SDCC Seen From A Sofa: The Cumberbatch Edition
July 27, 2014
Supernatural San Diego Comic Con
SDCC Seen From A Sofa: The Supernatural Edition
July 29, 2014
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SDCC Seen From A Sofa: The Walking Dead Edition

The Walking Dead cast at Comic Con San Diego


Here’s a collection of The Walking Dead related posts and photos for those who are not in San Diego and/or are too busy to get lost in the magical world of social media and YouTube to see all these things.

First of all, let’s get the important things out of the way. THE TRAILER. The trailer for season 5 was released during the panel and it is mind-blowingly good. Watch it here if you haven’t yet because man.. is it October yet?


Next, onto some instagrams and other fun things:

Like so many others, Norman Reedus was excited to attend:


Breakfast time with the producer:



There’s always some time for dorky poses with cast mates:


and maybe a quick game of Mario:


We nearly lost our heads when Steven Yeun instagrammed this shot of their hotel in San Diego because WE’VE BEEN ON THAT BEACH AND IN THAT HOTEL: sdcc_twd_swim

Scott Gimple got sentimental when hanging out with some of the “original gang”:


Gale Anne Hurd had some rather radical ideas about recasting the show. I mean, these guys are great, but I think we’d rather stick with the original cast…


The cast also attended the 5th Annual FOX International Channels San Diego Comic-Con Press Breakfast (talking ‘bout a mouthful!) which resulted in a lovely bunch of group photos. Here’s one of them:


You can see the whole set on Norman Reedus Italia’s page.

Sometimes the photographee becomes the photographer. Here’s Norman taking a photo of his buddy Andrew.

Chad Coleman appreciated the fine art of cosplay, but of course the cosplay is even better if it’s your character they chose to portray, as Melissa McBride found outsdcc_twd_cosplay

Michael Cudlitz was being very sneaky and hit the floor in Comic Con in disguise. Naturally he only revealed it after he was done lurking around


Chandler and Steven were also no strangers to disguises (though we’re pretty sure Chandler’s badge might give him away)


And then there was the good ol’ business of doodling your name on photos and random memorabilia:

Norman Reedus

and posing with fans (sources 1, 2):



You can see more photos from the signing on Norman Reedus Italia.

But the main event, of course, was their massive panel, during which our “why aren’t we there” tears intensified by at least 83,6%. You can watch the full panel HERE.


But in case you’re too busy to watch the whole thing, here’s some of our favourite moments aka FQ recommendations. It’s some fun stuff:

If you’re like us and just can’t get enough of these guys, check out A Conversation with the cast of The Walking Dead at Zachary Levi’s Nerd HQ which you can find HERE. Or visit The Walking Dead’s official Twitter for all sorts of Comic Con updates. And their official site for photos. Lots and lots of photos.

Here’s some bonus photos of Chandler with the pudding just because:


And a link to the first official trailer of Robert Kirkman’s upcoming movie “Air”, starring Norman Reedus.

That’s it for now! Amazing weekend for all of us fans, innit? We’ll keep updating the article if and when we spot more amazing photos and posts!

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