1. IMAGE. Beautifully recreate one of these painting optical illusions or another one you find on the Internet using real bodies and/or props: http://www.thedesignwork.com/65-amazing-optical-illusion-pictures/ (54 points)

2. IMAGE or VIDEO. Do the one thing that you think, if everyone did it, would change the world for the better overnight. Caption the image or video with what you’re doing. (29 points)

3. IMAGE. Kick back in a hammock that’s suspended from trees on opposite banks of a river. (Make sure it’s a safe section of a river to be suspended over.) (71 points)

4. VIDEO. Get 10 of your friends to stand on a field or lawn. Strap inflated balloons to 5 of your friends’ stomachs. The other 5 friends must pop these balloons using only the impact and weight of their bellies or their bums (they can’t use hands, feet, mouths, or anything sharp). (71 points)

5. VIDEO. FELICIA DAY ITEM. Do a dramatic reading of your grade-school report card. (22 points)

6. VIDEO. Design and operate electric or gas-powered “knee and elbow scooters.” When you wear them, they must glide you down the street on your knees and elbows only. The device must be at least four separate pieces – not one or two platforms that you’re lying on. You must wear a helmet or your item won’t be accepted. (118 points)

7. VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 20 seconds.) Go to the top of a building and communicate with 4 other people on the rooftops of 4 other buildings using flags and the Flag Semaphore system as a mode of communication. The first person must spell out “GISHWHES”. The second must spell out “MAKES” and the next must spell out “ME” and then the fourth must finish the sentence with whatever they wish. Subtitle each one on the video. (63 points)

8. VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 20 seconds.) You and a friend must build and launch two dueling paper airplanes using only your mouths to build and launch them. (50 points)

9. IMAGE. A drawing, painting or digital image (no photoshopping of existing images) of Misha and the Queen as 1950 pin-up BFF girls. (72 points)

10. VIDEO. Find someone you love and butter them up; literally, cover them in butter and then give them a big hug. – Carianne Steinman (56 points)

11. VIDEO. Have at least 5 police officers with connected hands do a repeating breakdance wave in a ring and set it to a breakin’ beat. (34 points)

12. VIDEO or IMAGE. Show us what Supernatural will look like at the start of Season 50. -Sara and Caitlyn Cacador (63 points)

13. VIDEO. (Video may be up to 20 seconds) Design and build a voice recognition device or robot stationed next to a toilet that flushes it when prompted by the voice command, “Crowley.” We must see you speak for 10 seconds prior to saying “Crowley” (you can say whatever you wish for this 10 seconds) but only see the flushing when “Crowley” is uttered. We must see the speaker’s face, the flushing mechanism and the toilet bowl in the video framing the entire time. (84 points)

14. IMAGE. Glaciers are melting – so act accordingly. Pose at a major glacier wearing a swimsuit with floaties (automatic double the points if it’s on the Khumbu Glacier at Everest Basecamp). Caption your image with “It’s melting” (and then the glacier you’re at). Don’t cheat with where it’s at. I’ve been to them all. (83 points)

15. VIDEO. (Video may be up to 45 seconds.) Have an elderly relative take you back to an important location from their childhood and have them recount a memory of that spot. For example, they could take you back to the street corner where they learned to ride a bike and tell you about that day. (68 points)

16. IMAGE. Create a beautiful tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy. – Annie K. (29 points)

17. IMAGE. The 2015 gishwhes mascot Dinomite asks you to pick a number between 1 and 1000, asks you 10 questions with yes/no answers, and then guesses the number. What were the 10 questions? (19 points)

18. IMAGE. Have at least 3 people in a domestic or office setting, completely camouflaged to match their background. (52 points)

19. IMAGE. Have a tea party with a special needs child or pediatric cancer patient dressed as a character from “Alice in Wonderland.“ (46 points)

20. IMAGE. Here’s your hint: T11fJ-bSWI0. (Don’t  submit anything unless you solve the puzzle or you will be docked points.)(43 points)

21. VIDEO. Get your local weatherhuman to do their weather report dressed as a superhero in drag. (112 points)

22. IMAGE. Schools, hospitals, and prisons are notoriously dismal places that are in desperate need of art to brighten them up. Get permission from one of these places to create a giant Gishwhes-themed (mascots, items from the past, kindness, etc.) wall mural. (83 points)

23. IMAGE. Tour a wastewater/sewage treatment factory dressed in formal attire with an accompanying violinist or flutist. (82 points)

24. VIDEO. DAVID LAVERY ITEM. (Video may be up to 20 seconds.) NASA is an acronym for “National Aeronautics and Space Administration.” Help celebrate that first “A” by creating the largest paper airplane you can make. It must be constructed SOLELY of paper and adhesive, and it must fly. For you to submit , it must have at least a 2 meter wingspan (but we expect much larger) and it must fly for at least 15 yards on level ground. Remember, PAPER and ADHESIVE only. (115 points)

25. IMAGE or VIDEO. The corporate world needs to loosen up. Relocate a full playground swing set to a corporate plaza. Bonus points if it’s being used by workers in suits. (108 points)

26. IMAGE. ITEM WRITTEN BY JUSTIN GUARINI: Find Justin Guarini (legally) and strike this exact pose with him: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/cb/From-justin-to-kelly.jpg   Don’t find him at his home or your submission will be disqualified and your team will be docked (97 points)

27. VIDEO. (Video may be up to 20 seconds.) Everyone likes drive-thrus and “Jeopardy.” Combine them by going through a drive thru and making the employee guess your order by describing the items to them with the “answer.” (43 points)

28. IMAGE. Blow us away with your amazing cosplay as a famous inanimate object. (58 points)

29. IMAGE. Show us your idea of love. Caption the image if you wish. (41 points)

30. IMAGE. Support our troops. More than 10% of veterans that return from war suffer post traumatic stress syndrome. Tweet or post on FB or Instagram an image of you next to an armed serviceman, with you holding up a sign with a positive message or a message of kindness or gratitude to them and soldiers worldwide. Submit the screen cap of your post. (49 points)

31. IMAGE. At the time I’m writing this, the price of crude oil is $48 per barrel. A barrel of oil is 42 gallons. So presumably for about $1.14, you should be able to get a gallon of crude oil. Let’s see you handing $1.14 (or your country’s currency equivalent) to an employee of an oil refinery, oil transportation or oil extraction company while they hand you one gallon of crude oil. (28 points)

32. IMAGE. Write a thank you letter to a teacher or mentor from your past that you never sufficiently thanked. Mail it. You may submit an image of the letter, or if you wish it to remain private, submit an image of you mailing it. But you must mail it or bad karma will be rained down upon your toothbrush. (24 points)

