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Back to London on Wednesday!

Samantha Barks / The Last Five Years. Photo credit: Scott Rylander

Samantha Barks / The Last Five Years. Photo credit: Scott Rylander

It feels like we just returned from London… and now we’re flying back again on Wednesday. Our last trip was about the film festival in Bath, the World Travel Market at ExCel London and some very Shakespeare-y times in Stratford-upon-Avon. 

This time, we’ll be attending Seen on Screen: The International Screen Tourism Conference 2016 (yes, quite a mouthful!) as panelists and we’re pretty excited about it. An event based purely on film tourism? Oh, count us in!

Yellow roses at William Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon. More photos and a full story coming soon!

It’s incredible how in three and a half years we’ve become somewhat experts on the subject of film tourism. We started out as a geeky photo blog, and have since grown into travel writers and film tourism lecturers. We’ve even attended a few film festivals as guests, making appearances and organizing events for the locals. Definitely something we did not expect when we launched our first Tumblr blog. Cool beans!

But I’m rambling. Back to London.

Our dirty-early flight leaves early on Wednesday and we’ll have the whole day off for once, at least until dinner. But it might just be that the 3am wake-up call keeps us tired enough to just relax instead of heading out to visit filming locations. But we’ll see… there is this one Doctor Strange location I discovered by sherlocking around the internet that we could go and visit…

Thursday will be dedicated to the Screen Tourism event. Very excited about it! We’re expecting to meet some pretty interesting people and hoping we won’t make complete idiots of ourselves on stage. We’re usually ok with this stuff though, so no bigger worries.

We have to thank Film London & VisitBritain for inviting us. We’re super honored, you guys!

The Last Five Years at St. James Theatre

Friday… ah, Friday! We’ve just confirmed some pretty good seats to The Last Five Years musical at St. James Theatre. So happy!!! We’re big fans of Samantha Barks (Les Misérables) and the loveliest, cutest Jonathan Bailey (Broadchurch, Doctor Who) and now we get to see them together on stage! In an emotional musical! We better pack some tissues, me thinks.

The Last Five Years is written and directed by a three-time Tony Award -winning Jason Robert Brown, so it seems like we’re really in for a great treat. And hey, the play runs until December 3rd and there are a few seats still available to most days’ performances. Do not miss it!

The Last Five Years is an emotionally powerful and intimate musical telling the story of Jamie and Cathy, two New Yorkers in their twenties who fall in and out of love over the course of five years.

It’ll be our first time witnessing Barks on stage, but we’ve seen Bailey before: he co-starred with Matt Smith on American Psycho: The Musical, which later moved on to be a big production on Broadway in New York. We can’t say much about the Broadway version as we never had the chance to see it, but we were blown away by the Westend version at the Almeida Theatre. Wow… just wow. Possibly one of the best things we’ve ever seen.

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