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Duluth: Nordic Center Finland

We're still searching for the perfect way of mapping out all the filming locations we've visited since the launch of Fangirl Quest in 2013, but while looking for that magical app or map plugin, we're listing a few important titles and their locations here as a list of handy archives. 

We've started with quite an important one: Game of Thrones. On the Thrones page you'll find a list of countries featured in the show, along with our travel articles and photography plus a bunch of sceneframes we've done so far.

Listing all the locations is quite time-consuming work, so it might take a while to build a full, well-organized library. However, you can easily find some of them by using the search feature (that little magnifying glass on the side of the main menu!) and typing in a country, a TV show or a movie title.

We hope you find this useful and enjoy! :)