1. IMAGE: “GISHWHES Hugs the World!” We are going to break the Guinness World Record for the largest online photo album of people hugging. The current record is 69,004. DO NOT SUBMIT THIS ITEM ON THIS PAGE! Go to www.gishwhes.com/hugtheworld.php to submit an image of you hugging someone or someone you know hugging someone. Every hug image is worth 3 points and your team can earn up to 300 points. If everyone on your team submits 5 hugging images, that’s an easy 225 points! (300 points)

2. VIDEO: Go order food at your favorite fast-food restaurant. Greet the attendant, explain how hungry you are, what you want to eat, and how good it will make you feel. One thing, you must speak as the Bard wrote. Place your order in Shakespearian verse. (42 points)

3. VIDEO: Modify a stationary exercise bicycle so that when you pedal, the spinning wheel powers a mixer that whips heavy cream into whipped cream. Make the whipped cream and eat it. You should be dressed in late 80’s style aerobics wear. The finished video should look like a short infomercial. (113 points)

4. IMAGE: You know the expression, “Beefcake?” As in, “He’s such a beefcake!” Have you ever really stopped to think about it? What exactly is a beefcake? It sounds good, right? I think we should have beefcake for dinner. Serve frosted beefcake at a family dinner where at least 3 generations are represented. (39 points)

5. IMAGE: A stormtrooper at a laundry mat folding clothes. (56 points)

6. ITEM EVENT: Join Misha Collins to break another Guinness World Record! Show up in the northwest corner of Central Park, Burnaby, BC (part of metro Vancouver) on Thursday at 2pm for 2-3 hours. Exact location in the park and more details to be announced on the ‘Updates’ page early this week. You will need to bring at least 100 safety pins (each safety pin must be 1-2 inches long), a dozen+ pieces of paper (any type) and a pen or marker. Also (this part is optional but will guarantee you euphoria in the afterlife) bring a gently used coat or blanket that’s in reasonably good condition that you are willing to say goodbye to. (20 points)

7. VIDEO: Make a “DIY” (do it yourself) instructional video on how you can repair a damaged marriage using only bubble gum, a stapler, canned peas, dental floss and a hair dryer. Your video must include demonstrations and caution statements. (31 points)

8. IMAGE: Dress your grandfather (or a man over 75) like a teenage girl from Jersey Shore. (16 points)

9. IMAGE: Let’s see you and a friend, seated side-by-side, donating blood or platelets. Wear something festive on your head to commemorate the occasion. (33 points)

10. IMAGE: Jennifer Kristiansen. While showing some sign of the dragon-attack on your clothing or body, panhandle on a sidewalk (NOT ON A MEDIAN IN TRAFFIC!) with a sign that reads: “A DRAGON BURNED MY CASTLE DOWN.” Donate any money given to you to your local food bank. Bad karma if you don’t. (47 points)

11. VIDEO: Try to eat a large sandwich in one of those simulated skydiving machines. Bonus points if it’s a “sloppy joe” (up to 15 second video). (64 points)

12. IMAGE: In my town, the sanitation worker who hangs on to the back of the truck always dresses as the Velveteen Rabbit. What does he wear in your town? 0 points for overalls or standard sanitation uniforms. (39 points)

13. IMAGE: A fully dressed nun in her habit going down a waterslide or swinging on a rope into a river. (100 points)

14. IMAGE: You, dressed as The Flash in the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) tunnel. If this is too difficult, you will get full credit for dressing as The Flash in any actual, operational particle accelerator. (216 points)

15. IMAGE: Vonda Wright. What would a teddy bear hostage situation look like? (28 points)

16. IMAGE: Russian courts have recently imposed a 100-year ban on Gay Pride parades. Take a photo of two people of the same sex kissing in front of a Red Square landmark.

