Short stories behind the photos we've taken around the world.

Pretty soon after we started traveling together we realized that we're definitely the active kind of travelers. We don't just fly somewhere and spend our days lounging by the pool, no. Instead, we spend every minute of each travel day exploring the destination until it's time to go to bed. And during roadtrips, we sometimes manage to explore several activities and attractions in a single day.

Reporting from these places is easy on social media: just post a photo, let people know what you're doing and where. Wham. Easy-peasy. Back home, we'd also love to cover all our adventures here in our blog. But even after a week's trip writing it all down seems a little overwhelming sometimes. How do you pack all of that into a single blog post without it becoming a massive, messy, full-length novel?

To make things a little less intimidating, we're starting a series of short posts based on some memorable moments and photos from our travels.

This page is dedicated to these short stories... or as we like to call them, our Memorable Moments.

January 26, 2019

We Miss You, Vancouver!

It’s kind of weird how we react to the destinations we travel to. Some cities we like: we come back telling our friends about all the […]
December 4, 2018
Mystic Grill exists in real life and you can visit in Covington, GA

Ever Heard Of This Famous Vampire Village In Georgia?

Did you know that there’s a city in Georgia where vampires roam freely and dine in fancy restaurants? Where vampire brothers form alliances with the locals […]
November 27, 2018
Apollo XIII at the The John F. Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center: Where Sci-Fi Movies Feel True

For space nerds such as ourselves, Kennedy Space Center is quite a treat. Astronauts, training simulators, rockets, shuttles and an endless amount of historical titbits, stories, space […]
November 26, 2018
Horse riding with Crindle Stables in Northern Ireland

Beach Gallop On Downhill Beach, Northern Ireland

I felt nervous, excited and a little overwhelmed all at the same time. We were driving down the narrow roads in Northern Ireland, following a massive […]