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A list of filming locations for the most famous movies and shows on a map, along with some of our personal favorites. Some of the places we've visited and featured in our blog, some are places we'd like to go some day for blog stories and sceneframing.

None of these are the exact locations - you'll have to browse through our blog, check out our Filming Location Guides or use Google for addresses and coordinates. This is just meant to give a general idea of what the world looks like through the lenses of filmmakers.

Something important missing? Contact us and we'll add it! The map is a work in progress. Probably forever :)

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Peaky Blinders filming locations in Liverpool: Powis Street

Peaky Blinders Filming Locations In Liverpool

Tommy Shelby, Aunt Polly, Arthur, Finn, Alfie Solomons… If these names mean something to you, then you’re going to love our photos from the Peaky Blinders filming locations in Liverpool! This masterpiece of a show has been filmed in quite a vast area in the UK during its

Supergirl filming locations: Vancouver Central Library

Supergirl Filming Locations In Vancouver

This Supergirl filming locations post is part of our bigger Vancouver filming locations guide! SPOILER warning: This post covers the show’s locations up until the end of season 2 so there may be spoilers. You have been warned! Supergirl follows the adventures of Kara Danvers, cousin to the famous Clark

Sceneframing: Legion filming location in Vancouver: Whytecliff Park

Legion Filming Locations In Vancouver

This Legion filming locations post is part of our bigger Vancouver filming locations guide! One of the wackiest scifi shows out there, FX’s Legion is part of the X-Men universe and tells the story of a mutant called David Haller AKA “Legion”, played by Dan Stevens. The show also

Loki / Tom Hiddleston in Sakaar, a filming set built at the Australian studios.

Thor: Ragnarok Filming Locations

We just recently saw Thor: Ragnarok and absolutely adored it! It should be impossible for the Avengers gang to be able to entertain us so much after so many movies, but ‘lo and behold… they 100% still do. Of course, as enthusiastic film tourists, we wanted to build a

The Walking Dead Filming Locations in Atlanta

Is it ok to say we cried a little when we left Atlanta after spending five glorious days visiting The Walking Dead filming locations and hanging out with fellow fans on set while they were filming the season 5 premiere? Ok or not, but yes… we cried a little. This

Game of Thrones Filming Locations Guide

NEW! Game of Thrones Season 7 & A Complete Filming Locations Guide!

This is TOO EXCITING! We’ve been working on something pretty cool for days, if not weeks now and the day is finally here: Game of Thrones season 7 premieres very, very soon and in celebration, we’re publishing our complete Game of Thrones Filming Locations Guide! There’s still a lot