IMAGE: Russian courts have recently imposed a 100-year ban on Gay Pride parades. Let’s support our Russian LGBT Community! Take a photo of two people of the same sex kissing, while holding up a sign that says: “GISHWHES supports the LGBT Community in Russia!” (77 points)

17. IMAGE: A rooster wearing a Gishwhes tank top. (62 points)

18. IMAGE: A dog that looks like a wolf wearing a Gishwhes t-shirt. Bonus points if it’s an actual wolf. (62 points)

19. IMAGE: Krista Keith. Attend a ballet class or “spinning” cycling class wearing full scuba gear -flippers, mask, tanks and all. (70 points)

20. IMAGE: Retrofit a wheelchair and its owner to look like a powerful superhero in a “Gishmobile.” (69 points)

21. VIDEO: Find an example of someone who engages in sustained generosity in your community and then do something nice for them. For example there is an 82-year-old Connecticut barber who always offers free haircuts to the homeless in exchange for hugs. You could find this barber and polish his shoes. Find someone similar in your own community and do something nice for them. In the video, you must describe what the person does for their community, and then show what your kind gesture toward them is. (32 points)

22. IMAGE: Alicia Graham. Model this summer’s hottest fashion trend. Let’s see a swimsuit made entirely from tea bags. (68 points)

23. IMAGE: Prom Night! Get dolled up or decked out in your most fabulous prom-wear and pose for an awkward prom photo next to your date holding their… side-view mirror. A car must be formally dressed as your prom date. (91 points)

24. VIDEO: From cardboard and other materials create a miniature movie set of buildings, skyscrapers and homes. The tallest “buildings” must be at least 3 feet tall. Now dress as the Wooster and demolish/attack the city. Submit a slow-motion of the attack including sound effects. (69 points)

25. VIDEO: Do a stealth act of kindness for someone in public or at work like leaving a flower on their windshield, or a “kindness note” at their desk, etc. Film them discovering it. (32 points)

26. IMAGE: Emma Brofjorden Chevin. Take a picture of you with someone who has won an Oscar. The Oscar statue must be in the picture with the two of you. One of you must be wearing a bald cap. Photoshop the name of the Oscar-winner into the image. (93 points)

27. IMAGE: Annie Houston. Get your ducks in a row. 4 of them. But they must be live ducks in movie theater seats. (73 points)

28. VIDEO: Go to work dressed as a robot. We must see clips of you getting ready in the morning, commuting, and arriving at work and doing your job. We must also see the reactions of people you pass on your commute and/or at work. (102 points)

29. IMAGE: You’re a pirate, so dress like one. In addition to the eye-patch and other accoutrements you must have a live bird perched on your shoulder. You should be standing on your ship’s deck, which in this case is neither a ship, nor a deck… it’s a queue at the Department of Motor Vehicles. (75 points)

30. VIDEO: Roost on a busy sidewalk until your egg hatches. Announce the birth with a squawk (no more than a 15 second video). (29 points)

31. IMAGE: Miriam Weiss. Have at least six men in military, police or fire uniforms holding you over their heads as you sunbathe on your beach chair. (48 points)

32. VIDEO: The Scottish have their highland games that include an event where a man in a kilt throws a long wooden pole or trunk (caber) as far as he can. Let’s see this, but have the man in a full Scottish kilt throw a caber that is at least 10 feet long and is painted or adorned to look like a giant piece of asparagus or other vegetable. (59 points)

33. IMAGE: Laura Camanini. Dialysis treatments are long and boring. Entertain a dialysis patient during their treatment. (26 points)

34. IMAGE: A roach retirement home. Must have live cockroaches in it and must be sized to their scale, for their comfort and enjoyment. (56 points)

35. IMAGE: You’re naked and late for your day job of saving cities. You’re in your garage with no time to hit your secret lair. Get dressed using only auto/home improvement tools and landscaping items. (48 points)

36. IMAGE: (CALENDAR ITEM) Make yourself into a truly irresistible pastry or desert. Place yourself where we might find such a treat: on a countertop, in a display case, at a buffet, in a picnic basket, etc. (82 points)

37. IMAGE: An elderly couple holding hands as they crush grapes for wine the old fashioned way. They must be at a real winery in a real wine-grape-crushing barrel and they must be at least ankle-deep in grapes. (72 points)

38. IMAGE: Rage against the dying of the light. (22 points)

39. IMAGE: You car has taken a sudden affinity to trash. Oblige its indulgences. Decorate its entire exterior with trash. (43 points)