33. IMAGE. http://bit.ly/1Io5DL6. You will be docked points if you upload an image without solving the puzzle. (30 points)

34. IMAGE. How do you do it? Everyone on your team has such beautiful mustaches? Do you have some sort of hair growth cream you slather on or pills you all take? Let’s see a grid photo of everyone on your team that features your mustaches prominently. (89 points)

35. IMAGE or VIDEO. Design a device that would allow a five ounce swallow to carry a one pound coconut. – Kristi Hollenbeck (46 points)

36. IMAGE. Create a cocktail dress or tux out of flowers (you can use foliage, but at least 50% needs to be flowers). Photograph yourself in a contrasting “greenless” urban setting. – Olivia Desianti (56 points)

37. VIDEO. It’s another boring trapeze teleconference. Business attire required. (79 points)

38. IMAGE. Time for the first annual (and possibly last ever) gishwhes Road Trip! See the map at the link below. Grab a friend and visit at least 9 (the more the merrier) of the points on the map. Have a passing tourist take a picture of you and your friend at each landmark (no selfies). Make sure we can see the landmark of each spot as part of the picture. You MUST REPLICATE the same pose for each photo and the pose you pick MUST be one that will make your tourist photographers laugh. Edit all images into a grid and submit as one image. It must be the same two people in the same pose and the same wardrobe at each location- http://fb-2.shareably.net/perfect-road-trip-map/?utm_source=ads_gt_fb_share&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=science (111 points)

39. VIDEO. Somewhere, there is a robot that can break a Guinness World Record. Find it or create it and film it. (Note: This video can be as long as is required to show evidence of breaking the record. You do not need Guinness confirmation during the Hunt that the record is broken, but you do need to apply for the record and really break it. You will need to email proof to support@gishwhes.com that your record was approved by Guinness after the Hunt. DO NOT SUBMIT IF YOU DO NOT BREAK THE RECORD OR YOU WILL BE DOCKED POINTS.) (148 points)

40. IMAGE. They say, “A dog is a man’s best friend,” but they are sexist. Dogs can be women’s best friends too. To prove it, make one entirely out of feminine hygiene products. The dog must be at least 40 centimeters tall. (See how international we are? Look at these units!) (38 points)

41. IMAGE. The cats are coming! Prepare your dog for battle. Outfit him or her with armory, weaponry, cutting edge laser gear – whatever it takes to create a canine of mass destruction. (43 points)

42. IMAGE. You’ve just received an invitation to the annual Color Me Pretty Construction Paper Gala. Design and wear an elegant gown consisting of only construction paper. You must be posed with a antique or hotrod car/motorcycle (that will take you to the Gala, of course) or in front of the Gala itself which takes place in the most stunning public building of your city. (41 points)

43. VIDEO. Use aerial footage to capture you and 40 or more of your friends in a field or open space, milling about aimlessly and then, all at once, quickly aggregating to spell either “GISHWHES”, “KALE” or something more inspired with your bodies. (69 points)

44. IMAGE. Let’s see a portrait of Robert Downey, Jr. or Ironman made entirely of salt and pepper. Tweet it to him (@robertdowneyjr) with @gishwhes in the tweet. SUBMIT a link to the image to us, NOT a link to an image of the tweet – but you must tweet it to him for your image to count. (51 points)

45. IMAGE. Take a photo of you posing with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. In the photo, they are giving the “thumbs up” sign while you are giving the “thumbs down” sign. You cannot photoshop an image of you and an image of one of them together. You must be standing next to the real individual. (248 points)

46. IMAGE. Congratulations! You’ve won a one-way trip to colonize Mars! Unfortunately, you can’t bring a checked bag and your carry on must not exceed 10kg. Lay out everything you would pack on your bed in an orderly manner. You will live off of Martian dust mite dung; so don’t worry about snacks unless it’s a comfort food you can’t live without. (19 points)

47. VIDEO. Stop hiding your true talent. The world deserves to see it. Without using special effects or trick editing, make a person disappear. (26 points)

48. IMAGE. Take your mom, dad or other family member that you don’t give enough attention to (based on what they’ve done for you over the years, or perhaps, what you’ve done to them) to lunch or dinner. Both of you must be cosplaying established or newly invented comic book heroes. If you’ve created new heroes, caption the image with their names. (61 points)

49. VIDEO. It’s time to get some fresh air. Take your (at least) 3 pet robots out for a walk. You, of course, should be wearing your homemade Robot Leader Helmet. (81 points)

50. VIDEO. Your friend loves cake, so being a good friend, you offer to take them out for cake at a nice restaurant. Alas, you discover when you arrive at the restaurant, that your friend has recently undergone medical treatments that prevents them from moving their arms, so you will have to feed them. Unfortunately, light is harmful to your eyes so you must be blindfolded. While blindfolded, stand behind your seated friend in a fancy restaurant and put your arms under their armpits and feed them cake with your hands. Trust us. This is going to work out beautifully. (50 points)

51. IMAGE. Death’s funeral. – Jessica Mary Hicks (39 points)

52. IMAGE. You’ve been hired to design the cover of National Geographic’s next issue, “Discovering The Padalecki.” Do a drawing, painting or digitally created image (you may photoshop existing images for this item) of the new tropical species that has been discovered, much by accident, by workers building an inland dam. (31 points)

53. IMAGE. There are roughly only 150 Sommeliers on the planet who have received the highest distinction a professional can attain in fine wine and are accordingly classified as “Master Sommeliers.” Get a picture of you with a current Master Sommelier sipping pure kale (or cabbage) juice from a wine glass. Caption the image with “NAME OF SOMMELIER, renowned Master Sommelier says the official drink of Gishwhes is..” And then finish the caption with the sommelier’s review of the juice. (71 points)

54. IMAGE. WILLIAM SHATNER ITEM – You may not know this but William Shatner is a big My Little Pony Brony (a male fan of the My Little Pony series.) He wants to share this interest with other actors. Create an image however you wish of one of your favorite actors as a My Little Pony and tweet it to them. Get the actor to retweet your image and hashtag #Shatnermademedoit @gishwhes.  Submit a screencap of the actor tweet. (60 points)

55. VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 10 seconds.) Dressed in something celebratory, hug someone you love, motionless, in a very crowded location. You must hug them for 20 minutes without moving and time lapse it. Add your favorite score to the video. (39 points)

56. IMAGE or VIDEO. Get two uniformed, legitimate 3-star generals (or higher and retired is acceptable) to engage in a competitive, heated game of tick-tack-toe. (66 points)

