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Thor: Ragnarok Filming Locations

Loki / Tom Hiddleston in Sakaar, a filming set built at the Australian studios.

Loki / Tom Hiddleston in Sakaar, a filming set built at the Australian studios. Image courtesy of Marvel.

We just recently saw Thor: Ragnarok and absolutely adored it! It should be impossible for the Avengers gang to be able to entertain us so much after so many movies, but ‘lo and behold… they 100% still do. Of course, as enthusiastic film tourists, we wanted to build a complete list of Thor: Ragnarok filming locations for easy access. Who knows, maybe these will be useful in our own future travels!

Warning! Spoilers ahead! We won’t give away any major plot twists or specific descriptions of the movie, but we will have to mention a few descriptions of scenes to help viewers connect the Thor: Ragnarok scenes to the actual locations.

Thor: Ragnarok filming locations

Planet Sakaar

Real life location: Village Roadhouse Studios in Oxenford, Queensland in Australia (view on Google Maps)

The colourful, amazing Planet Sakaar is a set at the Village Roadhouse Studios. This was not the only set built at the studios: 36 filming sets, including some massive ones, were built by hundreds of workes to give the actors a more realistic feel to work with. Thor: Ragnarok occupied all nine of Village Roadshow sound stages.

The galactic dump

Real life location: Oxenford Quarry, Oxenford, Queensland, Australia (view on Google Maps)

Scenes: the intergalactic dump where Thor lands after being kicked out of Bifrost by his sister Hela. We later come back to the dump for one of the last scenes featuring Jeff Goldblum’s hilarious character, Grandmaster. The Oxenford Quarry is located near the studios.

Chris Hemsworth & director Taika Waititi posted a heartfelt support message for the people at Standing Rock while filming Thor: Ragnarok at the Oxenford Quarry. You can read the full message on Chris’ Instagram here.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and director Taika Waititi on Thor: Ragnarok filming location, the Oxenford Quarry in Queensland

Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and director Taika Waititi on Thor: Ragnarok filming location, the Oxenford Quarry in Queensland

Streets of New York City

Real life locations: Esk Lane and Mary Street in Brisbane, Australia (view on Google Maps)

This alley scene with Thor, Hela and Mjölnir appears in one of the trailers as seen below, but in the movie, that same scene actually takes places on a very different looking location. Mary Street in Brisbane was shut down for four days while Thor: Ragnarok crew filmed in the alley. Masses of fans got to see some of the action and some were even lucky enough to meet Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston in person (see fan video).

Another New York street scene features the brothers on a street corner, looking at a building being demolished, also filmed in Brisbane.

Thor Ragnarok filming locations: Hemsworth and Hiddleston in New York, actually in Brisbane

Hemsworth and Hiddleston in New York, actually in Brisbane


Real life location: Village Roadhouse Studios in Oxenford, Queensland in Australia (view on Google Maps)

Apparently, it took 450 construction workers 4 months to complete the incredible outdoors set of Asgard. Which absolutely sounds like something they should keep around (unless already destroyed) for film fans such us ourselves, because we would definitely pay an entrance fee for that… wouldn’t you?

Asgard: the forest

Real life location: Mount Tamborine and Cedar Creek Falls, Queensland, Australia (View Cedar Creek Falls on Google Maps)

Now this looks like a filming location that we’d love to visit! The forest where Heimdall leads the Asgardians to save them from Hela looks incredible and this really cool shot of Heimdall shows some very recognizable waterfalls in the background. According to this cool blog post you can actually go for a little swim in these waters!

Heimdall in the Asgardian forest, leading his people to safety.

Heimdall in the Asgardian forest, leading his people to safety.

Odin’s beach

The heartbreaking scene with Odin and his boys, later with Hela and then Thor alone were staged in a field in Atlanta. A photo from Norway’s Lofoten Islands was used as reference for the cliff and ocean view. Anthony Hopkins’ childhood home, Port Talbot in Wales, gave the scene it’s coastal topology.

This has been debated a lot, but until we’ll talk to someone who worked on both the field where they filmed and inside the editing room after, there’s no way we can know for 100% sure :)

Big thanks for the information to @MCULocations on Twitter!

Other known Thor: Ragnarok filming locations

Some of the Thor: Ragnarok reshoots were filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

We’ll be adding more locations later, if any new information comes along! If you spot any mistakes or have something to add, do leave a comment underneath and we’ll look into it! :)

Sources & cool links:

Thor: Ragnarok filming locations on IMDb


Set photos and more on Atlas of Wonders

A lot of cool aerial photos of the Thor: Ragnarok set and structures



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  1. Glyn says:

    Odin’s beach scene was filmed near Saint Abbs in the Scottish boarders.

    • Hi! Checked it out but the cliffs look nothing alike. Also there’s no mention of them filming anywhere near Scotland. Is this a good guess or do you have super inside information? We need to confirm before putting it in the story :)

  2. Judy says:

    I thought Odin’s Beach was filmed on the cliffs of moher in Ireland. I came here to confirm that, but I could be wrong.

    • That’s what I thought (or maybe even the Aran Islands), but Ireland isn’t mentioned anywhere at all when they talk about the production. The Bunda cliffs in Australia are steep and high as well… or then, maybe it’s just plain ol’ CGI. We’ll try to confirm this as soon as we can! :)

  3. Shank says:

    Odin’s beach filming location is Iceland.

  4. Lynne Mendoza says:

    I saw a brief clip of Eagle vs Shark (earlier Waititi film) which looked like the same location as Norway in Ragnarok. So perhaps Porirua in the North Island of New Zealand? There were no rocks in the grass in the clip that I saw, but I thought the ones in Ragnarok looked fake anyway.

  5. Suzanne says:

    The scene where Odin, Loki and Thor are standing on the cliff overlooking the sea is on Dirk Hartog Island in Western Australia’s Shark Bay World Heritage area. http://www.xm2.com/blog/tag/dirk-hartog/

    • Aw man! We’re getting really mixed signals here! One of the photos shows similar cliffs, though. Is that all the information / confirmation or do you happen to know any crew people who know for certain? :)

  6. Solveig says:

    No cliffs look like that in Norway. It’s also Lofoten, not Loften.
    Since most of Norway was under a huge glacier for the better part of the ice-age, fjords and cliffs on the coast don’t have the same abrupt falls you see in Great Britain.
    Just thought I’d clear that up after seeing the movie.

    • It’s a tough one! I understood it so that the view that they see from where they stand could be the seas in Norway, then maybe the steep cliffs from somewhere near Port Talbot (although they don’t look that steep and even either; but since cgi magic is used, one bit could’ve been multiplied to create that) and finally, the grass field in Atlanta.

      But, you are right about the spelling, so I’ll fix that… in the meanwhile, we’ll just have to wait for someone who actually worked on the scene both on the field AND in the editing room to talk to us :D

  7. Thorarinn says:

    Odin’s beach, Norway, was filmed at Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland.


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