40. VIDEO: Kristy DeMoe. Dress up as a character from Supernatural and perform heroic crosswalk duties at a busy intersection. (19 points)

41. IMAGE: Have a pool party with at least three guests swimming. In this case, your “pool” shall be made from a large garbage can or dumpster. The party must also include towels, a BBQ, cocktails and floatation devices. All three people must be in the “pool”. Bonus points if it’s a dumpster. (80 points)

42. VIDEO: Film your team’s GISHWHES experience – you all communicating with each other via the Internet, doing courageous items in public, items at home, laughing, crying, screaming, running – we want to see it all. Include a couple of personal voice-overs or video clips of one or more of you commenting about how it affected you (bad or good). We want to see the journey. Edit it into a 2-minute video. (103 points)

43. IMAGE: Go to Jigokudani Monkey Park and, dressed like a “Snow Monkey,” pose with your fellow creatures. (124 points)

44. VIDEO: Valerie Grotto. Gel your child’s (under 6 years of age) hair kind of crazy and tussled like Einstein’s, then have them explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in his or her own words. (24 points)

45. IMAGE: Strike up a conversation with a homeless person, talk to them until you know their first name, where they are from, and what their favorite food is. Bring them that food and, if they give you permission, take your picture with them and their meal. (38 points)

46. IMAGE: A sitting member of the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate wearing a sock monkey hat. The congressperson must be photographed talking seriously with someone wearing a suit and tie in an office or hallway. Photoshop the name of the congressperson onto the bottom of the image in the following format: Representative John Doe, D-New York. (48 points)

47. IMAGE: Sell an eBook to Jeff Bezos. (104 points)

48. VIDEO: Create a simple two-player video game. Player one’s avatar is, of course, the GISHWHES 2013 mascot, the Wooster. Player two is the GISHWHES 2012 mascot, the Fograt (Google it). (77 points)

49. IMAGE: Take the road less traveled. (9 points)

50. IMAGE. Little Jack Horner, Little Bo Peep, Peter Pumpkin, Little Boy Blue and the Queen of Hearts at a late-night vice-ridden poker game. (87 points)

51. IMAGE: Alana Roberts: Host a diaper drive and donate the diapers to a diaper bank or homeless shelter. Take a picture of you delivering the diapers. (48 points)

52. VIDEO: Have elementary school kids perform the Ukranian Arkan dance or the Greek Kechagiadikos dance – we’re not prejudiced so either is acceptable. (63 points)

53. VIDEO: Using clips of West Collins that his parents have exploitatively posted online, lay down a rockin’ beat (electronic or human beat box) and create an original rap song. The lead “singer” will be West. You provide the dancers. (46 points)

54. IMAGE: Decorate your cubicle or office as GOTTWHES “Greatest Office Trap the World Has Ever Seen,” including an enticement to lure strangers in. Sit in it and wait. (27 points)

55. VIDEO: Erin Leigh: A preacher in church condemning GISHWHES and GISHWHESHEANS. (44 points)

56. IMAGE: Create an online dating profile for your pet on a real dating site. (25 points)

57. IMAGE: Start a twitter feed for your alarm clock. Get at least two hundred followers. At least once a day the account must post: “BEEP! BEEP! 7:00 AM.” We will be checking the twitter accounts to verify count. (46 points)

58. IMAGE: Give a concise summary of the proof of the “abc conjecture.” (18 points)

59. VIDEO: Tisha Fay: Hold a pillow fight that involves 10 or more people all in pajamas. (22 points)

60. IMAGE: Safari time! Construct an animal you would see in the African savanna entirely from feminine hygiene products. (47 points)

61. IMAGE: Sidney Scott. CS Lewis once said, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one!’” Take a picture capturing this exact moment. The two must have something very visually unique about them. The photo must be taken in a crowd of other people who do not share this unique quality. For example, both could be dressed as cavemen at a crowded train station. (57 points)

62. IMAGE: Let’s see your interpretation of “helium pants.” (32 points)

63. IMAGE: Edit screencaps of 10 different instances of your team using the word, “abnosome” (or one of its conjugates) in online posts into one image. In other words, 10 images edited in a grid into one image. This will introduce the world to this new, and important word, which of course means: “abnormal in an awesome way.” (38 points)

