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June 5, 2019
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October 15, 2019
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Hello, It’s Been A While!

Hey. Hi. Hello. I thought I’d post a quick hello just to let all you guys know that we’re indeed still alive and kickin’. We just haven’t posted anything in a while.

However, a lot has been happening! First of all, we’re planning another Game of Thrones related filming location trip (or if we’re lucky, TWO trips!), which means that we get to add to our already extensive filming location guide & Thrones sceneframing collection. Hurray!!!

Ser Jorah and Tyrion at Murlough Bay, Northern Ireland

We’ll of course post about the trip before, during and after in the blog & on our social media channels (@fangirlquest on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook – come and follow!)

Tiia has a photography studio!

This year we’ve both been working on film sets for movies and TV shows, but aside from my film stills work, I’m also opening a photography studio in Helsinki. Like, FINALLY! 😍 I’m sharing the space & all the excitement with a fellow photographer Säde and we’ve already launched our website (still needs a bit of work, obv) and social media. If you’re curious to know what we’re gonna be up to and maybe read a few of our best photography tips, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Gish item 190: Selfie evolution - shot at my new studio!
Gish item 190: Selfie evolution – shot at my new studio!

Gish shenanigans 2019

Yes, we won Gish last year but also: yes, we’re still competing. Even though we can’t win two years in a row. Our fantastic, lovely Team Scrumtrulescent is just so much fun to compete with. This year, we got to hang out with some donkeys, whack at a piñata on a zipline and walk on water with self-made shoes. And a lot more!

Gish item 34: Stormtrooper Extreme Sports
Gish item 34: Stormtrooper Extreme Sports

Anyway, I gotta get back to work. Tons of photos waiting to be edited.

We’ll get back to blogging in a little while, as we have a few nice memories from the #GishTrip to New Zealand and Hawaii that we haven’t even shared yet! In the meanwhile, do give us a follow on Instagram to keep up with stuff! 💓

Tiia / Fangirl Quest
Tiia / Fangirl Quest
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