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Dear Netflix: This Is Why You Should Renew Sense8

Sceneframing Sense8 at Riley's church in Iceland.

Riley visits a grave in Iceland, Capheus turns up to comfort her.

Dear Netflix.

I’m extremely sad to hear that you’ve chosen not to renew Sense8. Not only has it been one of the most gripping, touching, inspiring and entertaining shows in the recent years, it’s also a very important one. And there are many, many reasons why you should keep it around.

Netflix, please renew Sense8!

The eight characters we’re not ready to let go.

In these worrying times when racism, sexism and anti-LGBT+ activity seem to be lifting their heads in many ugly ways around the globe, seeing a bright and shining rainbow of both characters and actors we have on Sense8 has been a great comfort.

Netflix, please renew Sense8!

Visiting a Sense8 filming location in Iceland.

When the core message of a show is acceptance and unity, love and trust, which is all there regardless of the characters’ very different backgrounds, religions, sexuality and skin color;

When, despite these differences, the viewer can find themselves relating to several of these characters in some way (while whole-heartedly loving them all);

Then, don’t you think it’s something Netflix should hold on to, even if it’s a little more expensive to produce and maybe a little harder to sell to the masses?

Do you not honestly think you should proudly hold on to something so meaningful and let it show, loud and proud, what you, as a company, are all about?

Diversity. Love. Equality. Humanity.
Sceneframing Sense8 in Chicago: Jonas and Will have a discussion at the Millennium Park

Sceneframing Sense8 in Chicago: Jonas and Will have a discussion at the Millennium Park

I’m just a blogger and a TV enthusiast, but I truly believe I’m not the only one wanting to stick with these absolutely beautiful eight characters for at least a few more years. So please, please, a pretty pretty please: renew Sense8.

Because right now, my face is as sad as Lito’s and we’ve both lost a flipflop.

Yours truly,
a loyal subscriber from Finland

Sceneframing Sense8: Riley's university in Reykjavik, Iceland

Another Sense8 location in Iceland: Reykjavik University.

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