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July 29, 2014
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August 1, 2014
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GISHWHES 2014: It begins…

GISHWHES 2013 Stonehenge

So, after weeks of searching we found our nutty, international, brilliant dream team and we’re spending the next week completing the mad tasks our overlord Collins will throw our way. Here’s some photos from last year’s Gishwhes, all created by Tiia & Satu / Fangirl Quest (expect for the Flash one: that was done by our lovely friends Aija & Oliver from Sweden!)

We hope some of them will make you smile because they certainly caused us a lot of gigglefits in August, and still, after all this time.

In two days we’ll be getting a new item list and doing the whole thing all over again.

SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD FELLOW GISHWHESIANS! Have fun with all the kale and cheese & good luck to all of you!

The given tasks were as follows:

  1. While showing some sign of the dragon-attack on your clothing or body, panhandle on a sidewalk with a sign that reads: “A DRAGON BURNED MY CASTLE DOWN.”
  2. Safari time! Construct an animal you would see in the African savanna entirely from feminine hygiene products.
  3. Let’s see a portrait of Chris Hardwick from the made from dried fruit.
  4. You, dressed as The Flash in the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) tunnel. If this is too difficult, you will get full credit for dressing as The Flash in any actual, operational particle accelerator.
  5. Let’s see a flattering portrait painting of Star Trek’s George Takei or Felicia Day. Your materials will be sand. Your paintbrush will be your finger.
  6. There are Seven Wonders of the World. Claim one of them for your team by staking your team flag in front of it.
  7. Write a haiku about waiting. Post it (no graffiti!) at a bus stop.
  8. Take the road less traveled.
  9. Use a smartphone or tablet computer to find water. You must be riding a camel.
  10. Let’s see your interpretation of “helium pants.”



Tiia / Fangirl Quest
Tiia / Fangirl Quest
Photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, copywriter, marketing assistant. I once traveled across North America in flipflops. I love dogs, ketchup and many inspiring people. Visit my photo portfolio here.