Game Of Thrones filming location Tollymore Forest Park
Tollymore Forest Park, Northern Ireland
March 17, 2016
Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

Not quite a Game of Thrones location, but too great to miss while you're there: Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

We got so lucky with Giant’s Causeway during our massive roadtrip in Northern Ireland! Seriously, it couldn’t have gone any other way.

We arrived to the entrance building a little bit too late: they had already closed down the shop and the information building, so at first, we figured we weren’t allowed to go see the Causeway. However, after snapping a few photos from behind the building looking out to the sea, we noticed there’s a road leading down to the direction of it. And it wasn’t closed from the public: it was just an ordinary road covered in asphalt.

The sun was already setting which meant we were quickly losing light, but we decided to go for it… even with our travel-sore feet. Tiia decided to run most of the way to not miss all the light and to get some photos. Satu and Johanna followed at a more leisurely pace.

In the end, we made it and had at least half an hour of beautiful sunset to watch. We had time for tons of photos, we were there practically alone without masses of fellow tourists, and we got some peace and quiet with the sea alone.

So, pro tip for visiting the Giant’s Causeway: go there late. Go after everyone else has left. You’ll get an experience of a lifetime.