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May 8, 2014
Sleepy Hollow's original power trio standing at a crossroads.
Sleepy Hollow In Real Life: Wilmington, North Carolina
June 8, 2014
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Breakfast With Orlando Jones

Orlando Jones and Fangirl Quest!

Orlando Jones with Fangirl Quest!

For a while now Orlando Jones has been following Tiia on Twitter. It all started with this thing where Tiia photoshopped Orlando’s castmate Tom Mison‘s face onto a Finnish folklore painting… Don’t ask. (Or, on second thought, do ask!)

So we’ve been tweeting every now and then. Before our arrival to Wilmington we sent him a polite inquiry asking if they would be filming that week, and if we could come and say hi.

Breakfast with Trollando

Although we did end up on the set of Sleepy Hollow and met all sorts of fantastic people, that’s not how we met OJ. He wasn’t around that day, but to our total surprise, suggested breakfast for Sunday morning. We were amazed. Satu suspected someone was joking with us. “Maybe they got onto his account,” she said. “Are we being punk’d?” we wondered.

Sleepy Hollow filming location in Wilmington

Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie & Orlando Jones framed in a Sleepy Hollow filming location in Wilmington, NC.

But his regular tweets seemed, well, Orlando Jones -regular at least, so we decided to give it a go. After setting up a time and place we booked a hotel room for one more night, while joking about how Wilmington wasn’t going to let us leave. In the end, we decided we were actually living Under the Dome (which, btw, they also film in Wilmington.)

Early Sunday morning we headed to a diner he picked for us, parked our car, went in, got a table, ordered some coffee. When he was 10 minutes late, we were just shaking our heads, laughing, joking about how Ashton Kutcher was gonna run through the door. “This is going to be the most boring episode of Punk’d ever,” we laughed.

But it wasn’t Ashton who walked in. It was Orlando and he came bearing hugs and happyfeels.

Aim for your dreams. Orlando’s orders.

Did I already mention how cool all this was? Well, it was cool. We broke bread, talked about our travels and plans and dreams and photos and everything. He kept asking questions about what it is we do, and we kept answering. We didn’t even have time to question him about his work as an actor or about any Sleepy Hollow stuff, but that’s ok. It wasn’t an interview anyway, although we’re now sharing this experience with you all.

(He said it’s ok. “Write anything you want about me, I don’t care.”)

We had a very inspiring conversation about people who constantly get told to “get a real job” but aim for their dreams anyway. I mean… if Trollando thinks it’s more than ok to do that, I think we should all hear him out and stop listening to all the muggles.

Orlando Jones and Fangirl Quest!

Orlando Jones with Fangirl Quest!

Just the fact alone that he took the time to meet up with a couple of fans is quite awesome, but him being so supportive of what we do? That’s what we’re gonna run with.

By 10am he was already late for his next thing (“Yeah I’m gonna be in trouble”), but took time for some photos and proper goodbyes.

What a dude. Our new favourite person ever.