57. Item will be provided during the Hunt. (43 points)

IMAGE. You know how sometimes you look at your child’s weird behavior and think, “Where did you come from? You certainly didn’t come from me.” Well, after extensive DNA analysis (thanks for sending that in) we just discovered they did not, in fact, come from you. They came from the new planet that was just discovered: Earth2.0 (http://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/jul/23/nasa-closest-twin-to-earth-kepler-452b). They’ll behave better if you stop trying to make them human. Dress them up or convert them back into keplerians and take them to a park, playground, ice cream shop (or similar). Teenage keplerians are acceptable and even encouraged as long as they’re with their parents. Really go to town on the costumes, make-up and location for this for bonus points! (53 points)

58. IMAGE or VIDEO. MARINAS TRENCH ITEM. Order a sandwich at a deli consisting entirely of condiments. There can be no bread, no meat, and no veggies. Eat it at the counter. (27 points)

59. IMAGE. Despite the Party’s attempt to control it, the Great Wall of China is a popular hangout for nefarious Pop! figures. Let’s see some bad ass Pop! figures (or similar) hanging out at the actual Great Wall of China doing things they shouldn’t be doing. (52 points)

60. IMAGE. It’s time to bake cookies! But you need to do it with a woman over 70 at the actual Playboy Mansion with at least one playmate as a witness/consumer. (103 points)

61. IMAGE. Create a short “Supernatural”-related horror story out of the abbreviations of the elements of the Periodic Table. You may only use each letter from each abbreviation once (so you’d have roughly – 225 letters to use). The more coherent the story, the better. (25 points)

62. IMAGE. Depending on which self-proclaimed expert you speak to, the universe is likely heading towards a Big Freeze, Big Rip, Big Crunch or a Big Bounce. Act out what that looks like in your own interpretation using whatever props or moves you need. (19 points)

63. VIDEO. Host the word’s largest hopscotch game in velour track suits at one of the following locations: Santa Monica Promenade in California, Brighton Pier in Brighton, Piazza Del Popola in Rome, Stanley Park in Vancouver, Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, Parque do Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Jardim Botanico in Parana, or Hamburger Dom fair in Hamburg. UPDATE: Please be advised that henceforth there shall be no more hopscotch games at the Santa Monica Promenade in California. (63 points)

64. IMAGE. The Department of Consumer Kale Residency has decided 2015 is the year to find its favorite hotel lobby in the world. They’ve asked us to help. Put on your most beautifully designed hat (hat must be made of kale) and evening gown or tux and get a picture of you in your town’s finest and most elegant hotel lobby with a maid or bellman. (46 points)

65. IMAGE. Find out what one of your parents (or an older relative) wanted to be when they were kids. Make it happen. – Khai (36 points)

66. IMAGE. Bummer. We just got a report that the world is going to end. You’ve got time to do one thing. What is it? Caption the image with what you’re doing if it’s not clear. (28 points)

67. IMAGE VIDEO. FELICIA DAY ITEM. (Time lapse this down to 14 seconds.) Construct an iconic building over 2 feet high out of sugar cubes (or marshmallows) and then film melting it with some kind of liquid. (55 points)

68. VIDEO. Perform this EXACT choreography wearing similar wardrobe as the man depicted here but with one of your pant-legs tucked into your sock:  http://shortyawards.com/mishacollins – Do your dance while a dog watches you. (70 points)

69. IMAGE. Create a beautiful kindness haiku on a nice, homemade card and mail it to or leave it for your parent, grandparent or any other older adult who has influenced you. Take a picture of the Haiku.22 points)

70. IMAGE. Design a good app for the Amish. Submit an image that displays the link to the app. (102 points)

71. IMAGE. Rumor has it that nuclear submarines have knotches on the deck to support a person in a swimsuit lounging in a hammock while drinking a cocktail out of a coconut. Prove it. (84 points)

72. IMAGE. You’re so productive! That was brilliant of you to transform your stand-up paddle board into an office with a desk, lamp, and chair. Let’s see a picture of you working on your mobile office while it’s afloat. (44 points)

73. VIDEO. Who would’ve known the gishwhes mascots were such amazing water-skiers or wake-boarders! Pick your favorite mascot, and prove it. (77 points)

74. IMAGE. Prove there’s a ghost in a Starbucks (or your local coffee shop if your country has outlawed Starbucks) working as a barista. (43 points)

75. VIDEO. Gishzoontite! Get a host or reporter on a major network news or talkshow program, to say “gishwhes!” as a fake sneeze (as if they are trying to subtly sneak it on air). (87 points)

76. VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 14 seconds.) Let’s see a sloth in time lapse, so it moves quickly, set to your favorite dance music. (29 points)

77. VIDEO. You know those people that stand around with signs offering to give away “free hugs?” Add balance to the universe (and bolster capitalism) by asking for something in exchange: hold up a sign on a busy sidewalk that reads, “Hugs $5” (or whatever you think you should charge). Donate anything you make to your favorite charity. Don’t pocket it. Bad karma will be rained down on your butter knife. (28 points)

78. VIDEO. CNN has a video that they created that will play if the world ends. What would your end-of-the-world broadcast be if gishwhes caused it? Create it and then tweet it to @cnn #endoftheworld @gishwhes. (SUBMIT the video link to us, not the tweet, but you must tweet it for the points to count.) – Jane Lowther (41 points)

79. IMAGE. Take an infrared photo of a popsicle in your mouth. (37 points)

80. IMAGE. Tweet a photo of two men or women kissing each other (clothed) to @Ricksantorum. We need to see the Tweet with #facerealityRick @gishwhes. (36 points)

81.IMAGE. Last year saw the epic battle for mascot supremacy. Document this action packed tale in a fitting comic book strip that includes this year’s mascot (Dinomite) as well. Be sure to include all of gishwhes’ heroes, heroines, and super villains! – Roxy Fox (52 points)

82. Item will be provided during the Hunt. (40 points)

IMAGE. Let’s show the world how to REALLY break the Internet! Post on Twitter or Instagram to nominate Random Acts 501c3 as your favorite global nonprofit. If Random Acts gets the most posts, a little software startup company called Microsoft will donate $500,000 to them! Your task for this item is to get your entire team to get as many people EACH DAY for the rest of the hunt (and until the August 23rd if you’re so inclined) on Twitter and/or Instagram to post:

“I ‪#‎vote @randomactsorg as my favorite nonprofit to ‪#‎UpgradeYourWorld#[yourTeamName]RA”. Don’t forget to add “RA” to the end of your team name! (If your team name exceeds the post’s character length limit, just put in as many characters as it allows + “RA” and your team will get the points). So an example would be, if your team’s name was “Mishakalecrown”: “I #vote @randomactsorg as my favorite nonprofit #UpgradeYourWorld ‪#‎MishakalecrownRA”

IMPORTANT: No person can post more than once a day and they can only post for one team’s hashtag per day, but they can and should post every day.

