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July 25, 2014
The Walking Dead cast at Comic Con San Diego
SDCC Seen From A Sofa: The Walking Dead Edition
July 27, 2014
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SDCC Seen From A Sofa: The Cumberbatch Edition


Here’s some of our favourite Cumberbits for those who are not in San Diego and/or are too busy to get lost in the magical world of social media and YouTube to see all these things.

We’ll be publishing more posts covering all the other fun things we’ve spotted, so keep an eye out!

In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at Mr. Cumberbatch’s trip to San Diego!

Here we go. So this guy


attended the San Diego Comic Con for the very first time and his appearance got many people very excited:



During the weekend, Benny hung out with some legendary cast mates of his, like Andy SerkisJohn Malkovich and Smaug:
and Arrow’s Stephen Amell
along with some amazing faces from The Hobbit


and Chris Hardwick aka The Nerdist:


and of course, a penguin:


But for this one, Fangirl Quest’s Tiia lost her soul:


But it’s ok because it was totally worth it.

Pointybatch made an appearance too, this time to snap a quick dorky selfie with the fans:


He was nicely interviewed by the LA Timesposed approriately for EW with his cast mates from Penguins of Madagascar and did the Greatest Dragon Voice Ever for our new hero The Button Lady. Amidst all the excitement, he apparently lost his shoes:


and when asked which superhero he’d like to play, answered Batman (and which, of course, generated a ridiculous amount of buzz on Twitter and several entertainment sites)


But one of our absolute favourite things about Benedict’s SDCC weekend was this fun interview with our favourite tv host, Josh Horowitz. And of course, they posed for Josh’s amazing series of happy/sad/confused:


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