64. VIDEO: A university professor giving a technical explanation of why the telegraph will inevitably be making a comeback. (58 points)

65. IMAGE: Have a group of children (the more the better) collect litter from a beach or park. Then have them make a sculpture or sculptures from the trash they collect. This must be two images edited into one with the images side by side: one showing the kids collecting the trash, and the other showing their final creation (with the kids posed behind it). (28 points)

66. IMAGE: (Four photos joined into a single digital image). Shoot a real life comic book page. In other words, shoot 4 photographs of something that looks like it would be in a comic book or graphic novel and arrange the photos like panels onto one page. This must be an original story with original characters and it must be staged, not photoshopped. You have to figure out how to make the thought or dialogue bubbles and lettering during the shoot. (162 points)

67. IMAGE: Use a smartphone or tablet computer to find water. You must be riding a camel. (92 points)

68. IMAGE: Viking rats. (32 points)

69. IMAGE: Toast for underwear. Butter and jam are optional. (22 points)

70. IMAGE: Go to Iguazu Falls holding an umbrella made from used aluminum cans and plastic utensils (forks, spoons, and knives). (89 points)

71. VIDEO: Dress up in your finest “steampunk” attire and get behind the wheel, rudder or other steering instrument of a steam-powered vehicle (train, steamboat, thresher, etc.). (66 points)

72. VIDEO: Time lapse: A family of at least 4 posed for a Holiday Card in full Holiday dress. It must be in a mall or similar crowded public place. You all must stand posed completely motionless for 5 minutes, smiling, with the video condensed to 20 seconds. (66 points)

73. IMAGE: Create a shrine to an actor from a CW show. Pay homage to it. (56 points)

74. IMAGE: Create a promotional poster designed to market ukuleles to heavy metal guitarists. Ideally your campaign would feature Dan Spitz. (29 points)

75. IMAGE: “You are what you eat.” Prove it. (21 points)

76. VIDEO: Dance in the middle of a boring school class while your friend beat-boxes. Detention lasts an hour, the memory, a lifetime. (27 points)

77. IMAGE: FOR CHILDREN UNDER 12 ONLY! Paint or draw a picture of what you love most in the world. Then write what it is under the picture. Parents may provide the description if the child chooses not to demonstrate their genius penmanship that day. (22 points)

78. VIDEO: Two people in business suits at a small conference table discussing how fed policy affects mortgage interest rates. Use terms like, “quantitative easing,” “macro economic,” and “private equity.” The conversation must be rife with sexual innuendo. (55 points)

79. IMAGE: There was something you always wanted to do as a child but never did. Do it. (24 points)

80. IMAGE: Create your own homemade team uniform. Each team member must wear the uniform and have a photo taken. Compile the photos into a grid of photos with your team name at the bottom of the image. (61 points)

81. IMAGE: A live mouse, as a passenger in Barbie’s car. (22 points)

82. VIDEO: Build a prototype for a WMD (Weapon of Mass Dictation). (33 points)

83. IMAGE: Mexico is famous for the perfect desert: the churro. We know churros are delicious, but what else are they good for? Improve on perfection by modifying a churro to serve an alternate non-food purpose. (27 points)

84. IMAGE: Three of you tour the Dali Museum in Spain. You all must be wearing large fake mustaches. (39 points)

85. IMAGE: There are Seven Wonders of the World. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonders_of_the_World) Claim one of them for your team by staking your team flag in front of it. (98 points)

86. VIDEO: Start a chant at a sporting event. Rather than chanting a player’s name or an inspirational cheer, the chant should be “GISHWHES”. At least 200 people need to be chanting. (123 points)

87. IMAGE: Host a seated traditional Japanese tea ceremony in an elevator to make the passengers feel more at ease. (48 points)

88. VIDEO: Let’s see a marching band playing “Carry on My Wayward Son.” They must be in marching-band attire and marching in a populated school location or in a populated public area. A cosplay character from Supernatural must be leading them. (89 points)

