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The Fun Fangirl Quest Quizzes Are Here!

written by Tiia / Fangirl Quest January 6, 2018

Ok, so quizzes… you know those pesky little things? The things many people spend a lot of time on and then they all share their results on social media and then you can’t resist doing them yourself et cetera, et cetera…

Well, the good news is: we’ve got fun quizzes now too!

We’ve only got two so far, but they’re really great, obviously. So you know. You should totally try them, share them, give us feedback on them and all that. Because we’d like to do more but first, we want to know if they’re entertaining at all or if we should do something totally different with our very limited time.

So, here they both are: the other one’s sort of like a personality test and the other one just tells you if you’re a giant TV geek like the two of us. We’ll be building a special section for our quizzes on this page, too.

Anyway. Why are we spending time writing/reading this text when we should all be doing some quizzes?! Off we go. To enjoy ourselves.

Quiz: Can you name these movies & TV shows?

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