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Blog Pavilion – A Meeting Place At The MATKA Travel Fair

Blog Pavilion: A meeting place for bloggers at MATKA travel fair Helsinki 2017

Last year we (as in Fangirl Quest and our travel blogger/photographer friend Milja Köpsi) put together a meeting spot for bloggers, travelers and travel industry professionals at the MATKA Nordic Travel Fair and gave it a name: Blog Pavilion.

We came up with the idea for a blogger stall just two weeks before the fair weekend, so we didn’t have too much time to put into planning it and putting it together. But despite all the last minute excitement and little bumps on the road, we managed to turn it into a super lovely hanging spot for both bloggers and their readers.

Blog Pavilion is making a return in 2017!

Due to the success of Pavilion’s first year and the lovely feedback from the audience and the press, we’ve decided to run the Blog Pavilion again at MATKA 2017.

This year we’ll be much better prepared and have a few goals in mind that we’re using as cornerstones to the Pavilion weekend:

  • Network. The Blog Pavilion serves as a friendly, relaxed meeting spot for bloggers, travelers and people in the industry.
  • Promote. The Blog Pavilion aims to promote a variety of quality Finnish travel blogs and to help them connect with both their existing audience and potential new followers.
  • Educate. Many of the travel fair attendees in 2016 had no clue what a “travel blog” is. At the Pavilion people will get a chance to meet with the writers and hopefully discover new sites and stories to help them with their own travel planning in the future.
  • Showcase. We hope to organize many interesting talks, presentations and workshops at the Pavilion during the weekend.  These talks will be run by bloggers and other interesting people. We’re choosing topics from several fields, including photography, travel planning, different types of travel and new, exciting travel destinations… Among many, many other travel related topics.

We’ve put together a website for the Blog Pavilion. It’s mostly in Finnish, but you can have a look at the English section here!

Blog Pavilion: A meeting place for bloggers at MATKA travel fair Helsinki 2017

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Tiia / Fangirl Quest
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