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Hotel Rantapuisto: Surrounded By Nature, Filled With Finnish Design

In the past six months, I’ve become familiar with Hotel Rantapuisto thanks to several photography gigs and other work related visits. But this Helsinki design hotel is much more than just a nice spot for photos and work: it’s a quiet, relaxing getaway surrounded by our stunning Finnish nature.

Bloggers getting to know a Finnish design classic a little better.
Bloggers getting to know a Finnish design classic a little better.

A while ago, me and Satu took another short break from our daily working lives and escaped the city noise to the midst of green forests and fresh sea air… and it really felt like we were far, far away from Helsinki.

Which was obviously not the case: Hotel Rantapuisto is only a 20 minute drive from downtown Helsinki.

It’s hard to describe Hotel Rantapuisto with just one sentence: on the other hand, it’s a comfortable hotel for a traveler who’s looking for some peace, nature and quiet, but on the other hand, also a pretty perfect spot for big gatherings like conferences and business meetings.

Hotel Rantapuisto: good for meetings & quiet getaways
Hotel Rantapuisto: good for holiday getaways, events and bigger gatherings

Apart from 67 hotel rooms, Hotel Rantapuisto has a stunning auditorium for 300 people and 10 smaller meeting spaces, its own restaurant, a gym, a sauna and beautiful spaces for weddings and other family events.

Rantapuisto’s original seaside sauna with a hot tub was sadly lost to fire in 2017, but it’s making a return this year and reservations will be accepted again as soon as they can confirm the completion date.

Hotel Rantapuisto's sauna & sea shore. Photo: Samuli Miettinen
Hotel Rantapuisto’s sauna & sea shore. Photo: Samuli Miettinen

In peace with nature

For nature lovers, Rantapuisto is a great spot: it has its own beach and pier, and there are several options for those looking for fun, outdoorsy things to do. Paddling, kayaks, nature walks and trips, fishing, jet skis are all available in the area.

The building itself is an endless treasure chest for lovers of Finnish design and the hallway walls are often covered with art by local artists and other temporary exhibitions.

Watch this short video to have a closer look:

It seems like the architects wanted everything to stay close to the earth and hidden by the surrounding forest: the building is spacious, but instead of rising high above the ground, it spreads neatly around the lot into several wings and quiet corridors.

Hotel Rantapuisto: Gotta love these hallways!
Gotta love these hallways!

A friendly getaway… with a friend

A decade ago I really didn’t think I’d be saying in so many hotels around the world. But thanks to this blog and both mine & Satu’s ever-growing love for travel, becoming experts in hotel stays happened sort of naturally. It was inevitable, really.

The accidental hotel experts at Hotel Rantapuisto.
The accidental hotel experts at Hotel Rantapuisto.

There are many hotels that are nice, clean and perfectly ok for short or even longer stays, but what we really love are the ones with character. The ones that stand out from the chain hotels, neutral colors and super shiny surfaces.

“Character” doesn’t always equal with “luxury”.

When a hotel has a story to tell and unique little things to notice, that’s when it becomes more than just a hotel stay or a night spent in a comfortable, clean bed.

A unique wooden design lamp at Hotel Rantapuisto.
A unique wooden design lamp at Hotel Rantapuisto.

My favorite flashbacks from Hotel Rantapuisto include the wind howling in the trees, something that basically surrounded us at all times.

I remember falling asleep watching the majestic pine trees sway outside my window while I was wrapped in warm blankets in my bed.

I remember our lazy-cozy-slow dinner with Satu, discussing everything from daily blog stuff to secrets that only a best friend would know.

I remember taking late night selfies in the glass hallway where my reflection blended in with the forest behind the window, and then trying to photograph a busy little red squirrel running back and forth just outside our breakfast table windows.

Looking for a dog friendly hotel in Helsinki? This is it!

My precious little Einari has also visited Rantapuisto on a couple of occasions. One day, we enjoyed a lovely autumn walk on the beach and snapped an advanced photo (with a remote control!) that has now become one of my favorite shots of me & Einari of all times.

Hotel Rantapuisto: a dog friendly hotel in Helsinki.
Hotel Rantapuisto: a dog friendly hotel in Helsinki.

If you’re lucky, you may even meet Sulo the dog at the reception when checking in or out! This friendly face has greeted and charmed many guests during his working days as the reception doggo.

Hotel Rantapuisto: Sulo the reception dog
Hello! I am Sulo, the reception dog here at Hotel Rantapuisto.

Hotel Rantapuisto in a nutshell & a few more photos

Hotel Rantapuisto is located in Vuosaari, a 20-minute drive east from downtown Helsinki. You can also get there by taking the subway and then a local bus from the Vuosaari stop.

Rantapuisto services:

• Auditorium for 300 people
• 10 separate meeting spaces and additional spaces for work groups
• 70 hotel rooms including allergy friendly and pet friendly rooms
• Restaurant Rantapuisto, Lobby Bar and two additional restaurant available for private bookings
• A wide selection of outdoor activites & things to do
• 200 free parking spaces

For more information, visit Hotel Rantapuisto’s website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Collaboration: the night at Hotel Rantapuisto was provided for review and content purposes. Photos, experiences and opinions 100% our own. We’ll happily answer any collaboration related questions!

Tiia / Fangirl Quest
Tiia / Fangirl Quest
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