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A Bus Company Is Organizing PokemonGO Hunting Trips To Bigger Cities!

Pokemon Go bus day trips now running from Nilsiä, Finland!

Pokemon Go bus day trips now running from Nilsiä, Finland!

This is amazing, you guys! A small town bus company in Finland is organizing PokemonGO hunting trips for kids (and similar-minded adults) to the surrounding, bigger cities.

They’ve even created this incredible piece of visuals to go with their Facebook event.

Pokemon Go bus day trips now running from Nilsiä, Finland!

Pokemon Go bus day trips now running from Nilsiä, Finland!

I really can’t think of anything negative to say about this. Sure, they’re running a business and making some money off the PokemonGO craze, but the price (23€) for a full day tour to several cities is really not too shabby.

Also, I’m really impressed by the company’s quick wits! A simple idea, but with really good timing.

What’s really cool about this is the fact that they’re actually giving the local kids a chance to have fun in a safe, healthy way.

Because let’s face it: the activities and chances for anything really exciting happening in a small town in Finland aren’t that big for kids and teenagers.

I mean, I remember a few years in my childhood when we were living in the middle of nowhere. 16-20 kids in our whole school of six grades, library bus coming around twice a month, one sports field for ice-skating and I don’t know — running around, I guess?

Sure, it was pretty cool having to use your own imagination to come up with ways of spending your summer days, and sure, there were a lot of beautiful places in the nature to explore, but come on. A Pokemon bus trip with all your friends? Best thing EVER!

PokemonGO bus trip event on Facebook

Bus company E. Ahonen’s Facebook event isn’t massively popular as of this morning, but you just wait for the social media to do its thing…

You can find the event page on Facebook here. It’s all in Finnish, but basically it’s just the basic info and reservation links for those who want to attend.

I swear, if we had some time and money, we’d start organising similar things.

PokemonGO tourism is real, yo.

We’ll be following the trend and updating this post if there are any new twists and turns to this exciting event.

Have you spotted any really cool PokemonGO events or phenomenons in your city? Do drop a comment below. We’d love to hear about it :)

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