NEAR THE END OF THE HUNT, SUBMIT AN IMAGE OF JUST ONE OF THE POSTS MENTIONING YOUR TEAM SO WE CAN SEE THE HASHTAG OF YOUR TEAM NAME. YOU MUST ALSO DIGITALLY ADD TO THIS IMAGE THE NUMBER OF POSTS FOR BOTH PLATFORMS THAT USED YOUR TEAM NAME DURING THE HUNT (with ‘RA’ at the end of it) – HERE ARE FREE SERVICES THAT TALLY HASHTAGS for TWITTER (Topsy.com) and INSTAGRAM( http://iconosquare.com). We will be double checking the counts. You will be granted .25 points for every post up to 400 points – that’s the equivalent of completing 10-15 items!. If everyone on your team simply posted every day and got 20 others to post every day, that would be 375 points! Because this item is so important, we are also going to award each member of the team with the most posts by the end of the Hunt a kick-ass special prize from Misha. (PLEASE NOTE: If you do not support Random Acts, we invite you to promote another non-profit that speaks to your heart – though we really think it would amazing if Random Acts could win this and spread another $500,000 of random acts of kindness all over the world!)

Task Deleted. After posting this item, we were spoken to by an enlightened being that shared with us the item we had here previously in support of Random Acts, was best supported elsewhere and that our involvement might create more issues than help. Although we do like to create issues occassionally, as far as Random Acts goes, we like to “help.” If we were the types to admit fallibility we might say something like “sorry about that.” But sorry, we’re just not the type to apologize.

83. IMAGE. You know the saying, “No man is an island.” Prove it wrong. (24 points)

84. IMAGE. DANNEEL HARRIS ACKLES ITEM. Wave a gishwhes flag at the South Carolina State Capital building. (51 points)

85. IMAGE. Design a better astronaut toilet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_toilet. We will submit the best designs to our inside man at NASA. They may use it, or flush it down the current space toilet, but maybe you’ll end up making a future astronaut REALLY happy. (49 points)

86. VIDEO. Write a computer program that randomly generates Gishwhes mascots. – Fran and Sarah Stewart (78 points)

87. IMAGE. Your car color is uniform and boring. It’s time for a paint job. Paint an image of a celebrated musician riding a unicorn on the hood or door panel of your car. It must cover the entire hood or door panel. (76 points)

88. IMAGE. Love is in the air. Let’s see you and your lover elegantly dressed and enjoying a romantic moment under a weeping willow in a rowboat. One of you must be serenading the other with a cheese-puff-adorned musical instrument. (46 points)

89. VIDEO. ZE FRANK ITEM. (Video must be 6 seconds.) Recreate a scene from a “Roadrunner” cartoon, in the style of a Sam Shepherd play, directed by Michael Bay. Submit as a direct Vine link so that it loops. (Note: You may not be able to “preview” your vine link when you submit it on our website. Don’t panic. It’s just that @gishbot may not have figured out how to preview vines.) (90 points)

90. IMAGE. That was so kind of you to volunteer to host a “Going Away Party for a Boardgame.” Invite several friends over to play a gently used boardgame for its “goodbye party.” Then take it to a shelter for families living there. Photoshop two images together, you and your friends playing, and the game being dropped off at a shelter. (40 points)

91. IMAGE. You know how when you draw lines to connect the stars in a constellation you see the image of the thing it’s supposed to be? You connect the stars in the Big Dipper and you see a giant ladle. The Stars of “Supernatural” deserve their own constellations. Connect the dots of stars to create a constellation in the likeness of a Supernatural actor. Your constellation must be crafted from an actual high-resolution telescope photo of stars in the night sky. You may not overlay an image over the night sky. You must connect stars to form the shape. You may use an existing image (or images) of the night sky. (41 points)

92. VIDEO. RACHEL MINER ITEM. Make and wear a “Save The Unicorns” t-shirt and stand in a crowded public place asking people to sign a petition to “Save The Endangered Unicorns.” (62 points)

93. IMAGE. Throw a conspiracy theorist party complete with tin foil hats and suspicious guests. – Joe Diaz (21 points)

94. IMAGE. Let’s see the “Battle of Iwa Jima” statue posed by you and your friends. (37 points)

VIDEO or IMAGE. @GISHBOT ITEM. (If you choose video, it may be up to 20 seconds but you can do an image as well.) A robot (Hitchbot) successfully hitchhiked across Canada, Germany and the Netherlands but then fell into the wrong hands in the US and was vandalized: http://www.cnet.com/news/hitchbot-is-dead-long-live-hitchbot/. We’ve discovered he was a distant relative of Gishbot’s (currently in mourning). In honor of Gishbot, let’s help his robot relative get back on his feet: reconstruct Hitchbot and treat him to a fun day or night on the town (roller-blading, boating, picnic in the park, dinner at a fine restaurant, opera, movie, nightclub dancing, etc.) and then send him off with a stranger (unless your friend is cosplaying as Hitchbot in which case take your friend home when you’re finished). You must tweet your video or image to @hitchBOT with @gishwhes and #hitchBOTreturns in the tweet BUT SUBMIT TO US THE IMAGE OR VIDEO, NOT AN IMAGE OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA POST. (67 points)

95. IMAGE. Show Kim Kardashian how to break the Internet. (32 points)

96. IMAGE. The Tooth Fairy is on strike. Invent another fairy that provides a service in your home for your children, or your dorm room/apartment for your roommates. Dress up as the fairy providing the service, and then caption the image with what you are. (31 points)

97. IMAGE. Yarnbomb something in your town that shouldn’t be yarn bombed. (68 points)

98. VIDEO. One of my favorite horror movies of all time is called “M is for Murder”. Make your own horror movie trailer entitled, “X is for Xylophone”. – CJ DeAngelus (41 points)

99. IMAGE. The problem with growing kale is that hipsters are always trying to sneak into my garden to steal it! Show what a trap would look like to catch these pests. Extra points if you capture (alive) a real life hipster. (27 points)

100. IMAGE. The annual Macy’s Float Parade in New York is spectacular – the floats are huge and it gets so much press. You should do this in your town. Get a Macy’s-sized float at least 4 meters, by 10 meters, by 5 meters (what incredibly inclusive units of measure!) to float down a main street in a town with a population of less than 1000. Attach a cause to it that’s important to you as you will likely get press. A member of your team must be in the foreground of the image. (127 points)

101. VIDEO. Like most citizens of the world, you probably plan to run for president/prime minister/king. Create a political ad for your campaign announcing your candidacy. Like any good candidate, you should always try to get a celebrity endorsement. (41 points)

