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Gishwhes (As We Know It) Is Over

written by Tiia / Fangirl Quest August 14, 2017

Phew, that’s it. We’re done with Gishwhes for this year… or possibly, for forever. Misha Collins, our leader and overall Overlord, has hinted all summer that this may very well be the last Gishwhes of all times. At least, “as we know it”. So, now we wait and wait and wait and possibly, in about a year, see what the next big thing he has in store for us exactly is.

This year was amazing, and the biggest thank you for that goes to each and every one of our loyal, hardworking, creative and fun Team Scrumtrulescent member. We also have a big bunch of helpers that we’ll have to thank in a separate post soon once we get all the hot glue and breadcrumbs and facepaint cleaned up from our houses and our lives.

We got so many items done that it’s hard to believe any one of us got enough sleep all week. Quite likely, we didn’t: I myself just woke up from a 12 hour power “nap”, since I barely slept for the last 3 days of gishing and yesterday, worked all day as a still photographer at a music video soon just hours after Gishwhes ended at 9am Finnish time.

We’ll need a couple of days to get organized and to share more photos with you, but here’s something we’ve done several years in a row now – so basically something traditional: a Stormtrooper doing fun things in Helsinki, Finland.

This time, this rascal got to steer an actual tram. And what a sunset we got to go with it too!

Stormtrooper driving a tram in Helsinki, FinlandWe’ll be back with our regular travel blogging schedule soon enough. But first, some rest, house cleaning, catching up on Game of Thrones and sorting out the odd meetings and deadlines that are lurking in our calendars this week…

We hope all our fellow gishers out there had as much fun as we did! It’s been a hell of a ride, gishing with you guys for so many years. We’ve learned a lot, we’ve experienced even more and we hope there’ll be more fun stuff coming our way from the same people that put us through all this.

Talk to you soon. Peace out (for now).

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