89. VIDEO: Create a dynamic, documentary short film exposing little-known facts about your hometown (two minute video). (49 points)

90. VIDEO: Someone you know has always wanted something incredible. Get it for them. Surprise them. Catch the surprise on video. (81 points)

91. VIDEO: Pitch a quoit in your finest medieval ware at a popular dog-walk park. (28 points)

92. IMAGE: Jennifer Gutierrez. Cosplay “Gishbot” (www.twitter.com/gishbot) as realistically as possible in public. (66 points)

93. IMAGE: Sara Anderson. Release the Kraken. (19 points)

94. IMAGE: While scuba diving underwater, show us your spear fishing trophy kill. Today’s catch is not fish, however, it’s a large piece of man-made trash with the words “GISHWHES Sanitation” written or attached to it. (74 points)

95. IMAGE: We all know that colonels in the Russian army wear boxers, but we want proof. (39 points)

96. VIDEO: FLASH MOB! Musicians and singers playing and singing “Carry On My Wayward Son.” The performance must take place in a crowded place of people sitting and waiting: a large train station, a mall, a passport office, an airport, etc. The video must begin with all of the performers undercover, blending in with the rest of the public. Then, one musician stands and begins to play their instrument. Then the others slowly join in. Record the full song and 20 seconds before the song begins. There must be AT LEAST 6 musicians and 6 singers playing to a public crowd of at least 35. (200 points)

97. VIDEO: Go through a fast food drive-through with an adult dressed as a baby in a car seat in the back. The adult must have a pacifier in his or her mouth and must be pre-verbal. The video clip must scan from the driver ordering food to the adult-child in the backseat to the fast-food employee at the window. FYI the adult-child will require extra napkins. (66 points)

98. IMAGE: Smoke a fake cigar and make a champagne toast as the proud father of a new litter of baby non-human mammals that are displayed next to you. (39 points)

99. IMAGE: Taxidermy animals dressed for and playing or doing one of the following: roller derby, doubles tennis in whites, a 4-some of golfers (must be traditionally dressed with knickers), cricket players in whites, disco dancing (in 70s disco clothes), synchronized swimming (with nose clips), or a karate class (black belts). (111 points)

100. VIDEO: Record the Nerdist.com theme song using anything but conventional musical instruments or the human voice. (The song is “Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues” by Anamanaguchi.) (78 points)

101. VIDEO: The CEO of a major corporation wearing a business suit dancing to the song “Single Ladies,” using the same dance moves Beyonce did in the music video. (77 points)

102. VIDEO: Install a plaque commemorating a fictional historic landmark. (48 points)

103. VIDEO: Create the packaging for a “Pet Cotton Ball.” Get it put on a store shelf and sell it. Video must show the packaging, its location in the store and the customer buying it. Remember, we have expert criminal psychologists on staff who can easily tell if you’ve staged the purchase. (64 points)

104. IMAGE: Have a prisoner make a license plate with the Impala from Supernatural’s plate number. (57 points)

105. VIDEO: A military aircraft with Gishwhes decals. The video must depict take-off. You may not illegally or secretly graffiti the plane. (185 points)

106. IMAGE: Outfit a public statue of a celebrated historical figure with a knitted or crocheted Gishwhes cardigan. (53 points)

107. VIDEO: Jayne McKenna. Film yourself bungee jumping. You must start the jump by saying into the camera: “I’m doing this for _______!” (you fill in the blank), and then jump. Bonus points if you edit together the camera angle of you talking and another of your entire jump. Super bonus points if there’s also a helmet cam viewpoint edited in as well. (72 points)

108. IMAGE: Let’s see a flattering portrait painting of Star Trek’s George Takei or Felicia Day. Your materials will be sand. Your paintbrush will be your finger. (74 points)

109. IMAGE: Shawne Keevan. Make a suit or evening gown from watermelon rind. (39 points)

110. IMAGE: If Gishwhes were a fraternity or sorority, what would the initiation ceremony look like? (43 points)

111. VIDEO: Time lapse item. Make a wig from your own hair. Wear it. (71 points)

112. IMAGE: Tweet genuine compliments to 10 people on twitter. The compliments must all be personal, true and thoughtful. Tweet them consecutively with the hashtag #poweredbyGISHWHES. Submit a screencap showing the 10 tweets. (18 points)

