When people ask us Gish? What is that?” we usually don’t have a short answer to give. The very short way of explaining it would be something along the lines of “doing crazy stuff for charity and for fun, while gaining points for your team”. But for those who have participated for several years, it’s become much, much more than that.

Below we've collected a bunch of pages and blog posts to help explain what exactly it is we're doing every year in August, how Gishers work with charities and how we finally won the whole thing in 2018.

The official Gish website

Our comprehensive guide to Gish
Gish In A Nutshell

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Gish(whes) Historian
Our lovely, hard-working team leader Kaela runs this increeeedibly detailed database of Gish! Check it out if you're looking for practically any information of Gish's past competitions.
Gishwhes Historian

Our winning team
Our current (and hopefully forever so!) team is called Team Scrumtrulescent. We're so awesome that we won Gish in 2018 and got to go on a trip to New Zealand with the whole team!
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Blog posts related to Gish

August 5, 2017
Gishwhes 2015: Take a photo exactly at noon on a given day, dressed up as a well-known scifi character "tourist".

GISHWHES 2017 BEGINS TODAY: The Best Week Of The Year Is Here!

Hey hey hey! As many of you know, we take part in this crazy, fantastic, amazing, international competition every single year… and in a few hours, […]
August 8, 2016
Gishwhes 2016: Ye olde tymes Stormtrooper

A Few Gishwhes Photos To Make You Smile

So, the Greatest Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen is officially over and we’re battling severe post gish depression… but looking at everyone’s Gishwhes photos certainly helps! […]
July 26, 2016
GISHWHES 2013 Stonehenge

Crazy, Fantastic, International: Gishwhes 2016 Launches This Week!

The madness begins again on this week’s Saturday! A crazy, wonderful, international scavenger hunt starts again, and thousands of people around the world are spending their […]
July 31, 2014
GISHWHES 2013 Stonehenge

GISHWHES 2014: It begins…

So, after weeks of searching we found our nutty, international, brilliant dream team and we’re spending the next week completing the mad tasks our overlord Collins […]