Filming Locations: Sceneframing Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland
Sceneframing Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has had a huge part in Game of Thrones. Whenever you see someone traveling down Kingsroad, you’ll quite likely see some stunning Northern Ireland sceneries. Other Game of Thrones things you might find here are the White Walkers’ Haunted Forest, parts of Eyrie, one of the Dorne shores and the Dark Hedges, which you can spot in a couple of scenes featuring Arya Stark and Gendry.

Our trip to Northern Ireland was truly a breathtaking one: we visited a dozen or more locations in just a few days and later went back for even more experiences. You can see all our sceneframing photos below the map which gives you the exact coordinates of each of the filming locations we visited.

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Blog posts inspired by Northern Ireland

Some of the blog posts inspired by our visits to Northern Ireland and the Thrones locations. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or wish for more information on any location or topic!

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Cairncastle: A Game of Thrones location in Northern Ireland

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Game of Thrones filming locations: Tollymore Forest

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Game of Thrones filming location: Marble Arch Caves

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Fangirl Quest on YouTube!

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Game of Thrones' Northern Ireland in photos

We have an endless collection of beautiful shots from Northern Ireland, but here's a little taste of everything this beautiful country has to offer. You might also want to browse our Instagram photos tagged #FQgoesNI!

Included in the photo gallery below are a few Sceneframing shots as well, but you can see all of them in this dedicated Game of Thrones sceneframing gallery, which we are hoping to update with more countries and locations in the coming months!