102. IMAGE. Many school music and art programs are underfunded. Find a local school art program that needs instruments, art supplies, etc. and donate a needed item to it (as well as try to find others to donate to it). The image should be of you presenting the item(s) to the teacher/administrator at the school. (49 points)

103. IMAGE. With kayaks or other boats in a Norwegian fjord, spell out Kjaerlighet (love). Caption the image with the fjord’s name. (84 points)

104. IMAGE. Turn your living room into a giant snow globe with fun props and falling “snow.” (44 points)

105. VIDEO. Interview someone operating in a lesser-known marginal economy – collector of recycled cans, dumpster diver, etc. (56 points)

106. IMAGE. The water crisis is a leading global risk to society. Let’s see a “Toilet to Tap” media flyer: make it glamorous and convincing so it stands out from all the other one’s out there. (29 points)

107. VIDEO. JONATHAN LETHEM ITEM. Read “Call of the Wild” to a dog in a public place, “Moby Dick” to a whale, or “Born Free” to a lion. They must be within 10 feet of you. (40 points)

108. VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 14 seconds.) Lay your bets, and time lapse a snail race from the starting gun to the finish line. (48 points)

109. IMAGE. Design and build a comfortable, functional piece of living room furniture made entirely from repurposed/recycled materials. Then show the family enjoying it. (67 points)

110. VIDEO. Use a cutting edge 3D printer to 3D print your representation of the 4th dimension. (62 points)

111. IMAGE. Earlier this year, the remains of the extraordinary “Don Quixote” author, Miguel de Cervantes, were found in a convent near Madrid. Quixote was always in search of adventure. In honor of him, in a Spanish city, search for adventure riding whatever your steed might be in front of a recognizable landmark. (27 points)

112. IMAGE. Let’s see a refined game of croquet on a public lawn of a historic site. All participants must be zombies. (74 points)

113. IMAGE or VIDEO: A small army of Daleks has invaded your local British convenience store (must be in Great Britain). Clearly you and your friends should dress up as Jammie Dodgers and fight them off. (70 points)

114. IMAGE. Waiting rooms at franchise oil-change stores can be so depressing – there’s got to be a way to make them less miserable. Let’s see it. (49 points)

115. IMAGE. As you know, William Shatner loves to take Civil War reenactment photos. Pose with him in full regalia. Just to be clear, both of you must wear period attire. If Bill is too grumpy to do it for you, you can get ANY Star Trek actor from any broadcast TV or movie iteration of the show. (53 points)

116. VIDEO. Let’s see a military cargo helicopter hoist a Humvee into the air. On the Humvee is a banner that reads, “GISHWHES does the heavy lifting.” (243 points)

117. IMAGE. Take a truck that’s shaped like the food it sells or a service it provides (like a truck that sells or delivers hotdogs that’s shaped like a hotdog) to a drive-in movie theater. Two people must be necking in the truck. (84 points)

118. IMAGE. Surprise owners or officials of a public park or building, school or orphanage with a dance-party clean-up crew. Bring music and friends and clean it up. (53 points)

119. IMAGE. Create the Impala or any iconic object from “Supernatural” out of compost scraps. 27 POINTS

120. IMAGE. Stand in front of your garden holding up a sign with your best unorthodox or hard to believe gardening tip for the First Lady of the United States. Tweet it to @MichelleObama and include “@gishwhes” and “#gardeninghack” (23 points)

121. Item to be announced during the Hunt. (88 points)

No item being added due to recent information obtained by Dinomite indicating additional items would create a worldwide shortage of kale.

122. IMAGE or VIDEO. Get your country’s intelligence agency (in the US this would be the CIA), to publicly announce on social media platforms or in an article that they “cannot confirm or deny” that your gishwhes team members are “covert operatives.” Bonus points if the Director of the agency in question personally delivers the message. (82 points)

TASK DELETED. It has come to our attention that Misha was interrogated by the CIA overnight. After withholding kale from him, he agreed to remove the task. He is certainly not proud of this; however, in retaliation, he has a “global kale plan” that he is implementing that will likely create worldwide mayhem and kindness.

No item being added due to recent information obtained by Dinomite indicating additional items would create a worldwide shortage of kale.

123. VIDEO. Let’s see an impressive post office conga line composed entirely of postal workers. (39 points)

124. IMAGE. Get a coffee shop to create and run a drink special for Gishwhes and have it advertised on their menu board. – Anna Buffalo (29 points)

125. IMAGE. Using food found in your refrigerator or pantry, recreate a national landmark. You may not use gummi bears. (44 points)

126. IMAGE. The setting is a candle-lit romantic dinner for two. Let’s see the “spaghetti” scene from “Lady and the Tramp.” Both of you must be dressed for the hot date. Super bonus points if it’s in an actual nice restaurant. (52 points)

127. IMAGE or VIDEO. Hang-glide or parachute fully dressed as one of the gishwhes mascots. – Olivia Desianti. (133 points)

128. VIDEO. (Video may be up to 60 seconds.) “La Corte Suprema.” The US Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality is an event worthy of a Broadway musical. Get two professional musical theater stars to rehearse singing the text of Justice Kennedy’s majority opinion and the dissenting opinions on a stage in a large auditorium or theater. Bonus points if you have a large audience. – Inspired by Gina Cardazone (103 points)

129. IMAGE. Locker Love. Post messages of love or support on or in lockers of students that you think might need it. (27 points)

130. IMAGE. McDonald’s makeover. What would the interior of a McDonalds look like if the franchise served only organic, free-range, fresh, seasonal, slow-cooked foods. Your image must be of the interior of an actual McDonalds, but the overhead menu and kitchen decor must reflect this new direction. (146 points)

131. IMAGE. Parasail a stuffed animal with a full-sized parasail behind a motorboat. (48 points)

132. VIDEO. Make an action movie trailer. The main star: a pot roast. – Helen Van’t Hof (33 points)

133. VIDEO. This is a real Welsh word: “Llanfaurpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.” Find a Welsh person and have them say in Welsh “I am Welsh and I hate that I have to do this,” and then they must say the lengthy word 3 times, without stuttering and without reading it. (25) (35 points)

134. VIDEO. Hand out craft-made or real roses to people standing in line at a food bank or a homeless person. If you can afford it, it might be nice to include a health bar, piece of fruit or other snack as well! (39 points)

135. IMAGE. When Alexander made the first phone call on 10 March, 1876 he could not have foreseen the birth of the ‘smart phone’ generation… Or could he? Using late 19th century technology and parts, build the smart phone Alexander Graham Bell would have built if only he’d had the time. – Monica Duff (59 points)

