky, maybe he'll take you on a hammer ride through the skies too!
Bruce Banner

Your travel companion is... Bruce Banner! Intelligent, charming, kind, handsome. That's the sort of travel companion you're going away with! Just remember: don't make him angry. Keep him calm and happy at all times. It would be a good idea to take him to see the sunset every now and then!

Your travel companion is... Loki! Uh oh, you're in trouble. You're going away with the mightiest trickster and the god of mischief. But maybe that's a good thing? Like, maybe your holiday will be full of surprises and you get to pull awesome practical jokes on some tourists? Yes. Let's agree that your trip with Loki is going to be something you won't forget!
Steve Rogers

Your travel companion is... Steve Rogers! Oh, wow. So you're going on a holiday with Captain America. Do you think you'll be able to look at the views and sights at all or will you be staring at his perfectly chiseled, dorito-shaped form all week long? Yeah. Us too, probably.
Tony Stark

Your travel companion is... Tony Stark! This charismatic millionaire will probably fly you to your destination on a private jet and serve expensive champagne and strawberries on your way there. On the other hand, he's not the easiest guy to deal with. But underneath all that glitz, snark & glamour you'll find a good heart and a very entertaining travel companion!
Natasha Romanova

Your travel companion is... Natasha Romanova! So ok, how amazing is your holiday going to be? Natasha is a great companion for any trip and aside from being funny, kind and all sorts of lovely, she'll also definitely keep you safe from muggers and the like. You know, in the bad-assest way possible.
Clint Barton

Your travel companion is... Clint Barton! Oo boy, are you in for a treat? This lovely gentleman will keep you entertained at all occasions. He's charming, polite and fun to hang out with. As a bonus, he might teach you a trick or two about archery.
Sam Wilson

Your travel companion is... Sam Wilson! Ok, this is going to be like the best vacation ever. No matter where you decide to go with Sam, you can skip the queues at the airport and the annoying, tightly-packed flights. Because surely someone that goes by the name Falcon can just pick you up and fly you anywhere! Also... he's loyal, funny, smart & cute. Those are pretty good qualitys in a travel companion.
Bucky Barnes

Your travel companion is... Bucky Barnes! Ok, so you're going away with someone emotional. That's fine. Especially if you like an emo human puppy who looks at you at all times like you just kicked him. But once you guys get past all the awkwardness and emotions, you're going to have a lovely time!
Phil Coulson

Your travel companion is... Phil Coulson! Ok, he might not be the most celebrated Avenger of them all, but he's certainly one of the best travel companions out there. He's loyal, charming and extremely funny. You'll be laughing at his laconic remarks all holiday long. Just make sure he isn't taking you to Tahiti, ok?

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