113. IMAGE: Run an ad in a local paper for the cult you are starting. Sell us on it. Make us want to join. Make grandiose promises. (41 points)

114. IMAGE: Let’s see a portrait of Chris Hardwick from the Nerdist.com made from dried fruit. (44 points)

115. VIDEO: Program a Commodore 64 (or similar vintage) personal computer to turn on a coffee maker and brew you a cup when you type in the command, “Rise and shine!” (84 points)

116. IMAGE: Serve salad in a soup kitchen. (52 points)

117. IMAGE: Narrow the prime gap to 47. (23 points)

118. IMAGE: Make a cozy quilt from old dirty socks. Snuggle up in it alone or with your best friend. (85 points)

119. IMAGE: Type out your team’s one-page manifesto on an old, mechanical typewriter. The page must be legible and the bottom of it must be partially fed into the typewriter. (16 points)

120. IMAGE: Jessica Mejia. Let’s see your most dramatic interpretation of “Death by Chocolate!” (34 points)

121. IMAGE: Enjoy a burrito standing in front of a laboratory. The international laser-warning sign must be visible behind you. (81 points)

122. IMAGE: A Peugeot car in France with a French License Plate and a “Bush/Cheney 2004” bumper sticker. (51 points)

123. VIDEO: Create your own Sonic Screwdriver and use it to get you out of a sticky situation. (65 points)

124. VIDEO: Collect signatures in front of a health food store on a petition to: “Pave all of California’s beaches so we don’t have to get all sandy to go swimming.” Must have a printed form, vest, and clipboard. You must be extremely smiley and optimistic about the whole petition. (42 points)

125. VIDEO: Fold a paper crane whilst sitting outside, uncovered in a rainstorm. (45 points)

126. VIDEO: Is there an “unsung hero” in your life? Well, make them a “sung hero.” Write a short song about the person and why you appreciate them. Sing it to them. Record the very first time they hear the song. (34 points)

127. IMAGE: Make your country’s flag from food or food packaging. (49 points)

128. IMAGE: Write a haiku about waiting. Post it (no graffiti!) at a bus stop. (28 points)

129. IMAGE: Create an innovative piece of “sock monkey” apparel. It can be anything but a hat. Wear it proudly in public. (67 points)

130. VIDEO: Find a dog named, “Castiel.” Call it. Have it come when called. (46 points)

131. VIDEO: Time Lapse: Play the violin using a bow strung with your own hair. (If you are a horse, you may only participate in this item if we see you operating a pair of scissors to trim your mane). If you’re a human we must see video clips edited together of you cutting your own hair, stringing the bow, and then playing the violin with it. (74 points)

132. IMAGE: Create a stained glass window depicting a character or characters from a CW TV show. (91 points)

133. IMAGE: (Screencap) Get Jared Padalecki (@jarpad) to compliment Misha Collins (@mishacollins) on twitter. The post must include a Username from your team. (201 points)

134. IMAGE: As you know, pink ninja sightings are common at Ayers Rock in Australia. Take a photo of tourists spotting one at the rock. (56 points)

135. IMAGE: Have your public service workers over for pie. Seated at the table, and eating their pie, are a fully dressed professional (not costumed) fireman, police officer, teacher and paramedic. (39 points)

136. VIDEO: Train a parrot to say “Jensen,” or “Ackles,” or both. Double points if the parrot chuckles after saying it. (48 points)

137. IMAGE: If Gishwhes were a moving or shipping company, what would its slogan be? Let’s see the slogan on the side of an 18-wheeler. Letters must be at least 3 feet in height. No illegal graffiti allowed! You must have permission from the owner of the truck and we must see the entire truck in the image. Feel free to decorate the rest of the truck as you deem appropriate. (82 points)

138. IMAGE: Design the graphic cover of a romance novel: Misha and the Queen of England in a torrid embrace or otherwise adventurous situation. Give it a creative title. (99 points)