136. VIDEO. FELICIA DAY ITEM. Use recycled computer or cell phone parts to create a video-game inspired diorama. (93 points)

137. IMAGE or VIDEO. The world is your fashion show and Paris is your catwalk. Model this year’s gishwhes fashions on the Champs-Eysees. (60 points)

138. VIDEO. (Video may be up to 20 seconds.) Doesn’t it make you mad when you pay $10-$15 for a ticket to a movie and then they make you sit through commercials before the feature starts? It makes me mad. Let’s de-commercialize the pre-screening experience: have your local movie theater project 10 seconds of footage of you brushing your teeth or carrying out some other mundane daily task on the screen before the start of a feature. We must see a few seconds of the regularly scheduled programing before and after your video. We must also see clearly that we are in a crowded movie theater with at least 50 patrons. (153 points)

139. IMAGE. Do your best 1950’s June Cleaver impression and vacuum the lawn. – Shawna O’Neal (25 points)

140. IMAGE. Paint or draw a celebrated historical figure on a glass slide; but paint them really small. Submit two images side-by-side: one with the glass slide in your hand, and the other showing what your portrait looks like magnified 20X under a microscope. (65 points)

141. IMAGE or VIDEO. WHAT are you doing riding a camel on the floor of your country’s stock exchange? That is so awesome! (149 points)

142. IMAGE. Dublin gets its name from the “Viking Dubh Linn” or “Black Pool.” Find where the Black Pool used to be and have a “rainbow-themed” picnic there with at least 5 of your friends (the more rainbows the better). (57 points)

143. IMAGE. A Sumo wrestler, in full Mawashis, in a coffee shop, reading a gardening magazine. (59 points)

144. IMAGE. A live bull in a china shop. (181 points)

145. IMAGE. A live impala eating hay from the trunk of a vintage Impala car. (82 points)

146. IMAGE. Make a macrame holster for a pistol. (31 points)

147. IMAGE. A stunning origami floral centerpiece. If you can afford it, mail it to 1920 Hillhurst Ave. Ste. 170, Los Angeles, CA 90027. It may be used for something fun and public in the future (but this is purely voluntary). (26 points)

148. IMAGE. Make a highway rest stop more restful – make it a paradise. (54 points)

149. IMAGE. Random Acts’ August #GetKind theme is Literacy. Hold a book drive and then turn your automobile or bus into a mobile free book give-away. Each book must be bookmarked with a positive or kindness message. The image you submit must be you in front of your mobile book-give-away-vehicle with the books and with a recipient. (53 points)

150. IMAGE. Dating can be so challenging! Thank god you used the TaxidermConnect App. So now let’s see you, seated for a romantic dinner at a high-end restaurant with a taxidermied animal as your date. Bonus points if it’s Michelin rated. (64 points)

151. IMAGE. Picasso flashmob. Assemble a Picasso painting in public. Dress up, paint yourself, bring props. Bonus points if it’s “Guernica.” (65 points)

152. IMAGE. GENEVIEVE PADALECKI ITEM. Get Taylor Swift or any musician with over 5 million followers to publicly announce she/he loves supernatural. (157 points)

153. VIDEO. (Slide-show). Using only pictures of actual tattoos, relay a memorable moment in history or a fairy tale. – Cinde Monsam (25 points)

154. IMAGE. Let’s see the Leaning Tower of Gishwhes. (28 points)

155. IMAGE. Let’s see a portrait of Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj made from glue, rice and dried legumes. (44 points)

156. VIDEO. Let’s see a conquistador riding a giant tortoise or a man throwing a frisbee to an iguana which catches it in its mouth. Only because I think you deserve an easy item or two here and there, this should be done as a zoetrope versus doing it with actual tortoises and iguanas. You’re welcome. (84 points)

157. IMAGE. Everyone has cell phones, so phone booths sit unused for many days. Reimagine and repurpose a phone booth. Show a passer-by using it in a new way. – Inspired by Jennifer Gutierrez (27 points)

158. IMAGE. Let’s see side-by-side before and after pictures: transform a vacant lot into a community garden. You must be in both images. – Schell Games (63 points)

159. IMAGE. Tweet a picture of you holding up your most inspiring book or book title with the hashtag #booksnotbullets and @gishwhes. (9 points)

160. IMAGE. Let’s see an ice, snow or sand sculpture of an SPN character. (82 points)

161. IMAGE. Tweet to your school board or write a letter to your employer to hold a CPR class with this link: http://www.becpr.org/facts_statistics.aspx or facts from the link. Let’s see the tweet in the submitted image. (11 points)

162. IMAGE. Commit a random act of kindness and have someone take a picture of what you’re doing and caption it. Here are some examples: http://boredomtherapy.com/random-acts-of-kindness/. Tweet it to @RandomActsOrg if you wish but submit to us the image only. (39 points)

163. VIDEO. Let’s see a version of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFzXaFbxDcM but for Supernatural. (62 points)

164. VIDEO. Show us your version of “Tai Chi Breakfast” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jrZW4J1bJo (36 points)

165. IMAGE. WILLIAM SHATNER ITEM – Carrie Fisher is known for her portrayal of Princess Leia in Star Wars. Her memorable hairstyle was often called the Princess Leia Bun. Bake a portrait of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in bread. (51 points)

166. IMAGE. Your hair will grow back. Cut off at least 10 inches of it and donate it to http://www.locksoflove.org/get-involved/ or your country’s local hair donation facility. your country’s local hair donation organization (just google it). Wigsforkids.org is just one of many. Take a picture of you before and after and  submit them side by side. (73 points)

167. VIDEO. Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking recently signed a letter expressing their fear of robots. Let’s show them a robot performing an act of kindness. Tweet the video to Elon @elonmusk or post the video on Stephen Hawking’s FB page https://www.facebook.com/stephenhawking. Include #robotkindness and @gishwhes in the post. Submit a link to the video to us, but you must post the video to either of them for the points to count. (82 points)

168. IMAGE. Present an artistic depiction of a famous Italian landmark – on a pizza. (31 points)

169. IMAGE. “Kale to the Chief” – Get a president, a king, a prime minister or other official head of state to wear a real kale crown. (200 points)

170. VIDEO. Let’s see 10 people wearing sock monkey hats do a “cinnamon roll” hug. (32 points)

171. VIDEO. BOBAK FERDOWSI ITEM. Space exploration has a history of music; from the early days of human space flight to our most recent rovers on Mars and missions to Pluto, flight controllers play a wake up song to signify the start of the day. If you had to write a space theme, what would it be? Parody or original music allowed. Bonus points if you record the song. Super bonus points if you make a music video. (62 points)

