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Game Of Thrones Filming Locations

Game of Thrones filming locations and countries on the map
One of the best TV shows of all times requires a lot of effort from thousands of actors, crew members and extras everywhere. To make things even more complicated for this massive production, it’s also filmed in several different countries. Here’s a look at all the Game of Thrones filming locations and the countries which have the honor of posing as the lands of George R. R. Martin‘s vast imagination.

Since we launched our blog in 2013, we’ve visited two important Game of Thrones countries to explore the actual filming locations for the show: Iceland and Northern Ireland. We’ve also been to Spain, but sadly, haven’t yet managed to go to any of the actual locations. We have lots of material from the countries we’ve visited, but we’ve gathered here a good info package on all of them from several different websites. You’ll find a list of all these useful sources at the end of the page.

We’ll be updating this page whenever we discover new information. In the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy exploring the magical Seven Kingdoms in real life! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Introduction to Game of Thrones countries

Travel TO DO list

  • Northern Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Croatia
  • Malta
  • Morocco
  • Spain

Since the original Thrones book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, describes the whole of Seven Kingdoms at length, the filmmakers have had quite a challenge while looking for the appropriate filming locations. While rare scenes like the bear fight was basically filmed in the United States, the majority of Thrones scenes were created in Northern Ireland, Iceland and Croatia. 

Malta, Morocco and Spain have also had a crucial role in creating just the right look and feel of the Seven Kingdoms: places like Dorne, some of the slave cities and other southern locations just wouldn’t have been right if filmed in some cooler climate areas. 

We’ve already made our way to many locations in Northern Ireland and Iceland, but have yet to discover the locations in the remaining four countries. We’re working on it, though. It’s good to have some travel goals in one’s life, after all!

Northern Ireland has had a huge part in Game of Thrones. For example, whenever you see a character traveling down Kingsroad, you’ll quite likely looking at some stunning Northern Ireland sceneries.

The otherworldly feel of Iceland has made it a popular place for many filmmakers, including some sci-fi productions. In Game of Thrones, Iceland plays the part of Beyond the Wall.

Game Of Thrones Filming Locations In Croatia


King’s Landing, the Red Keep, Blackwater Bay, the cities of Qarth and Meereen, plus many, many more fictional locations from Thrones are actually in Croatia.

Malta has also played a part in Game in Thrones with some of its historical buildings and small streets. A few King’s Landing scenes and Daenerys and Drogo’s wedding scene were filmed in Malta. 

Game Of Thrones Filming Locations In Morocco


The real life yellow city of Yunkai (Ait Benhaddou) and the slave city of Astapor (Essaouira), where Daenerys frees the army of Unsullied, are both located in Morocco. 

It comes as no surprise that many of the sunnier parts of the Seven Kingdoms were filmed in Spain. In Spain you can find the Dothraki Sea, Sam Tarly’s Horn Hill and the Tower of Joy where Bran Stark’s group hides for the night.

Our Game of Thrones adventures

In Iceland we spent four days and four nights scouting for the Game of Thrones locations. We didn’t expect it to be as easy as walking from one location to the next in a big city, but it turned out a little more adventurous and challenging as we would’ve liked: the weather was harsh and the locations were quite hard to find. But it was really cool to travel beyond the Wall and walk in the footsteps of our favorite free folk!

The roadtrip we did in Northern Ireland also took us four days. We drove along the coastline and stopped at about a dozen locations on the way: breathtaking beaches, rugged countryside and beautiful old castles and historical ruins were some of the places we witnessed. We wore capes at the original Winterfell, went to look for direwolf puppies in a forest park and mourned Ned Stark under the tree that suffered the sword beating from Robb Stark in mourning.

Although we saw a lot, we’ve decided to try and make it back to both of these countries some day: there’s still a lot to discover and we still have more episodes coming up, with new locations and scenes to cover!


Game of Thrones countries visited
Game of Thrones locations discovered
Game of Thrones scenes framed

This plain looking location stars in many Game of Thrones scenes throughout the series. The Starks, the Dothrakis, Petyr Baelish, Khaleesi… They’ve all been there!

Rocks. So many rocks in different formations. We had to turn into proper Sherlock Holmeses when visiting the stunning national park of Thingvellir just to find the exact right spots and angels for the sceneframing photos… and we did it in the rain.

Planning a trip to Northern Ireland? Well, you should! This round-the-country roadtrip is the perfect way to visit a dozen (or more!) Game of Thrones filming locations. It’s a trip of a lifetime.

Down and below! We spent a couple of hours climbing and exploring the Marble Arch Caves in Northern Ireland. The exact spots where they filmed the scenes weren’t accessible at the time, but it was still an unforgettable experience.

How many of you can say: we have a selfie with Jon Snow and he was the one who took it? Well, we can! We went to see the very entertaining and a tiny bit naughty Doctor Faustus play in West End… and met Kit Harington afterwards. Oh, yeah.

Game of Thrones Exhibition in Helsinki

FINALLY something this cool happening in Finland! HBO Nordic celebrated the beginning of season 6 with a premiere night and around the same time, we got the Hall of Faces Exhibition right in the middle of Helsinki too! A few photos & memories included.

Sceneframing photography

What is Sceneframing?

  • A screenshot from a movie or a TV show aligned with the background at the original filming location.

Our so called career as bloggers begun with a set of ten photos we took in the United Kingdom, while traveling to some of the geekiest filming locations (Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter) during a roadtrip across the island in the summer of 2013. The photos Tiia took during that trip soon gained about 60,000 shares on Tumblr and humbled by the attention and lovely feedback, we thought ‘well, guess we could take more of these’. 

Within just months, we had a whole filming location travel blog going on Tumblr. A year later, we launched our very own website (which you’re currently looking at, of course!).

Since that first film-geeky roadtrip, we’ve traveled across the United States twice by car, explored most areas of the British Isles and covered many filming locations in Holland, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy and Iceland. The Sceneframing thing has turned into a collection of hundreds of photos, some published, some still in our archives. You can view a bigger sample of our work here in our Sceneframing gallery, but below, you’ll see the Game of Thrones photos we have published so far.

We’re hoping to add to the collection as soon as we make our way to the remaining countries we haven’t yet been to!