139. IMAGE: In front of the most famous building or monument in your city or town, hold a sign over your head with what your town’s tourism motto should be based on how you see it. For example: “Burkfields, MA! Where people used to have jobs!” or “Los Angeles, CA! Where everyone sleeps in!” (16 points)

140. IMAGE: Liv Heller. Recreate a recognizable piece of architecture or a landmark using only books. Bonus points for size. (31 points)

141. IMAGE: Make a picture book for preschoolers explaining the Pythagorean theorem. (22 points)

142. IMAGE: (Two photos in one image.) “Hell and back.” In other words, we want to see a before and after photo of a GISHWHES 2013 participant. The first photo should depict the participant eagerly getting ready for the great, adventurous week ahead, and the second photo, what the participant looks like at the close of the hunt. (61 points)

143. IMAGE: Create a grammatically correct anagram sentence using the first names of each of the members of your team. The image must show both the first names of your team members and the sentence. (27 points)

144. IMAGE: Children behind the counter of a post office, dressed in postal wear, dealing with adult customers. They must look really bored. (52 points)

145. VIDEO: “GISHWHES” or a GISHWHES theme in skywriting. The plane must be in the process of completing the letters. In other words, we must see the plane, we must see the smoke leaving the plane and we must see the letters. Take photographs as well. You don’t need to submit the photos, just the video. (216 points)

146. VIDEO: Get your team’s new ice cream flavor on sale in an ice cream parlor. The new flavor must have a catchy new name and must be a combination of ingredients that we (the judges) have never before heard of in an ice cream. The ice cream shop employee must tell a customer what is in your ice cream and the customer must sample your new flavor. (58 points)

147. IMAGE: Go to Neuschwanstein castle in Germany and hold a seated séance in the front courtyard with 5 of your friends. Extra points if you have an Ouija board and are dressed as “traveling minstrels.” (64 points)

148. VIDEO: A local TV news piece covering a local radio story. (49 points)

149. IMAGE: Let’s see you in a cage staring down an animal in a cage. The catch: your cage is in his cage. (61 points)

150. IMAGE: Let’s see a watercolor painting of one of your teammates leading the cavalry of a battle charge. The warriors, however, are not riding traditional horses, they are riding rocking horses. Give us a fitting landscape and weaponry as well. (30 points)

151. IMAGE: Surf’s up! Let’s see you surfing while “tin can” talking to another surfer on a different surfboard. Your tin cans must be connected. (70 points)

152. IMAGE: Get Alexander Misurkin, Pavel Vinogradov, Chris Cassidy, Fyodor Yurchikhin, Karen Nyberg or Luca Parmitano to take a photo of themselves holding up a sign that says, “Hey (INSERT ANY USERNAME FROM YOUR TEAM)! GISHWHES does space too!” or a similar slogan. As a side note, the preceding individuals are all currently on the International Space Station orbiting planet Earth. (334 points)

153. VIDEO: Project the youtube short film “Stranger Danger” or the Oscar-Worthy feature film, “Stonehenge Apocalypse” at an abandoned drive-in movie theater. (49 points)

154. IMAGE. Change a life! Random Acts (www.therandomact.org) and GISHWHESHEANS are going to change the life of someone and their family! Details will be announced on Tuesday (U.S.) on the “Updates” page. You will submit for it at that time.

Change a person’s life! Go here for details and then submit here. (250 points)

155. MYSTERY ITEM. To Be Announced. (51 points)

Misha Collins: And what are the clothes made out of?
West Collins: Kale.
Misha: Out of what?
West: Kale.
Misha: Out of WHAT?
West: Kale!
Misha: Okay, so they’re gonna make clothes out of kale?
West: Yeah.
Misha: And what kind of clothes?
West: Bear clothes.
Misha: Bear clothes?
West: Yeah.
Misha: Good idea.
West: And dragon clothes.
Misha: Bear clothes and dragon clothes. Fantastic. And…
West: But…
Misha: Anyth-
West: Is, is are they real people?
Misha: They are real people, yep.
West: Is it you and me?
Misha: Yeah, we’ll do it too, if you want. Does that sound good? Do you want to try that?
West: Yeah.
Misha: Anything else you want to add?
West: No.