172. VIDEO. Build a raft made entirely out of empty plastic water bottles. Float in a lake on your raft. (144 points)

173. IMAGE. Ich bin ein Berliner! Und ich bin Berlin! Dress accordingly in front of a Berlin national monument. (53 points)

174. VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 20 seconds.) Travel across the narrow part of a level football field (or the equivalent of 150 feet on level grassed ground). You cannot touch the ground with any part of your body and you cannot have anyone push or pull you. You’re only allowed to use a skateboard, two pieces of string or rope no more than 5 feet long each and a clothespin. (NOTE: You can’t use the clothespin as an extension of your hand or foot to push you along the ground.) (100 points)

175. VIDEO. KIM RHODES ITEM. I want to see a short video of your wedding or video slideshow of pictures from your wedding. After this, I want to see it fade into the next clip, which is your wedding video or slideshow recreated with adorable goats or sheep – or creepy goats or sheep. Your call. (77 points)

176. IMAGE. Register to vote, then take photographic proof of this event (i.e. you at the post office getting it done, you all holding your registration cards, etc.). In the photo hold up a sign that reads, “If Richard Speight Jr. can’t be King, I’ll settle for democracy.” (Or something else that indicates that democracy is your tolerable second choice of political systems.) – Inspired by Richard Speight Jr and TC Couture (29 points)

177. IMAGE. Make a portrait of a CW actor using only naturally shedded hair/fur of your pets. – Tiffany L. (45 points)

178. IMAGE. “Your room looks like a Pigsty.” Make this common parental figurative phrase a literal reality. – Annie Houston (82 points)

179. IMAGE. Work opportunities are scarce since the Death Star blew up. Let’s see a stormtrooper working at their job as a waiter, fast food line prep, car mechanic, postal worker, deli sandwich maker, road-repair worker, etc). – Katherine Parsons (65 points)

180. VIDEO. At least four people doing a harmonized round of tongue-twisters. – Kaitlin Losansky (16 points)

181. IMAGE. Sign up to your country’s organ donor register. – Ezza Manns (18 points)

182. IMAGE. Paint a mural of one of your heroes on the side of a railroad boxcar or semi truck. You MUST have the owner’s permission and the truck or boxcar must be in use (not decommissioned). You may design this with chalk or paint, and your painting must cover at least ½ of a side of the truck or boxcar. (106 points)

183. IMAGE. My grandmother lives in a retirement home called Roland Park Place in Baltimore, MD. Find a way to give the residents a little boost this week. Stop by between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM this week and find a way to give the residents a little boost. If you do not live near Baltimore, you can do this item at any retirement community anywhere in the world. (28 points)

184. IMAGE. Matthew 14:22, and so did the best of you gishwhes.com/ghof_item_view.php. Don’t submit unless you solve the puzzle or you will be docked points. (53 points)

185. IMAGE. This just in: the ancestors of Gishwhes 2015 mascot, The Dinomite, have been discovered in Liaoning Province, China! Contact a paleontologist at one of the many fossil digs going on there and track down images of fossilized dinosaurs and fossilized insects that formed Dinomite’s family tree. Submit two images side by side: one of the dinosaur and one of the “other creature.” You need to caption the image with the paleontologist’s name who helped you. (61 points)

186. IMAGE. Choose a photograph taken from space by Chris Hadfield. Recreate it with materials found in your backyard, refrigerator or pantry, and take the same photograph of it. Put it side by side with the original and tweet it to him (@Cmdr_Hadfield) with @gishwhes and #spaceart in the tweet. SUBMIT a link to the image to us, NOT a link to an image of the tweet – but you must tweet it to him for your image to count. – Tracy Liu (46 points)

187. VIDEO. Writer Elizabeth Meriwether describes a game called “Frolic” she and friends played while driving through Scotland. Anyone could yell out “Frolic!” at any time and they’d pull over the car and run up and down the hills. Inspired by her, host your own “Medieval Booty-Shake!” road trip in Scotland. Film a video of you and your friends, pulling over at any castle in the country, jumping out of the car, yelling that phrase, and doing just that. We must see the castle in the background. You can time-lapse if you wish but we must hear the phrase. (33 points)

188. IMAGE. JOHN GREEN ITEM. Write up to a 250 word personal manifesto that answers the question: “What are you fighting for?” or “What cause is the most important for you?” Then make your own uniform/costume that declares that cause. Two pictures side by side must be submitted (or one embedded in the other): you wearing your uniform/costume, and your manifesto. Share your manifesto and image with John Green (@johngreen) or The Art Assignment (@artassignment) on Facebook or Twitter. (48 points)

189. VIDEO. Shoot slow-motion footage of you drinking green tea on a high-speed train in Japan. (50 points)

190. IMAGE. Refugees from Syria and other countries are making dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean and seeking asylum in Italy, Greece, and other EU countries. Bring clothes and supplies for survivors to local immigration headquarters. (53 points)

191. IMAGE. ASHLEY JOHNSON ITEM. Paint a stately, magnificent portrait of world or state leader after they’ve turned into a Clicker zombie. (40 points)

192. IMAGE. Mexican towns are full of gorgeous plazas. Find some friends and some bubble blowers and create as big a deluge of bubbles raining down on children in a Mexican plaza as you can. (43 points)

193. IMAGE. Contribute the recipe for ‘Dinomite’s Fluffy Bites’ to Allrecipes.com and get at least 20, 5-star reviews from people who enjoyed the recipe. UPDATE: Allrecipes.com contacted us with this helpful page: http://dish.allrecipes.com/how-to-post-a-recipe-for-g-i-s-h-w-h-e-s/ (46 points)

194. IMAGE. Let’s see a fully dressed Mary (pregnant) and Joseph shopping for baby clothes or items, or in a pregnancy breathing class. – Kierra Maxwell (27 points)

195. IMAGE. Design a new currency for Greece. Each bill and/or coin should carry a reassuring message. (27 points)

196. VIDEO. Record yourself and friends singing a quartet rendition of “Carry On My Wayward Son” in an amphitheater after you Google-translate it into at least three other languages and then back to English. (36 points)

197. VIDEO. Wheelchairs are great for getting around, but when the passenger has nowhere to go, there’s room for improvement, especially on hot days. Create a mechanism whereby when the passenger in a wheelchair spins the rear wheels, the chair goes nowhere, but the rotation of the wheels powers an overhead fan that cools the passenger. Demonstrate its use. (74 points)

198. VIDEO or IMAGE. Someone outside your immediate family sacrificed something so that you could be where you are today.  Find that person and give a heartfelt thank you by creating something for them or doing something for them. Caption the video with what they did for you. (21 points)

