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VIDEO: The Passage & Stuck In An Escape Room

Comic Con Stockholm: The Passage escape room

The Passage themed escape room at FOX's comic con stand featured a creepily quiet companion who just wouldn't take his eyes off of you.

A few months ago we joined our friends at FOX Finland for the magnificent pop culture event that is Stockholm Comic Con. Aside from meeting Mads Mikkelsen (😍😍😍!), we spent several fun filled days among our fellow geeks. One of the shows FOX featured at their impressive booth was the new thriller The Passage, which premiered just this month.

You’ll find the full post from the event, as well as photos, interviews and all sorts of geeky things in this blog post.

Comic Con Stockholm: The FOX stand
Fangirls at Stockholm Comic Con in Hannibal inspired flower crowns.

And the way FOX featured the show at the convention was sooo creepy: an escape room experience with this patient dude all dressed in white inside. He never broke character and no matter how many times we tried to remind ourselves and each other “just an actor, just an actor”, he managed to scare us good. Which was AWESOME.

Aside from being super freaked out, it was actually our first ever escape room, so we had no clue what to do. Did we even manage to get out?

As videos speak more than ten thousand words, it’s going to be easier to just show you how it went and if we managed to beat the clock.

Escape Room at Stockholm Comic Con – did we make it?

The Passage on FOX

If you’re anything like us and enjoy a good show tagged with genres such as thriller, adventure, drama and vampires, we think you should join us in watching The Passage. Trust us… we’re professionals 😎

The short introduction on IMDb goes like this:

When a botched U.S. government experiment turns a group of death row inmates into highly infectious vampires, an orphan girl might be the only person able to stop the ensuing crisis.

Watch the official trailer for The Passage below:

  • The Passage on FOX – Check your local listings
  • The Passage Suomessa FOXilla maanantaisin klo 21:00 – tsekkaa ohjelman nettisivut tästä!
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