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Supernatural Filming Season 12 In Vancouver: Photos!

Misha Collins on the set of Supernatural in Vancouver on Sept 28th 2016

Misha Collins waiting for his turn on the set of Supernatural while filming a scene for season 12.

We spent all day yesterday with a bunch of fellow Supernatural fans in the streets of Vancouver watching our favorite show being filmed and meeting some of the stars of it in the process. And it was all sorts of amazing.

Since we come from the other side of the world (Finland!), we don’t get to watch a lot of TV or movie stuff taking place in public.

In Vancouver, this is everyday life: the productions are everywhere. We’ve spotted at least 15 different productions signs pointing to various streets and other locations in the city during our short time here, there’s film trucks everywhere, lights being pulled up onto huge cranes at night, security and traffic control in place.

Yesterday, us two and a bunch of fellow fans huddled around one very special production like around a warm fire on a cold winter’s night: Supernatural was filming in public.

We couldn’t see any of the actual takes (and would keep any spoilers to ourselves anyway), but the cast and the creatives came to say hi whenever they had a little break from filming. The two main stars, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, were too busy to actually stop for photos, but did make it clear they’re aware of our presence.

Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard stopped by several times to snap selfies and it was all sorts of friendly, relaxed and awesome. We even got a little shoutout for our home country in this video clip!

Below you’ll find a few photos from yesterday. They’re not the greatest photos in the world, but we’d appreciate if you could keep the watermarks in place and/or link back to our site if you plan on re-sharing them.

It’s hard to explain the amount of happiness to any non-Supernatural fan right now, but believe us when we say… we’re so, so happy. This is more than just a tv show to us, to thousands of others in the world, and the work these guys are doing in charity and in supporting their fans in so many ways – well, there’s nothing quite like it in the world. They’re changing lives.

Special thanks to all our lovely fellow fans on set yesterday. If you were there, do leave a comment below or give us a shout on Twitter! This Supernatural family of ours needs to stick together…

And also, if you sang with us to Matt Cohen for his birthday, you should know: he saw it. He retweeted it. Message delivered!

Icelandair flies to Vancouver from several cities – check out their routes here!

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