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NEW! Game of Thrones Season 7 & A Complete Filming Locations Guide!

Game of Thrones Filming Locations Guide

This is TOO EXCITING! We’ve been working on something pretty cool for days, if not weeks now and the day is finally here: Game of Thrones season 7 premieres very, very soon and in celebration, we’re publishing our complete Game of Thrones Filming Locations Guide!

There’s still a lot of work to do to make this guide as perfect and as detailed as possible. And to be honest, we feel like we should visit the rest of the countries ourselves to really bring you the best photos, travel tips and especially, more Thrones scneframing photos to go with it all.

Aside from (obviously!) wanting to visit these beautiful, exciting destinations just for travel’s sake, we’ve noticed that sometimes even the most specific filming location maps online can have a few mistakes. This happened with a couple of Thrones locations in Iceland. With the Hannibal locations in Florence, Italy, we managed to discover a couple of locations that weren’t even mentioned in any other guides before that.

Parked outside the Sense8 in Iceland. Holla!

Your friendly film tourists posing in the sunset in Iceland (2016)

So, there’s a certain sort of ambition that goes into our film tourism travels. We want the information on our website to be 100% correct and we really want to feature our own, original photography in our travel guides. That’s the hardship of being two perfectionist travel bloggers, we guess! :D

Game of Thrones season 7 premiere screening in Helsinki

Game of Thrones season 7 premiere and filming location guide - for your Pinterest convenienceTomorrow we’ll be attending the season 7 premiere screening in Helsinki. Another reason to be super excited about the new season – it’s always quite something to watch a visual, stunning show like this on the big screen. The event is organized by HBO Nordic. We’ll be sure to share a couple of Instagram photos live from the movie theatre!

We were actually hoping to be wearing some Stark style capes to the premiere, but came up with the idea way too late. Maybe we’ll manage some dramatic capes and house banners before the finale, aye? Any DIY tips are appreciated!

But yeah, that’s about it for now. We’ll be returning soon with more travel stories – coming up are at least a few lovely things from Minnesota, USA and possibly some new sceneframes from various TV shows we all adore.

Oh and lookie: I have created a very Pinterest convenient image here on the left. Let’s try and see how it looks on our feed…

ENJOY THE SEASON 7 PREMIERE, FRIENDS! We’ll see you on the flipside.




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