199. IMAGE. Translate your favorite slogan into legalese. (16 points)

200. IMAGE. Leave a review for gishwhes on Yelp or Google. (8 points)

201. IMAGE. Show us something you find beautiful that most others would deem ugly. (23 points)

202. IMAGE. ITEM IN HONOR OF JUSTIN GUARINI: Show up in Times Square on Broadway between 46th and 47th street on the West side of the street (next to the red steps) on Monday, August 3rd at 12:00 ET, dressed as a “tourist” Stormtrooper and follow instructions given to you by the jumbotron http://officialgishwhes.tumblr.com/timessquare. You may submit an image of you (as the stormtrooper) in front of the jumbotron or as you follow instructions. You must follow the instructed activity for at least 1 minute. Two teams may not use the same stormtrooper. For those outside of the US: on the same day, at 12:00PM in your local time, go to the most prominent landmark in your city dressed as a publicly known sci-fi character or monster “tourist.” You must provide an image of the character in front of the landmark. (US Citizens – ignore this direction – your directions will come from the jumbotron.) (68 points)

203. IMAGE. ITEM IN HONOR OF JUSTIN GUARINI: Show up in Times Square on Broadway between 46th and 47th street on the West side of the street (next to the red steps) on Tuesday, August 4th at 12:00 ET dressed in a lettuce or kale tutu and follow instructions given to you by the jumbotron http://officialgishwhes.tumblr.com/timessquare. You may submit an image of you in the lettuce or kale tutu in front of the jumbotron or as you follow instructions. You must follow the instructions for at least 1 minute. For those outside of the US: on the same day, at 12:00PM in your local time, go to the most prominent landmark in your city dressed in a lettuce of kale tutu. You must provide an image of you in the tutu in front of the landmark doing a ballet move with a bystander applauding. (US Citizens – ignore this direction – your directions will come from the jumbotron.)(68 points)

204. IMAGE. ITEM IN HONOR OF JUSTIN GUARINI: Show up in Times Square on Broadway between 46th and 47th street on the West side of the street (next to the red steps) on Wednesday August 5th at 12:00 ET dressed in a white t-shirt, bring some Sharpie-style markers, and follow instructions given to you by the jumbotron http://officialgishwhes.tumblr.com/timessquare. You must submit an image of you in a white t-shirt AFTER you have followed the directions. You must follow the instructions for at least 1 minute. For those outside the US: on the same day, at 12:00PM in your local time, go to the most prominent landmark in your city wearing a white t-shirt. You must provide an image of you in the white t-shirt in front of the landmark – but your t-shirt must have a message of important advice written on it that you would like to communicate to the world (US Citizens – ignore this direction – your directions will come from the jumbotron.)(68 points)

205. IMAGE. ITEM IN HONOR OF JUSTIN GUARINI: Show up in Times Square on Broadway between 46th and 47th street on the West side of the street (next to the red steps) on Thursday, August 6th at 12:00 ET wearing a William Shatner Mask and follow instructions given to you by the jumbotron http://officialgishwhes.tumblr.com/timessquare. You may submit an image of you in the Shatner mask in front of the jumbotron or or as you follow instructions. You must follow the instructions for at least 1 minute. For those outside of the US: on the same day, at 12:00PM in your local time, go to the most prominent landmark in your city wearing a William Shatner mask. You must provide an image of you wearing the Shatner mask, in front of the landmark, posing lovingly with someone or some pet. (US Citizens – ignore this direction – your directions will come from the jumbotron.) (68 points)

206. IMAGE. ITEM IN HONOR OF JUSTIN GUARINI: Show up in Times Square on Broadway between 46th and 47th street on the West side of the street (next to the red steps) on Friday, August 7th at 12:00 ET dressed in a nun’s habit and follow instructions given to you by the jumbotron http://officialgishwhes.tumblr.com/timessquare. In addition to following instructions, you must submit an image of you in a nun’s habit and thejumbotron behind it or as you follow instructions. You must follow the instructions for at least 1 minute. For those outside of the U.S.: on the same day, at 12:00PM in your local time, go to the most prominent location in your city dressed in a nun’s habit. You must provide an image of you in the nun’s habit in front of the landmark doing a “power pose.” (US Citizens – ignore this direction – your directions will come from the jumbotron.)(68 points)

207. Item to be announced during the Hunt. (71 points)

No item being added due to recent information obtained by Dinomite indicating additional items would create a worldwide shortage of kale.

208. IMAGE. Back to school! Back a backpack (or more!) full of school supplies and deliver them to a local school or school collection sight. (49 points)

209. IMAGE. Go to an open sky James Turrell installation and take a photo of yourself celebrating the sky. Triple points if you take the photo from inside Roden Crater. (79 points)

210. IMAGE. Send an encouraging message to space using either crop circle-style writing or some other form of land art. The message must be at least 2 acres across. Now comes the tricky part: have your artwork photographed from space. Either from a remotely controlled satellite or by an astronaut in orbit. (201 points)

211. IMAGE or VIDEO. All Random Acts staffers volunteer long hours. They get no pay and often get too little praise. Do something nice for a Random Acts volunteer (or for the staff of another all-volunteer organization). (78 points)

212. IMAGE. Ride in an airplane with a giant motorboat strapped on top of it. They must be life-sized (not models) and the implementation of this item must in NO WAY endanger the lives of the pilots, passengers or people on the ground. We must see the plane flying in the air with the motorboat on top. – Written by West Collins (341 points)

ITEM DELETED – A new one will be provided during the Hunt. Feel free to post kind messages to West Collins given that his favorite item had to be removed for a variety of reasons that he probably would neither understand nor care about as they deal with that boring adult thing called “reality.” #SorryWest -The Gishwhes Team

IMAGE. Help Misha and Gishwhes get an Erdös number for real this time. Go to http://ubee.enseeiht.fr:8080/Shapes/home.html  and complete the tasks, per the directions you find there. Submit a screenshot of your certificate of completion. (80 points)

213. VIDEO. Play ping pong underwater on an actual ping pong table. Crack a raw egg open and use its yolk as your ball. Bonus points if you can backspin it off the table. – Tracy Liu (108 points)

214. VIDEO. ITEM WRITTEN BY MOBY. (5 seconds max). Let’s see you with an animal you generally like more than people. (77 points)

215. IMAGE. Where in the world was this selfie taken? Find ONE of the places on the linked page and duplicate the selfie from exactly where they might have been standing: http://officialgishwhes.tumblr.com/boogiewoogie. This is a location-based item: you must find the exact location. You can’t use a location that looks similar. You can copy the selfie taker’s pose if you wish or do something completely weird and different, but you should have the exact same camera angle. (51 points)