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The Walking Dead Season 7 Out On Bluray & DVD Soon!

(For those of you who live in Finland, click on the image to check out the competition!)

A look back on our Walking Dead adventures in Atlanta, GA

It took us a while to get onboard the Walking Dead fandom train, but we did… eventually. But we got completely hooked during the first episode already, marathoned through the series within a week and then quickly rewatched it all. In 2014 we went all the way to Atlanta to check out the show’s filming locations and managed to sneak in a few days on set as well.

During those days, we met a few local fans and some from far away countries too, experiences the heaviest rainfall and the hottest sunny day of all times. Lucky we also managed to meet a few of the show’s stars.

The Walking Dead set in Atlanta / Terminus

One of the highlights of this trip was the amazing moment when Robert Kirkman himself looked at a print of our Walking Dead sceneframe, said “hey, I’ve seen these online” and then signed it. That was a pretty woah moment for two fans all the way from Finland.

The Walking Dead filming locations in Atlanta

The most hectic moment of all was the time Norman Reedus walked out of the gates to say hi to us fans waiting outside. He was instantly surrounded by a huge, excited crowd and for a second, we feared we wouldn’t even get to say hi. But we did! We gave him one of our sceneframes as a print and wrote a hello from Finland on it ?

Luckily, he was patient and lovely enough to take his time to pose with every single fan there that day, so even us shy Finns managed to get some selfies.


The Walking Dead set in Atlanta / Terminus / Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead filming in Atlanta / Terminus

If you’re curious about our Atlanta adventures, you can check out our report from The Walking Dead set here or all the filming locations we visited here.

Sadly, our season 7 viewing party will have to wait for a few weeks, as we’re flying to Alaska early tomorrow morning, then visiting Vancouver and the UK as well. Be sure to check out our social media channels for travel photos & other updates. It’s going to be such a cool adventure y’all!!!

Good luck everyone who’s participating in the competition and for the rest of you: be sure to grab a copy of season 7. Because who doesn’t love our group of survivors and the brilliant, talented Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan?!

In collaboration with / competition prizes provided by HBO.

Tiia / Fangirl Quest
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